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Description: Yami Bakura is in need for a new host, along with the other Yami's and he doesn't know who to turn to. Than he remembers the week minded Tea Gardner. Or so he thinks.

Story Title: New Host

Chapter: One

Tea Gardner was truly happy. Today was the last day of high-school and now she was free for a while. She danced around outside her last class standing next to Yugi's locker waiting for him to come down the hall and walk with her, Joey, Tristan, and sometimes Ryou. She worried about the boy but she could do nothing about it. His spirit, Bakura, was always about. But lately he hadn't been doing much destruction. Tea was suspicious.

She didn't ponder on it long as Yugi came up to his locker. "Hey, Tea! How are you?" he asked as he put in his combination. Tea smiled happily at her short friend.

"I am just fine Yugi, how about you?" She replied as Yugi took out the last of his things from his locker and put them in his backpack.

"I am good. Have you seen the guys?"

"Not in a while. The last time I saw the guys we where at lunch." She said moving her backpack up her back to a more comfortable position. She noticed that Yugi looked kind of sadder than normal. "Are you that disappointed?"

"No it's not that, you see, Yami needs to find a new host again. He said that ever couple years the spirits have to change their host, until they get their old bodies back." Tea looked down at him with a small frown.

"Who do you think he will change with?"

"Probably Joey." He had a big smile show on his face. "Wont Kaiba be surprised next time he and Joey dual." He said closing his locker. Tea smiled too.

"Yes he will. He will certainly have his ego drop a lot after that though." Tea said as they walked up to the front of the school grabbing their shoes and slipping them on. Tea began to think again and then something popped into her head. "Does that mean Bakura will have to switch also!" she said panicked. Yugi stopped suddenly panic on his face.

"Yes that does. Now we can't keep tabs on him all the time! Now we can panic."

"He probably will still stick around her to keep an eye on Yami and the puzzle and any other items around here that we don't know about and he does." Tea said trying to make him not as sad as he was. Yugi looked up at her sadly and closed his eyes.

"I finally got used to having Yami around all the time. He has become somewhat my best friend. I am really going to miss him." He said as tears poured out of his closed eyes. Tea felt like crying herself seeing his in pain like this.

"Oh Yugi." She said bending down and pulling him in for a big hug. "I am going to miss him too. I'm going to miss his too." She said tears falling down her checks. "But he will still be around." She knew Yami was watching this whole thing, but she was wondering why he wasn't the one comforting Yugi. Tea pulled away slowly and wiped the tears off his face. "It will be alright Yugi. I know it will." Yugi looked up at her and frowned. Tea smiled up at the sky. "Who knows they may find his body soon and he will always be around."

Yugi smiled slightly. "You always where the most positive of us all Tea." Tea smiled at him.

"Thank you Yugi." She said.

"HEY GUYS!" Tea and Yugi both turned to see Joey, and Tristan running towards them and Ryou walked quickly behind them. "We have been looking all over for you." Joey said in his usually manner till he notices Yugi's tear stricken face. "What's up Yugi?" Yugi rubbed the last of the tears off his face as Ryou came up to the group. He looked at him suspiciously and decided to tell him in privet so Bakura wouldn't know.

"I'll tell you later Joey, for now lets go celebrate at the shop." He said racing off in the other direction, Joey and Tristan running up with him.

"Meet you there Tea." Tristan yelled over his shoulder to them. Ryou walked up next to her and smiled at the others as they ran. Tea smiled at him.

"Hey Ryou. How are you feeling today?" Ryou did his normal innocent smile before walking with her in the direction of the shop.

"Pretty good Tea thanks for asking. What about you?"

Tea smiled happily forgetting the possibility that she could be talking to Bakura the evil, insane spirit. "I am great. I am so glad that school is out and we can now get on with our lives. What do you plan to do now Ryou?" Ryou looked thoughtful for a moment.

"I want to go to Egypt and be with my dad. I really miss having him around all the time." He said looking a little sad.

"That's good. You guys need to spend more together."

"What do you plan on doing?" he asked as they stopped at a light waiting for it to say they can cross.

"I want to see if Kaiba will let me have a job at Kaiba Corp. for now so I can save up some money. He owes me the favor anyway for taking care of Mokuba for a while when he went to America on business. He never did like to owe me anything and he wouldn't let me do it for free." She said smiling happily as she thought about what to do with the money. "I want to go to a dance school in New York called Juilliard. It's for dance." She told him as they crossed the street.

