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"blah blah blah"-speech

Summary: It had been 20 years since the final battle between the AMP and Nemesis. After the battle the members of the AMP went on to lead normal lives, thinking everything was safe. When they decide to have a reunion, and are attacked by Lucifer Hawks they find out that everything isn't so.

"YUKI WATCH OUT!!!" Kiddy shouted. She had barely pushed Yuki out of the way before the hawk attacked. Yuki winced as she got up "Are you all right?" Kiddy asked as she fired two more rounds into the hawk, destroying it.

"Yeah I'm all right." Yuki answered. She looked around and gasped. She thought Kiddy had just destroyed the last hawk but when she looked again a dozen new ones appeared. "It seems like each one we kill two more replace it!

Lebia dodged the tentacle of a level one and fired a few bullets into it. "I don't understand what's going on here it doesn't make sense."

"I know." Kiddy answered. "We need to finish these off soon. With the speed they're coming I don't know how much longer I can last." Both Lebia and Yuki nodded. Katsumi and Lum Cheng ran over to them.

"Nami's placed a barrier around the whole park. None of these things are escaping or getting in." Lum Cheng said.

"Good but that still leaves the problem of what to do about the ones already in here."

"Don't worry Lebia." Katsumi began. "I've already thought about that. These hawks are all in one spot, and if Lum Cheng and I combine our spells we should be able to wipe them all out at once, and keep them from regenerating."

"Sounds good, so let's get this done!" Kiddy yelled. Everyone got in position. Katsumi and Lum Cheng waited on opposite sides of the group of Hawks. Yuki had went to Nami and was helping her keep the barricade up. It had been decided that Kiddy and Lebia would be decoy's until the spells could be cast.

"Ready Kiddy?" Lebia asked, raising her gun.


Kiddy and Lebia then raised their guns firing several shots into the air catching the attention of the hawks. They began to move toward them. "Guys! Now would be a good time to finish them off!" Kiddy shouted.

The spells had to be completely synchronized so Katsumi began hers first:

In front of me Raphael

Behind me Gabriel

To my right Michael

To my left Uriel

Five shining stars of protection surround me

Six shining stars shine in the light pillar

Ater malkt va geblar ve deduler lu aurlam


When Lum Cheng saw the light from Katsumi's side of the part she decided it was her turn. "Jesso! Fire Formation!" The fire dragon and the ball of energy hit the hawks at the exact same time, casting them all into oblivion. When the smoke cleared everyone came together to discuss what happened. The six had decided to meet for a reunion, and had been attacked by all three category of Lucifer Hawk.

"I don't understand. We defeated Nemesis over 20 years ago. How can Lucifer Hawks still be here?" Katsumi said.

I don't know. Now I wonder if these are the only ones or if there are more of them.". Lum Cheng said tiredly. Everyone stood silent in thought. Each one of them wondering how their peaceful reunion could have gone so wrong. Then Katsumi's cell phone rang, shocking everyone out of their silence. "Hello."

"Katsumi it's me Rally Cheyenne."

"Director?! What is it?" she said in shock.

"As I'm sure you know there have been recent movements of Lucifer hawk lately."

"We were just attacked." she answered.

"Your not alone?" Rally asked.

"No I'm not. We decided to meet for a reunion so everyone's here."

"Good report to headquarters immediately." Rally commanded.

"Right." She said and hung up.

"You guys that was director Rally she wants to meet us back at headquarters. She knows about the return of the hawks." Katsumi said.

"Then Let's go!! Kiddy shouted.

They got into their cars and began back to the AMP headquarters. When they arrived Mana Isosaki was waiting. She smiled when she saw them. "It's good to see you all again."

"Likewise." Katsumi said.

Without another word she led them to Rally. They were glad to know that nothing inside had changed much either. The light from the windows of the office reflected the streets below and the busyness of the city outside. They took their seats in front of Rally and the meeting began.

"I'm glad all of you are here. This saves a lot of time." The director began. "We've been tracking the recent waves of Lucifer hawks here in Tokyo. We need active officers for the AMP, so we have decided to recruit your daughters to fight in your place."

"WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?!" Everyone shouted.

"You can't do that we can still fight!" Kiddy said angrily.

"Yes I agree with Kiddy" Katsumi said. "We took care of those hawks today without a problem."

"Don't you think we have enough strength to fight like we did before!" Lum Cheng yelled.

Rally then spoke up. "I don't want to do this either but we have no choice because since none of us have fought in so long our powers have grown weaker. You can't honestly tell me that after that battle all of you didn't feel completely exhausted." Everyone's protests died down knowing that what the direct said was true.

Then Mana spoke, "You may have dealt with those hawks easily but what happens when there's more of them and their stronger do you think you can handle them all like this." she said.

"Listen we know you can still fight and you also know that your powers are not at the same levels they were at we you fought Ganossa. Mana and I have been monitoring you children in case something like this ever happened. All of your children have inherited your powers in someway or form. With some training I believe they could be quite strong and effective against the Lucifer Hawks." Rally continued.

Mana spoke up again, "Both mine and the director's children shall be recruited as well. They shall work in the field while we work here. If necessary we'll send you into the field as well. We all know this is dangerous and we cannot force you to accept. The decision is up to each of you and I will understand If you choose not to do this. Do you accept or choose not to?""

The rest of the AMP stood silent for a few minutes before Katsumi spoke up. "Yes I accept." Katsumi said.

"Are you sure about this?" Lebia asked.

Katsumi turned to look at her. "As much as I don't want to, it seems there is no other choice. I want my daughter to continue to have a safe future so I will do this to protect that future."

"Count me in. Kiddy said.

Lebia answered next "I accept too"

"I also accept." Nami answered.

"I'll do it." Yuki said.

Lum Cheng sighed and answered "I'm in too."

"I'm glad to here it." Rally said. "I will make the arrangements for them to arrive here as soon as possible. This time we'll make sure to put an end to the Lucifer hawks once and for all." The rest of the AMP nodded.

"Now" Mana began. "This meeting is over so you are all free to leave for now." The six turned left AMP headquarters when they got outside Nami asked the question that had been on all of their minds since they left Rally's office.

"Are you sure we're doing the right thing, bringing our children into this?"

"I don't know." Kiddy answered.

"Neither do I because right now it seems like we're putting them in more danger." Lebia said.

"We won't know for sure yet until they come here and we see what they can do." Lum Cheng said.

"Your right." Katsumi said. "We'll we've accepted so all we can do for the time being is wait." The six silently left headquarters all of them deep in thought about what was soon to happen and none of them got a feeling that any of it would be good.

Hikoto: I am Katsumi liqueur's daughter and a sorceress. I was brought here to fight things I've never even heard of. Though I am not alone should I accept this ordeal or should I continue to live my peaceful life? Next episode of Silent Mobius: The Second Chapter: It Begins. What is my decision?