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Chapter Four

Incident at Oliver's

(Botan's POV)

This was turning out to be such a pleasant day. I grumbled and hauled myself to my feet again, brushing the dirt off of my practically ruined jacket. Who had that been? I frowned.

My mind reeled. Was it Hiei's murderer? Whoever it was, he had to be associated with Hiei's murder somehow, otherwise, why would he have felt the need to threaten me like that? I was starting to make my head hurt with the possibilities when a frantic voice interrupted my thoughts.

"Botan? Botan! There you are! Where did you go?"

I turned to see Kurama entering the alley, a worried look across his face. I smiled reassuringly. "I'm fine. I just lost my sunglasses."

His lips twitched. "You and your sunglasses..."

I didn't want to exchange light pleasantries right now. I fixed him with a hard stare, determined to get straight to the point. I was sick of being confused, and back there with Kagome I had been the most confused I'd been since we started this whole ordeal. If he thought I was going to let the issue drop, as if it meant nothing, he was sorely mistaken. "Why didn't you tell me you suspected Kagome?" His eyes became defensive, but I didn't let him speak. "And furthermore, why do you suspect Kagome?"

"It's along story Botan–"

"One that I think I should hear, actually." I placed my hands on my hips, fixing my stance with determination. He only stared at me helplessly, obviously searching for some way out of this. I took a commanding step towards him. "Tell me, Kurama."

His shoulders slumped in defeat, and he turned away from me. Exhaling slowly, he began. "It seems I've got a lot of explaining to do. Well . . . . Kagome is my cousin."

My jaw literally dropped in surprise.

He continued, still not meeting my gaze. "We've known each other since we were kids. We were both really smart in school, and we were close friends. Afterwards, she used her impenetrable wits to become a lawyer, and I used mine to steal precious artifacts. Needless to say, we drifted apart. I hadn't seen her in four years when she wrote me a letter saying she had been hired as Inuyasha's lawyer. I was in the Reikai Rehabilitation Center at the time. I was happy for her, and we began seeing each other again. After a little while, I could tell she was developing feelings for Inuyasha. So you see, although not many other people knew, Hiei wasn't the only one left heartbroken when Kikyo and Inuyasha . . . well, you know."

Poor Kagome, I thought to myself. Kurama took a shaky breath and continued. "I suppose that's why I really hated Inuyasha. Because he hurt Kagome like he did. And then," his face dawned one of confused thought, his brows furrowing, "and then she did something that I'll never understand. She started seeing Hiei. I think it was revenge against Inuyasha. Those are never good motives for getting into a relationship, and so naturally it ended bad. She began to really like Hiei - not just pretend."

He looked at me sadly. "So I apologize, that's why I was so irritable in the courtroom. Kaiba's version of the trial only confirmed those suspicions. Kaiba said that Hiei didn't know why Kagome was helping him out. But Hiei did know. Kagome had developed feelings for him."

He stopped. My mouth was still hanging open, and I slowly closed it. Things had just gotten more complicated. So, in revenge against Inuyasha, Kagome had begun to date his arch enemy, and in the process had ended up really liking him. But I was still confused. Kurama's confession, if anything, only made his accusation of Kagome seem more weird.

"I don't understand. If she liked Hiei, then why do you think she killed him?"

"Because," he growled, his eyes darkening. "About a week or so before Hiei's murder, Yusuke, Sango and I were out to eat - against policy, I know, and I happened to look out the window across the street. There, in front of the popular restaurant, Oliver's, was Kagome and Inuyasha. At first I thought they might be arguing, but Inuyasha had a pleading look on his face. Before I could even process that they were together, they kissed. I was enraged at both of them. They were betraying my best friend behind his back." He stopped talking, his hands clenched into fists. "And then Hiei was murdered. Kagome's always been a compassionate person, and I know she didn't want to hurt Hiei. I hadn't thought it possible, but now I think that she might have just killed him to get him out of the way."

"Except Inuyasha's in jail."


"Remember the hair, the fingerprints? Either Inuyasha did it, or he was framed. Why would Kagome frame Inuyasha if she wanted to be with him?"

Kurama looked honestly taken aback. "I- I hadn't thought of that... But think about this. She's the best lawyer in America - don't you think she could get him out of jail?"

