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Chapter 8 Walk Through the Fire

"This place certainly... lives up to the name," Link said slowly, gazing around at the room they stood in, which contained only a ladder. Despite having no sunlight, there was light, a kind of light that came from a fire. Also, Link knew, if they hadn't had their tunics, they would be dying of the heat by now.

"Well, who thinks we should go up the ladder?" Harry asked rhetorically, grabbing the wooden device and hoisting himself up first.

After climbing the ladder up to the Fire Temple, the four were met with another Goron in a large chamber, probably the main one, whom Link recognized.

"Darunia?" Link asked uncertainly.

"Is that you? Link?" The Goron said uncertainly, squinting. After a moment, realization struck his features and he grabbed the elf in a hug that made Molly Weasley's hugs seem laughably weak. Needless to say, Link looked like he was about to snap in half before Darunia let him go.

"It is you!" The overjoyed Goron laughed, "It's been two long Brother."

Harry raised an eyebrow at Link, who mouthed, 'Later'.

"Well, I'm glad to have you at my back... and now look at you!" Darunia said happily, clapping Link on the back heartily, causing the elf to stumble forward. "You're a grown man now! And who are these two?" The Goron asked curiously, but suspiciously, eyeing Harry and Ginny.

"This is Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley, Darunia," Link said, stepping slightly out of range of the Goron's reach as to avoid any more poundings.

"Good to have more help! Any friends of my sworn Brother is a friend of mine! Now, I need you three to do something for me." Quickly, Darunia explained the situation. The rest of the Goron's were in multiples cells scattered around the temple. Darunia would look for a way to defeat Volvagia and Harry, Ginny, Link, and Navi would find a way to free the Goron people.

Agreeing to meet back in this main chamber, the group and Darunia split off, Darunia going right, and Harry, Ginny, Navi, and Link going left.

In the first room they entered, they found a large switch on the floor and a Goron in a cell, who looked immensely pleased to see them, not even thinking they could be working for Ganondorf.

"It couldn't possibly be that easy... right?" Harry voiced, looking at the large dull gold switch that bulged out of the stone floor like a rough, angular lump.

Link shrugged, and stepped on the switch, which immediately flattened, and the bars of the cage receded back into the floor. Thanking them, the rescued Goron walked out of the temple.

"Uh... how is he going to get back across the broken bridge?" Ginny asked curiously.

Again, Link just shrugged.

"Well, regardless of how he's going to get back, I hope all of this rescuing operation is as easy as that." Harry said hopefully, but Link shook his head.

"No, there's no way it's going to be easy..." Link said grimly, "It's going to get a lot more difficult."

The two boys were quiet for a moment, until Ginny's voice broke the somber mood. "If you two are done being maudlin, I found a chest in the cell!" Ginny called out.

Link and Harry's heads swung around, and sure enough, there was a small wooden treasure chest inside the cell. "Can I just say that's the most idiotic thing ever?" Harry commented sardonically.

"Seconded," Ginny muttered, nodding as she opened the chest, pulling out a small silver key.

"Thirded." Link added with a grin.

"That's not a word!" Navi commented, probably rolling her eyes.

"Sure it is!" Link argued.

"Okay, maybe instead of making a meaningless argument," Ginny drawled sardonically, "We could help free more Gorons."

"Right, let's get back to that," Harry said quickly, before an argument could break out.

Link, Harry, Ginny, and Navi returned to the room they met Darunia in, and found that they had to go in the direction that the Goron leader went in. Opening the door, they found no trace of Darunia as they went on, instead finding a veritable lake of lava that had to be navigated by walking across a series of stone blocks, and then in another room they found imprisoned Goron and a switch on the floor.

After freeing the Goron (and a few remarks from Harry), they opened another chest and got another key, and then made their way back into the lava room.

"Where to next?" Harry asked, looking around and finding no other exits, extremely grateful that his Goron Tunic kept him from feeling the intense heat of the room. "Back to the first room?"

Link shook his head. "There's only one more door there, and I'd bet the Master Sword it leads to Volvagia. We're not going to be able to enter there until we pass through this entire Temple and find the key. No..." Link muttered, scanning the room with cobalt eyes, "There must be something I'm missing." Turning to Navi, who was hovering above his shoulder, he asked her to scour the room for anything interesting.

