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Chapter 1: The New Girl

Two boys much bigger than him pushed him towards the far end of the wall and held him there. He had already gotten a bloody forehead and some punches on his stomach but he could still remain on his feet. His cold blue eyes stared furiously at the four older boys before him.

He had only returned from the All Japan Basketball Training Camp and this is what he gets when he returned to Shohoku High. These boys who were year two students the previous year and were now in year three and because of being the eldest of the school they started to terrorize over the younger students. Unfortunately, they picked on Kaede Rukawa the most famous boy among the girls in school.

"So Rukawa, are you going to give up if not..." The leader of the group sneered.

Before they could do anything else, a girl Rukawa had never seen before and guessing that she should be in year one came walking up the corridor towards their direction. She had brownish very long and very straight hair that reaches down her waist, quite tall for a girl for he could see that her head almost reached his shoulders. Her eyes were startling light brown and had very fair smooth skin.

Rukawa was almost hypnotized by her light brown eyes. They were so clear as if he could see her soul. They sparkled at the light shining in from the windows as she stared straight ahead her expression void from all emotions.

Do'aho, doesn't she know that there is a fight here? Rukawa thought slightly alarm. He didn't want her to get hurt. An innocent girl getting herself in a fight was not he had in mind.

However that girl stopped a few feet away from them and stared at them expressionlessly. Rukawa couldn't tell what she was thinking as she looked at the leader of the group studying him intently.

"Look here, a year one girl." The leader smirked walking up towards her slowly. "Very brave to walk up to your seniors' corridor without permission."

The girl blinked slowly once, looking at him still expressionless. A second later, she moved her eyes over to the rest of the other boys lazily. She saw two boys holding up one very tall dark haired boy who was already hurt from the fight. She quirked her delicate eyebrow slightly and turned back to the leader.

"Four boys against one and you call yourself boys," She said almost in a very bored voice. "Get out of the way, I need to look for someone and I don't have time for this."

Rukawa raised his eyebrows at her bravery, though one thought came into his head. That girl is a biggest do'aho he had ever met.

"You are lucky you are pretty," The leader said stepping in front of her stopping her from going any further. Slowly he lifted his hand and held her chin with his thumb and index finger pulling her face closer to his. "I will forgive you for your insolence."

Rukawa could see her expressionless expression immediately turned to fury.

"Hentai," She said undertone glaring into the eyes' of the boy who was holding her chin.


"Hentai!!!!" She screamed hitting his hand away from her face and took a step back her senses alert glaring at him.

"You are going to regret this." The leader said furiously massaging his hand that she had hit.

Rukawa could see the corners of the girls red graceful lips curled up slightly.

"We will see who will regret this." She said.

To Rukawa's surprise, when the leader lung forwards towards her, using her right arm she hit his right fist coming towards her away and then jabbed her elbow up striking his chin accurately causing him to fumble backwards slightly. Without hesitating, she gave him another blow with her fists on his face and he fell to the ground unconscious.

She turned her furious glare at the other boys daring them to come closer to her and unfortunate for one boy who tried to attack her from the back, failed when she dunk away from his blow and swiped around swiftly kicking him around the area where it hurts most. The other boys around flinched slightly, at the sight even Rukawa closed his eyes and turned his head away from the sight as the boy fell to his knees clutching his most important part.

She turned around to face the other boys, who back away from her picking their leader up as they back away.

"Who the hell are you?" One of them asked.

"Year 1 Group 10, Sakuragi Yuiiko." She answered tonelessly.

"Sakuragi?" They chorus fearfully.

"Don't tell me you are related to Sakuragi Hanamichi?" One of the boys said nervously.

"Unfortunately, he is my older brother."

"NANI?" They shouted and ran away down the corridor.

"Ere?" Yuiiko raised her eyebrows with slight surprised and snorted. "Cowards."

She continued down the corridor and stopped where Rukawa still stood leaning on the wall trying to get his focus back. She turned her head slightly towards him and spoke in an expressionless voice, her face had returned to her emotionless mode again.

"Are you ok?"

Rukawa looked up at her and was about to tell her to mind her own business when someone else interrupted.


Rukawa watched one of Sakuragi's friends walked up towards them. If his memory served him right, that boy was Mito Youhei. Had dark greenish, black hair that he always combed up neatly and was one of the best looking ones among the group.

"Youhei-kun," Yuiiko turned to him lazily.

"What happened here?" Mito asked concerned looking at Rukawa then at her. He could see the redness around her knuckles area on her right hand where she had hit the boy on his face not long ago.

"Some boys decided to pick on me, so I just made them regret their decision." Yuiiko shrugged. "By the way, where is Hanamichi?"

"Still calling your brother by his name?" Mito smiled slightly sadly. "He would be very happy if you call him oniichan."

"That is none of your business Mito-san!" Yuiiko snapped her voice turning icy. "You do know that I hadn't called him that for a long time."

Rukawa raised his eyebrows slightly at her sudden fierce tone and coldness. First she was calling this boy Youhei-kun, then suddenly she just started to call him Mito-san. Girls are so hard to understand sometimes.

"Mah, mah, don't have to jump down my throat." Mito said smiling uneasily. "I think your brother is still in his class."

Yuiiko was about to make her way down the corridor again when she stopped and turned towards Youhei again.

"What class is he in?"

"Year 2 Group 7," Youhei answered. "Just down this corridor the third door on your left."

Yuiiko nodded and turned towards to Rukawa who still leaning on the wall and to her annoyance, staring at her. She inclined her head.

"I think you should go to the nurse office to see your wound." She said curtly, then turned away sharply and walked off.

Rukawa frowned slightly at the peculiar girl. He never came across any girl like her before and started to walk down the same direction she was going.

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