"Oh," I admitted. "That is true. It makes her look less suspicious as well." I sighed. We were back to square one again. It seemed every new piece of information we learned only created more questions, more loopholes. I was just destined to be confused. However, Kagome's previous statement, "No! I hate Inuyasha, he betrayed me! I don't care what you think, I loved him!" suddenly made a lot more sense. She meant she loved Hiei.

I winced and leaned up against the brick wall, my bottom end sore from being knocked around so much today. "So what did she say when I left?"

Kurama shrugged. "Not much else. She told me to keep my nose in my own business and let her deal with her grief in her own way. Did you notice that? She did NOT look all that sad..."

"No," I agreed. "She didn't. We'll keep her on our list of suspects."

We lapsed into silence, each of us absorbed in our own theories and thoughts. After a few minutes, Kurama shifted uneasily, running the toe of his sneaker in the dirt. "Now where do we go?"

A good question indeed. We had gotten a lot of angles on this murder, but I thought it was time to get one that wasn't in Hiei's favor. "I think we should pay Inuyasha a visit."

The look on Kurama's face was priceless. He looked as if he'd rather eat human waste. "You're kidding."

"C'mon Kurama. It could help!"

He grumbled irritably, seeming not at all happy with the idea, but finally crossed his arms and replied, "Fine..."

(Inuyasha's POV)

"I - did - not - do - it."

How many times was I going to have to say it? How much of my taxes did these morons suck up? Again, they were shaking their heads at me as I were some juvenile delinquent that was denying redecorating a wall with the empty spray can still in their pocket.

"Alright, pal, whatever you say." The two officers stood to their feet. They didn't believe me. What else was new? "We'll be back tomorrow."

"Hey," I said, raising up out of my slouched position. "Don't I get another phone call?"

The first officer gave me a sickening smile. "Sure kid." He tossed me the cell phone from his pocket. Most likely it was rigged to some fancy-smancy FBI device, but I didn't care. I just wanted to get hold of Kagome. I'd only been calling her for the two miserable days I'd been stuck here. Shooting the officers a dirty look, I picked up the phone and quickly dialed Kagome's cell.

It began ringing. And ringing. I swear to god, if you don't answer this phone right now, Kagome...

She hadn't answered the other times I'd called. I was preparing for the same rotten luck when I heard a click on the other end. I wasn't sure if I imagined it, but I thought I heard a distant sound of snickering. I quirked an eyebrow. What the hell?

A voice came on the other line. A voice that wasn't Kagome's. "I'm sorry, Inuyasha. This line is disconnected."

I wasn't always the smartest crayon in the box, but I knew that a normal disconnection message would have been automated, and they would have not known my name. "Who is this?" I snapped into the receiver.

I was greeted with a dial tone. The voice had been male, and it sounded vaguely familiar, but they hadn't said enough for me to determine for sure. "Shit..." I snapped the phone shut, a look of disbelief across my features.

"Who was that?" an officer asked smugly, picking up his phone.

"Your mom," I retorted with a snort. I wasn't about to cooperate in any way with these over-rolled, overpaid peacocks.

The two officers exchanged a look with each other before sighing and reaching for the door. But it opened for them as a young, flustered secretary came in. "Excuse me. Mister Inuyasha has visitors."

Kagome? I thought hopefully. But the two people who walked through the door behind the secretary were not Kagome, or anyone related. Hell, I would have settled for Kikyo. But instead I got the last person I expected to see. Hiei's best friend, Kurama.

Next to him was a girl I didn't recognize. She had soft blue hair that was pulled into a loose ponytail, and large pink-hued eyes. Her cheeks were flushed a little, and she was looking at me funny. Almost as if she couldn't believe she was meeting me. Then I remembered that I was a famous model.

I was not seriously being visited by Kurama and a fan.

A rough laughed escaped my throat. "Kurama! What brings you to my humble abode?"

He shot me a disgusted look, which I was only too happy to return. The girl interceded our fierce optic war, placing a hand on Kurama's arm. "We'd like to ask you a few questions, Mr. Inuyasha..."

The two officers frowned at this announcement. "You can't just come in here and ask our suspect questions."

"Yeah," the other one put in. "You can only talk to prisoners during visiting hours and only if you have a relation to the suspect."