After a few moments of searching, the blue fairy came whizzing back, bouncing up and down (literally) in the air. "I found a crack in the wall!" She declared excitedly.

Link smiled widely, although it was the kind of smile you'd find on a pyromaniac's face as he burned something to the ground. Harry and Ginny stepped back slightly as Link asked the fairy to show him where.

Crossing to opposite wall, they found a medium sized crack in the wall. Before Harry or Ginny could ask what Link planned to do, the elf reached into his bag and pulled out a small, fist sized navy blue orb with a small string on top. Harry immediately recognized the blue object for what it was, and pulled Ginny backwards quickly. The redhead stumbled, and asked angrily, "What the bloody hell are you on abou-"

And then the world exploded around them.

Harry managed to yank Ginny down to the floor and covered her ears with one arm and attempted to cover his own with the other.

As the dust settled and the ringing in their ears ceased, the Boy-Who-Lived helped the petite redhead back on her feet. "What... the hell... was that?" Ginny gasped slowly, holding her hand to her chest in shock.

"That, was a bomb. Think of it like Reductor Curse and a Fire Spell in one." Harry answered slowly, shaking his head. "Why do you carry those things around?" Harry asked, turning to the smiling green clad elf.

"I love those things..." Link said to himself, before answering Harry. "For occasions like these."

"And because he loves the explosions," Navi quipped.

"To each his own I guess," Harry muttered, and the foursome stepped into the now gaping hole in the wall, plunging into a new section of the temple, into the fire.

Inside that room, they found another Goron in a cell and a convenient switch on the floor. This time, even Link had to comment.

"Okay... does anyone else wonder how Ganondorf took over Hyrule?" Link asked, raising his hand as the Goron left the room.

Harry and Ginny nodded furiously, shaking their heads in disbelief. Inside the room there was a convenient bridge that led to a locked door, which the group unlocked with one of their keys and moved onward. From there, the group entered a room, and was promptly attacked by angry Keese (a small, kind of bat-like creature that feeds on human flesh, Navi said) and flying ceramic tiles.

Needless to say, everyone was fast discovering that the temples were one giant conglomerate of insanity.

"This is insane!" the Boy-Who-Lived yelled out, as he turned several Keese into ash with an Incendio spell, before more of the tiny bats plunged down intent on devouring him.

Link and Ginny were using arrows on the Keese, but were fast running out of them, and so Ginny switched over to her wand, blasting both tile and Keese, and Link switched to the Master Sword and his shield, alternatively blocking with his shield and then slashing quickly against the bat creatures and smashing the flying tiles with his shield.

As the young wizard blasted a group of Keese into the wall, one of the tiles flew up into the air, and spun quickly, like a top, and hurled itself at him. Harry's staff was still pointed forward, and he was still a bit drained from using so much magic so quickly, so the Boy-Who-Lived did what was instinct to him.

Harry dove, avoiding the flying tile that would have given him a trip to the land of unconsciousness, but, in a remarkable coincidence, Ginny had stepped backwards, and the Boy-Who-Lived collided with the redhead.

Ginny opened her mouth to berate Harry when her chocolate brown eyes met Harry's emerald green, and time seemed to freeze. At that moment, neither of them wanted to leave that position, with Harry on top of her and Ginny below him. It felt right.

"Sorry..." Harry whispered breathlessly. His darkening green eyes seemed to be drinking her in, taking in her every feature, and Ginny felt as though she might be swallowed up in his gaze. She wouldn't have minded.

"That's... alright..." Ginny breathed softly, looking very attractive in the fiery light of the temple, her chocolate eyes sparkling and glazed, the Goron Tunic matching her hair perfectly. Her fiery hair was splayed out all over the floor, like soft red silky threads.

Neither of them could move for a moment, simply staring at each other. Ginny's lips parted a fraction, and Harry leaned closer, slowly, closer, and closer...

"Get up already!".

Navi's shrill and annoyed voice cut through the moment like a knife, and Harry and Ginny simultaneously glared at the fairy, while Link seemed to be struggling to hold in his laughter and failing miserably.

Harry was flushed and got up quickly, pulling the redhead up as well. Ginny blushed bright enough to cover the room in her glow, glaring at Navi.