"I hope you can Tea. You deserve it." Ryou said with a smile. Tea blushed and smiled pleasantly back at him.

"Thanks Ryou. I really am going to miss seeing all my friends ever day." She said sadly.

"We always will be there for you Tea. You don't have to worry about that Tea." He said as they approached the game shop. Looking in through the glass door to see Joey yelling at Yugi about something while holding the puzzle up in his hands. Tea than remembered that Ryou was still Bakura and that he might have just figured out who Yami's new host was.

Trying to quickly clear it up, seeing Ryou's face get slightly darker, she made something up. "Joey must be teasing Yugi about his height and took his puzzle again." She said nervously when Ryou or maybe it was Bakura turned his head sharply at her. She laughed nervously and rubbed the back of her head trying to tell Yugi that Ryou and her where there.

Yugi looked up and noticed them and turned pale and told Joey something before they came in. Yugi snatched the puzzle away from him and put it back around his neck. "Hey, Tea, Ryou. Glad you could join us." He said before he got up from the stool behind the counter and walked them to the stairs leading to the house part of the shop. They all went into the living room and sat down in the avalible seats. Yugi, Joey and Tristan all took the big couch, while Tea took the recliner and Ryou stood in the shadowed corner where he could see everyone. Everyone started talking together and Ryou felt Bakura dwelling in his head.


Bakura sat in his soul room thinking. "That girl lied to me about the puzzle I know it. She knows who the small pharaoh will give his puzzle too. I need to know who that is and soon before I have to change my host." He let out a long sigh. "Now who would the Pharaoh trust enough to have as a new host to protect him, the coward!" He started to make a list of the people he knew.

"He wouldn't give it to the priest. He wouldn't tack care of him, and he already hates the Pharaoh. The freak with the pointy brown hair, Tristan wasn't it, would he give it to him?" he sat and thought a while and laughed. "No. He couldn't protect himself, and he doesn't dual. He will stay with someone who duals." He looked out through Ryou's eyes at the small group. His eye's landed on the guy sitting next to the small boy. "Well it seems I was right. The female was lying to me. It is going to be his trusted friend, what was it, oh yes, Joey." He said with a smirk. He leaned back. "Now all I need to do is find myself a new host. It has to be someone who is close to the fool that is not Tristan." He wrinkled his nose at his options. His options where not to his liking. He could go with the priest or with the pharaoh's lover. He sighed. Either way he would hate the person. Of course he didn't like very many people.

He took one more look out of Ryou's eye's. "Ryou." He said threw their link.

'Yes Bakura?' Ryou said nervously.

"I have found my new host but you will not get to figure out who it is." With a loud snicker in his mind he said, "Good night." And Ryou and he switched.


Tea felt the room change slightly as she looked over at Ryou standing alone in the corner. Yugi and the others where all still engrossed in a conversation about some new dual monster cards that she could really care less about and they just couldn't stop talking about. She gestured for Ryou to come over and join them. He stared at her a moment and Tea felt herself shiver. Oh yes, something had changed. He pushed of the wall and walked up next to her chair. His face was slightly darker and his hair was a bit wilder than usual.

"Why don't you join them in the conversation Ryou?" She asked. 'Ryou' cleared his throat before he spoke.

"No thanks Tea. I'm not that interested in dual monsters anymore." Tea looked at him surprised. She gave him a suspicious look before questioning him.

"Since when?" she asked him narrowing her eye's at him. This was defiantly Bakura.

"Since now." Was his reply. Tea slowly turned her attention back to the boys who still hadn't noticed the change in the young man with the evil spirit in the room. She rose slowly and turned to the hall.

"Where are you going Tea?" she heard Joey ask.

"Bathroom." She said simply. He just shrugged and went back to getting out his cards so he could dual Yugi. Tea held her stomach. She felt really sick now. Something bad was going to happen soon she just knew it. She reached the room and put her hand on the knob. She felt another presence behind her and she spun around to come face to face with Bakura. Yes this was most defiantly Bakura.

He had the dark smirk on his face and from his nose up was covered in shadows, his hair out of control. "Well now, it seems someone is uncomfortable with my presence." He said reaching behind her and opened the bathroom door. He roughly pushed her in and shut and locked the door behind him. Tea landed roughly on the carpeted floor. 'Thank you grandpa and your cleaning habits.' She thought as she rubbed her butt. She looked up at Bakrua and suddenly felt all the fear return to her. She turned really pale and started to shake.