Maybe these two idiots would spare me another verbal thrashing from one of Hiei's admirers. There was actually a lot more than I would have thought. I was getting hate mail from all over the world from heartbroken girls. And a few sympathy letters from my own fan groups, of course.

"Um," the secretary interjected timidly. "Visiting hours are now..."

The first officer shot her a silencing look. "Well, they're not related."

"Yes we are," Kurama argued. My eyes widened. Like hell we were. As if I'd ever be degraded enough to share any type of blood with the slippery fingered little worm.

I opened my mouth to argue this point, but then my eyes caught the girl's. She was looking at me pleadingly, begging with me to go with this ploy. Her eyes seemed to dance with compassion, seeming to silently be saying that this was my way out.

I knew I shouldn't believe some gut feeling I had. Gut feelings hadn't gut me much of anything. But the words that came out of my mouth were not, 'Yeah, he wishes we were related.' They were, "He's my cousin. Let us talk."

The girl smiled brilliantly and Kurama gave me an odd look. I returned with my own look of feigned innocence.

The first officer was not please by this turn of events, and that made it worth whatever hell this upcoming conversation would bring. His face was red. "Fine. But they have to talk in the visiting room!"

And with that, he gripped my collar and hauled me to my feet, towards the door. He marched me into the hall, Kurama and his girlfriend following close behind. He brought us into the visiting room. The ones like they have in the movies, with the lined up rows of phone booths. Prisoners on one side, their lovers on the other.

Kurama took a seat at one of the booths and I sat at the other end, noticing that he had chosen to sit between two other people when there were plenty of empty ones about. Handcuffs limiting my movement, I managed to pick up the phone and glare across the glass. "Why'd you pick this one? There are other ones with no one around!"

He smirked at me. "If there are others about, it makes us look less suspicious." He nodded towards the officer at the door, not really paying attention to us.

I growled silently. He would know. "Well then let's get this over with." I looked at the blue-haired chick who had pulled up a chair next to Kurama. "And who's your girlfriend?"

I smirked as a light rinse of pink washed over his cheeks. "She isn't my girlfriend, and her name is Botan."

She grinned at me and waved. I only narrowed my eyes. Was she seriously this happy... naturally? Upon seeing that I wasn't returning her smile, hers fell and she glanced away uneasily. I ignored her. Turning back to Kurama, I gave him a bored look. "Anyway."

"What do you think we want to ask you about?" Kurama said. "Hiei's murder."

I rolled my eyes. "Great. Just what I need. Well, I'll tell you what I've told everyone else. I didn't do it! I hated the little creep, but I wouldn't kill him." I met his gaze firmly.

I wasn't lying. I really hadn't killed Hiei, but I knew odds were highly against me. I had hated him with a passion and my fingerprints were found at the crime scene. Kagome would get me out... she always did.

"What if hate wasn't your motive?" Botan asked quietly. I gave her an odd look. "What if you were jealous of him and Kagome?"

The color drained from my face. She had struck a chord, and from the look on her face, she knew it. How did she know that Kagome and Hiei had been an item? No one knew that! Not even Kikyo. I only knew because I could tell by the way she looked at the spikey-haired freak. She used to look at me like that. But I ruined it for myself... driven her away...

I shook my head, trying to rid myself of the rising emotions. Back to the situation at hand. How did Botan know so much? And who was she anyway? Some type of detective? Yes, I admitted dismally to myself, I had been jealous. But I still wouldn't have killed Hiei over it.

"Look, first of all, I wasn't jealous. And even if I was, I wouldn't have killed him." I frowned. "He's not worth it."

They were both silent for what seemed like an eternity, thoughtful expressions across their faces. Finally, Botan glanced at Kurama and they exchanged a look. Kurama turned back to me.

"How would your story change if I told you that I know about the incident at Oliver's."

I felt my eyes widen in surprise. Good-NIGHT. These two knew everything! I knew my look of shock had destroyed any chance of denial. I remained silent though. I remembered that day at Oliver's clearly.


"I only came to decline your dinner invitation." Her voice was like ice, no surprise there. She shifted her bag on her shoulder and squared her chin. She did that when she was bracing herself to ward off any argument.