Ginny wanted to kill that little fairy for interrupting the moment, but Harry was too confused, muddled in why exactly he had wanted to kiss Ginny Weasley so much in that moment.

It was just hormones, you prat! She's Ron's little sister! Harry berated himself, praying to any deity that would listen that Ginny hadn't felt his... reaction.

Not so little anymore, a little voice muttered suggestively, and before he could stop himself, his eyes raked across her form admiringly.

Stop it!

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Link wheezing and laughing, holding the wall for dear life, the Hero of Time having caught Harry's gaze. Harry glared at the elf, who simply started laughing harder.

Ginny was confused as well, once she got past her anger. She had wanted Harry so badly to kiss her at that moment, but she wanted to know why, to know it was more than just hormones or the fact that she was the only girl he knew. "Harry... uh..." Ginny began, stuttering softly and berating herself for going back to the old patterns.

"Its fine, Gin. We just... got caught up in the moment, right?" Harry said weakly, forcing an equally weak chuckle, missing the stricken look on Ginny's face, which passed soon.

"Yeah... just the moment..." Ginny whispered, blinking furiously and looking away, lest she begin crying.

Link watched all of this curiously with his cobalt eyes, wondering if he should step in and help his two friends find each other...

After some awkward silence, the group searched the room, Harry and Ginny doing their best to not look at each other, and Link slightly distracted by then tension, and Navi just being unaware. The green elf barely noticed that he passed over a hole in the floor when a sudden burst of heat scalded Link's back.

"WHAT THE HELL!" Link swore, and leapt aside. The other's turned towards Link, and much to the Hero of Time's surprise, they fell over laughing.

"What's so funny?" The elf asked, putting his hands on his hips sternly.

"Your arse is on fire." Harry replied, falling over in laughter.

Link turned, and indeed, his arse was on fire. Screaming like a little girl, the Hero of Time ran around in a circle, yelling, "PUT IT OUT! PUT IT OUT!"

Ginny, who had tears of mirth in her eyes, managed a choked, "Inriguus!" The Dousing Charm was a common counter to fire, the only problem was-

"I'm soaked!" The sopping wet Hero of Time protested angrily, his bright green clothes darkened with water, his hair dripping with the liquid.

"Oh suck it up Link," Harry drawled, "We're in the bloody Fire Temple. You're going to dry off pretty quick."

Grumbling, the elf stalked off, shaking his head, but, as he took a quick glance out of the corner of his eye and saw Harry and Ginny laughing, together, he smiled inwardly. A little damage to his clothes was a small price to pay to help friends, he thought to himself.

Eventually, the laughter subsided, and confusion stepped in to fill the void. Besides the geyser of hot air and fire and the giant stone block that stood like a sentinel in the corner of the room, there was nothing there.

"Damn... this is confusing. Where do we go?" Harry asked, tapping his foot lightly.

Sighing, Link sat onto the floor, and looked up. And from that change of view, he managed to spot something. "Hey, Navi! There's something up there! Could you-"

Before Link could finish his request, the blue fairy had already zipped up there, and then came back down. "There's an alcove up there! The rock's probably too hard for your hookshot, but Harry's magic should be able to get us up there!" Navi explained, looking at the green eyed wizard.

But Harry shook his head. "Unfortunately, if I don't have a clear picture of where I'm going, I might end up splinched inside a rock."

"Splinched?" Link asked.

"It means that part of him or us could be sticking out of a rock." Ginny explained bluntly.

Link looked sick, and blanched. "There's got to be another way up there..." Link muttered, and then glanced at the geyser, which blasted a powerful air current upwards, along with the fire that reached only halfway up, and got an idea. Looking at the giant stone block, he smiled slowly.

"I don't like that look in your eyes..." Navi commented warily.

"I have an idea." Link said slowly, still smiling.

After he explained his plan, they were silent.

"ARE YOU INSANE!" Ginny screamed in consternation.

For a moment, anyway.

Both Harry and Link winced at her tone, and the Boy-Who-Lived added, "I have to admit Link, as far as crazy plans go, and believe me, I've made some pretty crazy ones before," he commented, remembering the plan to follow the spiders, or the plan to rush in and take Voldemort and his Death Eaters with Neville, Luna, Hermione, Ron, and Ginny at his side (with an internal wince at that one), "This is really crazy."

