Losing Everything

Hello! This is a not-so-happy one-shot. Nor needed a fic to herself. In the book, Nor seemed like she had just lost her mind. I mean, after all that stress? SNAP! She is kind of Gollum-ish in this. Please don't hurt me! ::dodges buckets of water being thrown::

P.S. Nor has a "delicate lisp" so 'running' becomes 'wunning'. I purposely changed 'r' sounds in this story.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the WICKED characters or any rights to anything Ozian. I do own RENT tickets though! YAY RENT!!!

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I've lost evewything. I've lost evewyone. My mother, my bwother. My home, my...innocence. Forced to live with stwangers, stwange people, bad people, evil people. Anything I knew has been taken fwom me.

It's the Witch's fault. It's Auntie Witch! She's to blame!

No. No! Not her fault, it's mine. She twied to shoo those people away. I was orderwing them around and was simply inviting them in. I didn't know how much I was inviting them in at the time. I didn't know, but it was all my fault.

No, no, no, Nor! It was the Witch! You ordered with a purpose and you were about to let them stay but then the Witch came! She angered them! She thweatened them! She made the Gale Force angwy! She then left you, your mother, your bwother, that dewanged Nanny, Liir.

Don't wemind me of that day!

Your mother went cwazy with gweif. Your bwother was batty too! Nanny was never in her wight mind! They were all too insane to help you!

Liir twied!

That bastard child could have twied harder!

He lunged at the officer that was holding me! The Gale Forcer knocked him against a stone wall! He was knocked unconscious! He couldn't have done more!

Oh please! Well the point is that the Witch took off and the soldiers took you one way and your mother and bwother another, both leading ar away fwom Kiamo Ko.

I'm not listening!

The Witch left them to be worked to death, beaten to death! And she left you to become a shackled slave! Nor, you've lost evewything, and for what? So the Witch could wun off and hurt others. You've lost evewything to the Wizard and Gale Forcers! And all this so the Witch could fly off on that bwoom. It's her fault!

Not her fault!

Oh weally? How?


Great weason. Don't you understand she betwayed you? She's why you've lost evewything and evewyone!

Go away! Leave me alone!

Fine, but wemember, it's that Wicked Witch's fault!


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