"What's wrong Tea?" he said slowly. "Are you afraid I am going to hurt you?" he said his smirk growing bigger. He approached her as she walked back into the tub and fell in.

"W-what d-do you want B-Bakura?" She said in a weak voice trying to hide her fear and failing miserably. Bakura sat himself down on the covered toilet and stared at her in his normal way.

"As you know I need a new host." He said. Tea looked very frightened now. 'He wouldn't consider me would he?' "And I need someone who is close to the boy, Joey." Tea's eye's got large. "So I was right about that then." He smirked. "And Yugi is out of the question, and Tristan is too stupid to do anything to my liking. Now the only people left is you and Kaiba. For a pharaoh he sure doesn't know that many people." He said smirking again. "Now the priest is to high class for my taste and people would get suspicious of him acting strange and not appearing at work, and that would just make things complicated and the pharaoh would figure it out, but you, now that is easier." He rose up and grabbed her by the hair and lifted her out of the tub. Tears welded up in her eyes as he lifted her up. She did her best not to scream doing her best to be strong.

Bakura let out a low dark laugh. "Now, now. No need to act strong. I just plan on breaking you." Tea glared at him. Bakura dropped her onto the floor causing her leg to bruise. She grabbed at it but he beat her to it. "You bruise far to easily." He said grabbing her now bruised ankle. "I don't want people to already get curious now do I?" He said letting some of his energy heal her. He stood up and pulled the ring out from under his shirt. He looked at it for a few moments before bending back down. Tea was still staring surprised at her ankle mostly because he willingly healed it more than he actually healed it. She flinched when she felt cold gold come around her neck. She looked up to see Bakura standing back up and closing his eyes. She quickly tried to pull it over her head but she was to slow. A white spirit like form came out of Ryou and right into Tea's chest where the ring was. Tea swiftly rushed forward and caught Ryou as he fell to the floor unconscious.

Tea slowly put him on the floor. She grabbed at her stomach and groaned. Her stomach hurt. 'What are you doing to me Bakrua?' she thought.

"Just making myself comfortable." He said smugly roaming around in her head. Tea grabbed at her head. "You better get used to this or people will think you are hearing voices." He said. Tea could feel his smirk on her face. She jumped up and looked in the mirror. Her hair was slightly longer and her eyes where a mixture of some blue and brown. She looked at herself. She was glowing. Literally. Her eyes got big. She was a woman with a man inside. She blushed. He was going to be around in some of her most feminine an embarrassing moments. She could feel him laughing in the back of her head after reading her thoughts. Tea glared at her self in the mirror.

Out of nowhere a thin shadow of Bakura appeared next to her. Smirking like usual. Tea turned to him about to scream until he put a finger to his lips and pointed at the door. Tea looked confused as she stared at the door.

"Are you ok Tea?" she heard Yugi from outside. "You have been in there a while."

"I'm fine Yugi just..um..."

"Don't explain, please, Tea!" he said franticly. "Have you seen Ryou, he disappeared." Tea looked down at the unconscious Ryou on the floor.

"Sorry no Yugi." She hated lying to him but what option did she have. Bakura was still next to her smirking again. "I'll be out in a minute."

"We will all be down stairs Ok?"

"Yeah ok." She said, that made getting Ryou out much easier. She could hear Yugi leaving fallowed bye other people. But this time was different. No noise of the puzzle banging against his chest or belt. He finally gave it to Joey. He trusted that Bakura wasn't there. He was a fool. 'Wait, I never think like this!'

"But I do." Bakura said next to her. Tea turned and glared at him. He looked right back at her and nodded his head in Ryou's direction. Tea looked at him too and walked over to pick him up. The task seemed much easier than before. "When I became one with you, oddly, we take the others tracts. You have my strength, some looks and so on, and I take some thing from you. But I am not sure yet. Tea nodded and walked toward the door. She saw her reflection and saw the ring dangling from her neck. She used her hand that was closest to it and tried to stuff it under her school uniform. Bakura returned to the ring and it seemed to absorb into her clothes and skin.