"It'll work." Link said confidently.

"It better," Ginny warned, "Because if we die, I'm never talking to you again."

The plan basically went down to this. After a quick test, Harry verified that they had about two minutes in between each geyser burst. Immediately after the initial geyser burst, Harry would use his magic to move the block onto the geyser, and then they would climb on. Simple, except for the fact that they'd be riding a fiery geyser elevator, and if it was too weak, they'd crash down and probably break some bones, and if it was too strong, they'd be crushed against the immovable stone ceiling.

Still, it was the only plan they had. But it was still a pretty sorry one, at that.

As they clambered on top of the moved block of stone, all three gulped in unison. Navi was fine, considering she could just fly up there, but the rest of them were about to take a very risk chance, which Link had commented on, which led to Navi hitting him on the head.

"Okay... one, two," Harry began, before an enormous bang blasted them upwards. Ginny, who had already been a bit nervous, gave a small shriek and grabbed Harry's hand, squeezing it so tightly that the Boy-Who-Lived thought his hand would pop off.

As it reached the top, Link and Harry and Ginny (who needed to be pulled a little by the Boy-Who-Lived) jumped off, and rolled forward to stabilize themselves, finding themselves on the second floor of the Fire Temple.

"Well... that wasn't so bad." Link commented cheerfully, brushing himself off.

Harry nodded, and then suddenly he looked towards Ginny to ask how she was doing, when their eyes met, and then looked downwards towards their clasped hands.

Needless to say, they broke apart quickly, while Link chuckled gleefully at their beet red faces.

After freeing the imprisoned Goron from his (or hers... you couldn't really tell) cell in this room, the foursome found themselves in a bit of a dilemma, finding yet another improbable obstacle in their path when they climbed up to where the exit was supposed to be.

"A bloody wall of fire now!" Ginny swore glaring with equal heat at said wall of fire.

"Oh yeah, this is realllyy easy." Link drawled caustically, shooting a mild glare at Harry, who gave a slightly sheepish look.


Suddenly Ginny yelled, "Hey guys! There's a switch over here that we missed!" She was pointing downwards, tucked away on the opposite side of the room on the lower level, was the said switch.

"I'll get it." Harry called out, Apparating over to the switch, hitting it, causing the flames to disappear, and then he Apparated back over, and the foursome made their way onwards.

Passing through a few more rooms with imprisoned Gorons, staying ahead of advancing walls of fire while crossing narrow stone beams over a seemingly bottomless pit, the foursome found one of the monster denizens of the temple... a giant flaming slug.

After a few snide comments from Harry and Ginny and some swings of the sword and a healthy dose of magic, they killed the Torch Slug, as it was called, according to Navi, and proceeded to blow apart another wall with another bomb (with some gleeful and maniacal looks from Link). Liberating another Goron and crossing another dangerous area that spouted fire, the group made their way into a room seemingly ripped out of a Muggle movie.

"Geez! How can that thing roll and be on fire!" Harry yelled. "And why does it need to be both! It could easily crush us instead of setting us on fire!"

"Less talking! More running!" Ginny replied hastily, nearly tripping over himself.

"Oh crap oh crap oh crap oh crap!" Was all Link could add to the conversation.

It was quite comical, really, seeing three teenagers run at full speed with panicked looks on their faces, being chased by a gigantic flaming boulder inside of a miniature labyrinth.

"Look! Door!" Ginny called out, unable to form complete sentences.

Running at full speed, all three teenagers and the amused and slightly afraid for their lives fairy that tailed them changed directions, and the flaming boulder turned slowly, rumbling on after them. At high speed, Harry hit the wall first, literally slamming into it, hard. Grabbing the knob, he discovered, much to his horror, that it was locked.

"Who has a key!" He yelled, panicked.

"I got it!" Link responded, rapidly slamming the key into the locked door, unlocked it, and tossed himself inside, followed closely by his friends, all of them landing in a tangled mess (except Navi, of course) on the stone floor.

"Well... that was fun." Harry muttered sarcastically.

"Shut up Harry." Ginny muttered, holding her chest and panting.

"Uh... Guys... I think we're in trouble." Link said cautiously, grabbing the Master Sword.

Turning, the witch and wizard found themselves staring at another of Ganondorf's creations... this one far less comical and more deadly.

