Thranduil's Trial 19

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Finally the secret was revealed, but at what price.

Arwen heard the arrow whistle as it moved closer toward Elladan. She let go of the breath that she was holding, and moved her wooden sword toward the arrow, before it hit her brother's form.

All of them sighed in relief, as the arrow hit the ground.

Elladan now stared at his sister with pride, knowing that she was the one that saved his life, knowing also that the time to ask forgiveness should be sooner rather than later.

"Are you all right, Elladan?" Arwen asked as she helped him to stand.

Elladan could see the concern in her eyes; he nodded, and could not find the words to say anything to her.

"What just happened?" Elrohir asked.

Neither could reply as they all looked towards Princeling Legolas who at this moment in time was shaking within Glorfindel's arms and not knowing what to do.

Glorfindel tried to comfort Legolas as much as he could, but it seemed helpless as the elfling continued shaking and trembling in the Balrog Slayer arms, and to see the Princeling this shaken made his heart ache for all the pain that the elfling was keeping inside.

Elrond noticed the look that Glorfindel gave him, though he sighed in relief to know of the secret that the elfling held inside had been released and as a lord, he wondered how they are going to deal with it when the king himself will come, or how the elfling is going to feel about it.

The healer sighed heavily, not saying any word, though he turned to face Saelbeth, and then he ordered, "I do not wish to see it again! It almost cost me to lose two of my children, and I do not wish to lose them."

Saelbeth nodded and then he found his eyes staring at the elfling, and he started to feel something twitching in his body, knowing that he was wrong, as it seemed that this particular elfling could shoot from any bow and aim good, as his shot almost killed Elladan.

He should take care of this elfling, and would teach him how to fight in this education if Legolas wished it, and he hoped that Glorfindel or Elrond would support his decision.

"Saelbeth, is their something wrong?" Elrond asked him as he noticed his friend's stare was far away.

"No, though I have been thinking about the elflings unique skill." Saelbeth shared his thoughts.

Noticing the lords hard stare, Saelbeth added, "I know that now it is not the proper time, my friend, but if you or Thranduil agreed, I will take it upon myself to guide him with the skill he has."

Elrond nodded, but said nothing.

Glorfindel still holding the elfling, told the healer, "I am taking him back to his room."

"You do that, my friend; I will come and see how he is doing later." Elrond nodded, and then he moved his eyes to look at his elflings, mostly at Elladan's as he acted like an elfling that almost ended his life.

Glorfindel took the elfling back toward his room in the house, letting him lean his head on his shoulder while he spoke comforting soft words to him as they went.

"It will be all right, pen-valthennen… you will see…"

"He killed my nana…" Legolas cried.

"Shush now… pen-neth…" Glorfindel comforted him as much as he could until he arrived into the house.

Once Glorfindel laid the princeling on the bed, he felt small hands still gripping him hard, not wishing him to be left alone with the living nightmare he still had.

"Please, do not leave me alone…" Greenleaf begged the Balrog Slayer.

Glorfindel felt his heart ache for the princeling's words, and he told him softly, "I will not leave you alone, my son, I do not think that I could do so… as I love you…"

Glorfindel holds him tightly into a warm embrace in the bed, until the princeling went limp in his arms, falling into a dreamless world, but he did not stop holding him fearing the upcoming nightmares that he knew would come.

Several minutes later, the lord noticed how the elfling was shaking in his arms, and tears following dropping from his eyes, he hurried to calm him.

"You are safe, my son? I have got you… no one is going to hurt you." Hoping to ease the nightmares that caught the elfling.

Glorfindel did not let him go, holding him till he saw the elfling relax in his arms.


While outside

Elrond spoke to Elladan, "I do not wish this kind of attitude again, you are brothers, the only fighting to be done is with Saelbeth in one of his lessons, do you understand?"

Elladan nodded to his father.

Elrond then spoke to all, "Now, I do not wish to hear any more complaints, I am now off to see how the Princeling fares, so behave yourself."

With that, Lord Elrond left hoping that his children would not fight amongst themselves, it was horror enough for him when an arrow almost struck his eldest son.

Saelbeth walked back and forth as he spoke to the three, "Now, you heard your father, and I expect to see you learn the lesson, and behave yourselves."

The three nodded.

Then Saelbeth turned at Arwen, and spoke gently, "You fought well, my lady, saving your brother with instinct like yours was the bravest and fastest that I had seen for a long time."

Arwen felt her heart beating harder and faster, and her cheeks felt like they were burning.

End of Chapter 19.

Pen-valthennen - my golden one

Pen-neth - young one