I even missed that. I missed everything.

"Kagome," I said softly. My voice sounded pitiful. What was the matter with me? I was Inuyasha! I got what I wanted, when I wanted, and how I wanted it. I could get any woman in the world I wanted. Except her. I'd betrayed her and she left me.

I wanted the best of everything. And she was the best. The kindest, the most beautiful. She was perfect in every way in my eyes. Hiei didn't deserve her! I could make her truly happy, give her what she really needed. What she deserved.

"Inuyasha, don't." Her face hadn't shifted. "Whatever was between us... it's over."

Her voice was so steeled, I couldn't tell if it was because she really hated me that much, or because she was forcing herself to say it. I hoped it was the latter.

"Kagome, I'm sorry–"

"Nothing I haven't heard before."


"Hiei and I are happy, thank you very much."

Those words stung harder than she would ever know. Did she know how badly this was eating me inside? I didn't realize how much I needed her until she was gone. Lost to me. And to the person I hated most. Nothing hurt worse than that.

"Okay," I said, my voice cracked. I had to accept this. But I couldn't accept this! I loved her!

I froze. I loved her? I couldn't... I'd never loved anyone other than myself... But the thought had appeared so clear in my mind. I couldn't deny it. I did.

"May I just tell you then, before you leave..."

She raised a curious eyebrow. "Yes..."

"Kagome," I began. Pride was such a hard thing to swallow. But I'd have swallowed it through a tiny straw for Kagome. "I love you. All I ask, is that you don't hate me for loving you."

Her cold mask fell away, revealing the soft and tender face I knew so well. Her eyes were filled with surprise, her mouth formed into a small 'o'. "In-Inuyasha...?"

I couldn't resist her any longer. I leaned forward and pressed my lips to hers, kissing her timidly. Something I'd never done before, the timid part I mean. But any feelings of shyness quickly left as her lips melted against mine, her body collapsing onto mine, where I wrapped my arms around her small frame possessively.

Oh yeah. I loved her.

End Flashback

I clung to that memory whenever the stupid cops became too unbearable. Whenever my cell-mate licked his lips suggestively. If I was to get sentenced to life in prison, that kiss is what would keep my going.

I looked calmly at the crime-solving duo. "My answer wouldn't change at all." And why would it? If I knew Kagome still had feelings for me, then I knew there was still a chance. And so I'd kill Hiei to be rid of the only problem in the way. Ooooh... that's why.

"And you don't think Kagome did it?"


My eyes turned feral. "Are you kidding me? Kagome! You've flown too many loops over the bend if you think a girl like that is even capable of plotting murder," I said. "You're her cousin for hell's sake. You know her as well as I do!"

Kurama sighed. "You're right..."

I felt my first pang of sympathy. He had lost his best friend. He was obviously willing to blame anyone for the murder. I could feel for him. But I wouldn't let him pin the blame on Kagome. Or me, for that matter.

Ha! I wasn't a total bastard. I had just thought of someone other than myself, first.

"Why are you doing this? Just revenge against Hiei's killer?" I raised an eyebrow.

"Well that..." Kurama frowned passively.

"And the fact that Kikyo is trying to get Kurama arrested, or killed, for framing you," Botan finished.

My eyebrows arched speculatively. "Sounds like Kikyo..." I frowned to myself. Speaking of the actress, she hadn't contacted me at all since I'd been in jail. Well at least I knew where my true loyalties lied.

I glanced at them, running my tongue over the roof of my mouth in thought. If they found Hiei's true killer, then I'd be let free. And although I felt a little bit guilty over thinking it, I would have Kagome all to myself. I was sure she needed a shoulder to cry on about now. Unlike me, she'd really liked the little weasel.

"Keep me updated, okay?" I said seriously. "I wish I could help you get into the higher places, but they don't exactly let you write 'let them in, signed, me' notes."

After I had spoke those words, I was face with two identical sets of evilly gleamed eyes. I leaned back a little. What were they thinking? Botan glanced smugly at Kurama. "Thinking what I'm thinking?"

"Most likely," he chuckled.

I was confused. "What? What are you thinking?"

"Inuyasha," Botan said, a grin playing on her lips. "We're busting you out."

Then I did the something for the first time in my life.

I fainted.

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