For a moment, Harry believed it was on fire... until he realized it was made of the flames. From the small, rocklike core, pure fire stretched out, forming the monstrosity's head, arms, and legs, making the limbs look solid, but were really invulnerable to damage. It moved with a deadly, dancing grace, like a dancing firelight... only with much more malicious intent.

"That's a Flare Dancer... these things are a lot deadlier than what we've seen so far. I'd say they're about as dangerous, if not more dangerous, than a Stalfos." Navi reported slowly.

"Spread out." Link said quietly, and Harry and Ginny nodded, the wizard circling left, the witch going right. Steeling himself, Link unsheathed his sword and in the same move slashed at the Flare Dancer.

The creature danced out of range, and lashed out viciously with its fiery appendages. Link barely avoided getting burned by backflipping away. Immediately, Harry and Ginny opened up on the creature, hammering away with Force Spells and Stunners and Cutting Curses. The Flare Dancer absorbed them all, and kept coming.

"Shit." Ginny whispered, and no one disagreed with her assessment.

As Link headed the creature off, Harry's train of thoughts barely noticed that Link's green clothes were still burned from before...

And then it hit him, and Harry knew exactly what to do. "Inriguus!" He yelled, pointing his staff at the Flare Dancer. The torrent of water from the Dousing Charm crushed the flames, leaving only the main body, undefended. Link stabbed it several times before the creature crumbled into dust.

"Okay... maybe Ganondorf isn't as stupid as I believed." Link commented, glancing at the hard breathing faces of his friends.

"There's a chest over there..." Harry pointed out, glancing over at the wooden chest that was most likely their prize, and what the Flare Dancer was guarding.

"Ten Rupees says its that hammer thingy." Link said, stepping towards the wooden chest.

"Rupees?" Ginny and Harry chorused in confusion.

"Remind me to tell you guys when we get out of here." The Hero of Time responded, and kicked open the chest. His half smile became a full out smile as he lifted out a massive silver war hammer that gleamed in the firelight. "So this is the Megaton Hammer huh?" Link commented, giving it a few experimental swings, before sheathing it at his back, where a good deal of weapons locks seemed to be on his Hylian Shield.

"How come he gets the hammer?" Ginny asked to no one in particular.

After that, the group went through a tunnel, killing a few more Keese, and arrived right back where they started. "Okay... where's that darn key for the door?" Harry wondered, glancing around the room.

A few more minutes went by before Link, frustrated, decided to test out his new hammer against one of the statues. As soon as the war hammer connected with the stone, it shattered, revealing a doorway.

"I should smash things more often." Link commented, opening the door.

"Yeah... how about no." Navi replied.

Inside the room, they held a pitched battle against even more Keese and a few of those flaming flying skulls, which were no match for the combined firepower of Link, Harry, and Ginny. After that, the next room provided them with a new challenge.

Two Flare Dancers.

"You have got to be kidding me!" Link yelled, avoiding the whip strike of one of the creatures.

"Ginny! Dousing Charms!" Harry ordered, and the redhead nodded, dousing the first Flare Dancer. As Harry aimed at his, the creature suddenly leapt over his head, landing right in front of Link. The Hero of Time barely had time (no pun intended) to raise the Master Sword when the creature smashed it aside. Falling to the floor from the force of the blow, and with his friends unable to come to his aid as the first Flare Dancer managed to relight itself.

Grabbing the first weapon that came into hand, Link whipped it forwards, and, realizing it was the hookshot, fired it directly into the center of the creature in desperation. Amazingly, the hook sank in, and brutally yanked the body of the Flare Dancer, canceling its fiery appendages and leaving it in front of the Hero of Time, who promptly stabbed it to the ground.

Ginny, meanwhile, dodged one whip strike of the creature, and nailed it again with a Dousing Charm. Before it could again relight itself, Harry slashed it apart with the sword of Gryffindor.

"See... easy." Link panted.

"Shut... up..." Was all Ginny could say, and Harry simply leaned against the wall, exhausted. Link opened the chest on the far side of the room, which gave him a key of the exact shape of the key that opened the door to Phantom Ganon's room.

"Look's like we're going to see the dragon." Link commented, before his battle fatigue overcame him, causing him to fall down onto his butt and lie there on the stone floor for a moment. "Maybe we should rest first."