She felt strange. She was working for the enemy. No, she now was the enemy. She opened the door and looked around before pulling Ryou out. She quickly pulled him out to the hall and rushed to the living room, hoping no one waited for her. Ah, luck was on her side, no one was there. She put him down on the big couch and stepped back.

'What do I tell him when he wakes up?'

"Nothing. As long as he does not have knowledge of this he is not our problem." Tea took on last look at him and left for the stairs. As she went down the stairs she stopped before they could see her. She had a feeling that she should wait.

"Something is up with Ryou. I just know Bakura is back." She could tell that was the voice of Yugi. "He disappeared right after Tea, and he seems distant again. How do we know he isn't going to hurt Tea?"

'To late for that Yugi.' She said rubbing her head where Bakura lifted her up by.

"We can't prove anything Yugi, and at least he doesn't know that I have the puzzle. So that much is safe."

"Yea but if what Yugi said was true than soon he will choose a new host like Yami." That was Tristan.

'To late for that too Tristan.' She thought. She sighed and walked silently back up the stairs. Then she stomped as she came down to let them know she was coming. At the bottom of the stairs all eyes where on her.

"What?!" she said.

"You look different Tea." Yugi said. Tea knew the only way to get them to leave her alone.

"Puberty, Yugi." She said with a shrug. All the boys in the room turned bright red while Bakrua laughed in her head. Tea smiled and walked up to the counter. "So what are you guys talking about?"

"Nothing." That was Joey.

"Well you guys sure make a lot of noise when you are doing nothing." She said. She noticed the nervous looks on their faces. "Come on guys you can trust me." She said to them. Bakura sat quietly in her mind.

'I thought you would be harder to control.' She told him.

"Only when I want to be difficult. Now lets see if they lie to their best friend." He said sitting back on something she didn't even know was in her mind.

"Oh nothing of importance to you Tea. Are you feeling ok? You look paler than usual." Yugi said. Tea looked sad. 'They lied to me.'

"Some friends." Bakura whispered in her mind. Tea tried to push him out of her mind but gave up when he didn't budge.

"No nothing is wrong with me. It must be the weather. Ryou is asleep upstairs on the couch if you look for him. I think I should go home now, I need to," she paused for a moment, "do some girl things." That would get her out of there. Almost everyone avoided eye contact as she got up and got her bag by the door and slipped on her shoes. "Bye guys." She said waving as she opened the door.

Tristan was the only one that looked unconvinced but he waved off at her as she left. "Bye Tea. We hope you visit soon." Yugi's voice cried out over most of the others.


Tea walked slowly a few blocks away from the game shop. "What are you planning on doing Bakura?" she said aloud. Bakura appeared next to her and walked. Tea panicked. "Can't people see you?" she almost yelled drawing more attention to her.

Bakura just continued walking. "No. I can't be seen unless I take over your body." He said. Tea was really confused by all this but she just shrugged. A small breeze appeared and the clouds turned darkened. Tea looked up and stared at the sky.

"Looks like rain." Bakura sighed and returned to the ring. 'Every time the day looks nice it turns to rain.' He thought before closing the connection and leaving her alone. Tea was confused. "I always thought you would be meaner and darker Bakura."

'Only to the pharaoh and anyone who has an item and gets in my way.' He told her closing the link again. Tea frowned. "It will take some time to get used to you Bakura. A long, long time."

Tea felt a raindrop fall on her nose and she looked up. It was beginning to rain. Slowly drops fell and hit what ever was in its way. 'It's time like these that I feel at peace.' She thought as she opened her arms and welcomed the rain. "Why do you do that?" Bakura asked. "You should be running for shelter."

'Why run from something that is a gift?' she asked.

"A gift?"

'Yes, a gift. We don't get it often and when we do we take it for granted. It is a gift.' She started.

Bakura never thought of it that way. He always hated the rain. To him it was a curse. It came at bad times. He sighed in his new soul room. He watched the landscape as Tea walked slowly to her home. He saw small children running out from under their parents umbrellas to jump in the rain and get scolded at for getting wet. Birds fly to the nearest tree to keep warm and safe from the oversized rain for them. Cars zooming past with their wipers on trying to keep the window dry. It seemed seeing things in her eyes was different. He scolded at himself. "Stop getting soft Bakura." He said to himself. "You are not going to change." He said before going to the bed in the corner and climbing in to sleep. As he started to drift off Tea whispered something very softly.

'Good night Bakura.'

To Be Continued

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