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A small child, standing above a body crumbled to the ground.

A mother, dying slowly before the eyes of her own child, her eyes frozen open from the fear that had washed over her in her very last second of breath. Eyes that are latched onto the image of the child.

A father, coming upon the two a knife in one hand.

The child looks up at his father, without a tear in his eye but a smile on his lips, and utters the words:

"Father, are you going to kill me too?"

The father falters, but resumes moving upon the child. He says:

"I-I had to kill her! To get her away from you! You're a demon!"

The child walks to the father and grabs his hand in his own, the knife included. Putting the knife next to his own chest, the child whispers in a voice not that of an innocent child:

"Then you should just kill me."

And plunges the knife deep into his own heart and falls to the ground, that smile still on his face.

A second later, a demon was born to mortal parents.


Part 2

I opened my near-crimson eyes. I looked around. It was white, so very white. The attempted purity of that hotel room sickened me. There was nothing pure about that place. But, then again, there's nothing pure left anymore. I heard a voice and I looked towards the door.

The door knob turned and a woman stepped inside. At first, I forgot who she was, but then is hit me. Purple hair and orange eyes; it was Mercy.

"Well, seems you finally up there, Kaine. We been worried about you, ya know?" she said as she walked over to the bed and sat down next to me. "What exactly happened out there?"

I was not quite sure what to say to her. I could have said the truth, but the problem with that was, I didn't know that truth.

"It was nothing," I lied to her. I really don't like lying, but sometimes it's just one of those things that you just have to do to avoid confrontation. Not wanting to look into her prying eyes anymore, I turned my head away from her.

Mercy moved over to me and sat down on the bed and stoked my hair, as if I was a small child again. "You know, mate," she said comically, "if there's ever anything you want to get off your chest, there will always be Mercy for you!" She gave my hair one last ruffle and walked to the door.

But, for some reason I didn't hear the door open and shut. I turned my head and I saw Mercy staring at the fish tank built into the room. The same fish tank I put my favorite fish in when we first got to the city.

"What is it, Mercy?" I asked her, not really understanding her actions and a bit frightened at the way she was staring so intently at the tank.

Suddenly she snapped out of whatever reverie she was in. "It's just…Kaine, your fish. They're all dead."

I simply looked at her. Sure, I did like those fish, but it was nothing to loose reality to. What did it matter to me is a bunch of fish died. Lucky them.

"I think you should get a different pet, Kaine. I'll ask Rave if he'll take you, alright?" Mercy suggested and left even before I even had a chance to complain. Whenever Mercy brought Rave into the conversation, she meant she wanted something done. And quickly.

It's not that I didn't like the band's mysterious guitarist; it's just…he made me very uneasy, and I preferred to stay away from him when we weren't forced to do a concert together.

I got up and got dressed as fast as my fatigued body would allow. I left the hotel room and went over to the main desk to see if they knew of a pet shop around the area.

"A pet shop?" the lady at the desk mused to herself out loud, "Well…there is one only about two blocks from here. But…it's been getting some bad reputation on the streets lately. They say that they are really selling slaves and drugs and that the pets are just a distraction."

"Really?" I asked, not really caring either way. What did it matter to me? I wasn't part of the police force around here and I wasn't about to go vigilante.

"Yeah, but, don't worry!" the lady continued more cheerfully, "I had the pleasure of having tea with the proprietor just a few weeks ago and he is one of the kindest men around! There is no way he could ever do something like! Besides…he's really into animals, so I think that he would be the best person to go to for your gold fish dilemma! I'll go ahead and give you the directions then, Mr. Kaine…" She brought out a small slip of paper and with a red pen, she scribbled down the address.

"Thanks, "I murmured and headed towards the pet shop. On the streets, I was thankful that no one seemed to pay me any mind.

As strange for someone like me, who seems like he likes to be the center of attention, it was nice being able to just melt in with everyone else. To not have anyone care for you, to not have to live for someone else.

After about a block, I heard what sounded like a little girl screaming. I turned my head and saw three boys picking on a little girl next to an ally way. From where I was standing it seemed that they had taken her little puppy and were beating it's skull in, the puppy whining loudly under their blows.

Suddenly, the girl looked at me, tears in her eyes, "Help me, please!" she screamed at me, desperation in her voice.

Without even realizing what I was doing, I move a step closer to her and the continuing slaughter. Only one step, though, and I stopped. I stopped. I was so close to them that I think I could even smell the blood in the air, a lingering metallic smell that made me feel disgustingly at ease.

The girl just stood there and stared at me, no longer screaming for my help when she realized that I wasn't going to do anything but watch. She stood there, tears in her eyes her mouth open with disbelief.

With a final yelp, the puppy stayed motionless and the boy, satisfied for their own reasons, moved away from the puppy. Making their way to the girl, they pushed her down and said menacingly, "Don't ever think about crossing us again, or you'll be next!" Seeing the girl completely silent from fear and disbelief, they left, laughing all the while.

Slowly, sheepishly, the girl lifted her head and stared at me with fear and confusion in her eyes. "W-why didn't you help me even though I begged you to?" she asked me, her young voice straining to keep steady.

I didn't know what to say, so I said nothing at all. I turned back around and was about to keep walking when I heard her voice again, "He didn't deserve it. It was my fault," I turned around and saw her, on her hands and knees, by the bloodied animal, tears falling to the ground. But, it wasn't sadness in her voice. Instead it was an emotion that I knew quite well first hand. It was that emptiness, that resignation, which comes when you know that you did something irreversibly horrible to someone else.

"I could have done something. I'm a horrible person. What have I done? What have I done!" the child continued like that for a few minutes as she held the puppy against her body, not caring that the blood was seeping into her clothing.

As much as I wanted someone else in the world to suffer as I always had, I could stand to see the girl like that. I walked over to her and took the puppy from her, its entire body fitting in my hands. And, without saying a word I walked away, this time in the opposite direction of the pet shop. I walked for a few block before I realized that the girl was following me, rubbing her eyes every few minutes to wipe away the tears.

Finally, we both got to the place I was looking for; a small, isolated park at the border of the city. Walking though the dense trees I found a spot and dropped to my knees and started digging a hole. The whole time, the girl just stood there and watched me work. After the hole was done, I looked towards the girl, "I've dug the grave, but it's your choice where you want to go from here." I got up and walked away from her. After a few feet I turned my head and saw the girl putting the puppy's body into the ground, without a tear and slowly piling the dirt on it.

Satisfied, though that didn't quite seem appropriate in that case, I left the girl to her mourning.

After about two hours, I finally made it to the pet shop. And quite the building it was. It had an oriental design, giving it an air of mystery.

Opening the door I stepped in, greeted by a pair of mismatched eye, set upon a heavenly beautiful porcelain angelic face. The eyes however, were as far away from an angel as you could get.

"Welcome, sir, to Count D's pet shop. What pet do you desire?"

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