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At night…

Glorfindel watched the elfling carefully, not wishing to disturb his sleep but knowing that the nightmares would haunt Greenleaf soon.

Elrond opened the door as he watched his friend with the young elf in bed. Noticing Glorfindel's watchful gaze, he asked, "How is he?"

"The nightmares will come soon. So far his breathing has been steady," Glorfindel replied and then he continued in a warning tone, "When Thranduil appears I might not be that merciful toward him."

"But you should be, Glorfindel," Elrond spoke softly, not wishing to wake the elfling, "Remember that we do not know his side of the tragedy." With that Elrond left the room, knowing that Greenleaf was in good hands.

Elrond left, heading to his daughter's room. Knowing her, she was likely to be awake after what had happened earlier at class.

"Sell-nín, how are you feeling?"

"It was a long day, adar," Arwen replied, adding with a sparkle in her eyes, "Saelbeth told me that I did well today."

"Saelbeth is right, and I am very proud of you, Arwen." Elrond definitely agreed, smiling as he saw his daughter blushing.

"Hannon-le, adar." Even as she thanked her father, she could feel her tiredness overwhelm her.

"You are most welcome, sell-nín," Elrond said, tucking her into bed before heading to the twins' room.

He could hear their voices before they sensed his presence.

"Can you imagine what could have happened if Arwen did not defend you?" Elrohir asked his twin.

"Yes, gwanuig-nín, I am aware of it," Elladan replied, noticed how his half was still shaken, perhaps from fear of losing him. "I am certain that you will agree with me, about Saelbeth."

"What about Saelbeth?" Elrohir asked, puzzled.

"Before, we always fooled around in class, but maybe it's time to make adar proud as much as Arwen did and show Saelbeth that we know how to fight properly," Elladan explained.

"I agree, and now for another matter, gwanuig-nín… I can tell that Saelbeth is…"

"Is what brother?" Elladan asked. He could see the mischievous glint in his twin's eyes.

"Shh, adar's coming."

Elladan nodded in agreement and they hurried readied themselves for the night.

Elrond opened the door and looked at his sons, facing each other but well asleep. They certainly knew and understood why he wanted them to learn to fight – he had heard them well enough. He would speak with them soon.

He took his time in the hallway, letting his thoughts wander. The night was quiet and he let himself relax in the stillness.

Suddenly a scream pierced the calm. Elrond rushed back to the twins' room, then his daughter's. They were all fast asleep. Elrond allowed himself a sigh of relief before he checked on the young Greenleaf.

Elrond hurried into the room. His friend was holding the elfling as tightly as was possible, trying to calm him down.

"How is he?" the healer asked.

"Tired, angry," Glorfindel replied, "I really do not know how he will overcome the nightmares. I will do what I can. Hopefully he will tell me about his nightmares but for now, I only hope that he catches some sleep. He needs to rest."

"I agree. And, mellon-nín," Elrond added, "Sleep well. Both you and Greenleaf will need it."

Elvish Translations:

Adar – Father

Sell-nín – My daughter

Gwanuig-nín – My twin

Mellon-nínMy friend