"Good idea." Harry responded, proceeding to do the same.

After a few minutes of rest, in which each took a small sip from a potion bottle Link procured from one of his belt pouches, they were once again refreshed and ready to take on the last part of the temple. The ancient dragon Volvagia.

When they exited, they found themselves back where they started, in the main room. Again. With two differences. One, they had the key to open the room to Volvagia. And two, Darunia wasn't greeting them, but was bleeding profusely on the floor.

"Darunia!" Links cried out, and ran to the Goron's side, his eyes bright with fear and unshed tears. "What's wrong?"

"Flare Dancer caught me off guard..." Darunia wheezed, hacking up more blood.

"Step aside, quickly." Harry ordered briskly, unknowingly sounding much like Madam Pomfrey, but the Hero of Time didn't budge, still looking stricken in front of Darunia. "Damn it Link!" Harry swore loudly, and Link was startled, meeting Harry's eyes with his distracted, worried cobalt eyes. "Listen, I can help him, but you have to move." Harry said, in a softer, kinder tone.

Link nodded once, and Ginny took him by the shoulder, saying, "Don't worry. Harry knows what he's doing."

Grateful for Ginny's confidence, and a little embarrassed about it too, Harry quickly cast a Healing Charm on the wound, which sent a bright teal, almost liquid glow all across the body. It was akin to a sudden drenching in cool, soothing water, Harry had noted, when Remus showed him by using the Healing Charm on Harry.

Darunia's breathing stabilized, and Harry figured (from his limited medical knowledge, especially on the anatomy of Gorons) that the Goron was fine. "He's okay," Harry breathed, and stood up.

"One of us should stay here," Link said shakily, obviously still out of it after seeing a close friend seriously injured, maybe for the first time. "In fact, you two should stay here and watch Darunia." He said it both out of concern for the Goron's safety, but also for the safety of the witch and wizard.

But Harry, with a little aid from his Legilimency skills, picked up what Link was doing. "No way in hell are we letting you deal with a dragon, a bloody ancient dragon that probably knows more tricks than a clown, alone!" Harry responded furiously.

"He's right Link," Navi commented dryly, but her tone had a trace of worry for her charge, "I don't fancy seeing you become a barbequed Hero of Time."

Ginny, who had also picked up on what Link was doing from her own natural perceptiveness, nodded. "Maybe you two should go on ahead. I'll stay here." Ginny said, but there was a hint of bitterness and worry in her voice.

"No. All four of you should go." Darunia said, struggling to stand back up. Before any of them could reach him, he stood up straight. "The four of you managed to free my people... together, you may destroy Volvagia. Did you find the Megaton Hammer?" He asked, and Link, smiling at the moment madly now, raised the massive silver hammer.

A soft, reverent smile came onto Darunia's face. "Excellent. I know and trust that the four of you have what it takes to beat that dragon, and Ganondorf. I will be fine here on my own."

"Are you sure?" Link asked worriedly.

Darunia smiled, larger, warmer smile. "I will be fine Brother. All you need do is free Death Mountain, and then Hyrule, with your friends. Go."

The four nodded, with Harry and Ginny shooting Darunia grateful looks as they opened the door, and then proceeded onward, into the dragon's den.

"Those four might just save all of our lives..." Darunia grinned, and then turned back towards the entrance towards the Fire Temple and sat down, panting slightly with the effort of standing for so long.

The four found themselves in a long, narrow hallway with only two ways out. "Guess we know where we're going, huh?" Link joked weakly, but no one laughed, all of them pondering just how dangerous Volvagia was. "Hey, Harry, Ginny," Link began, turning towards his two offworlder friends. "Before we go, I'd like to say a few things."

Harry and Ginny were silent, and although they were tempted to say something to break the tension, the solemn tone that the normally jolly elf took made them still their tongues.

"Even though we've only been friends for a few days, you two have been some of the, maybe even the best friends I've ever had." Link said sheepishly, rubbing the back of his head. As the Boy-Who-Lived or the youngest Weasley opened their mouths to responded, suddenly Link snapped his fingers and opened a pouch at his side.

"These are for you, as tokens of my gratitude." Harry and Ginny were speechless and Link handed them both beautifully crafted ocarinas, one emerald green one for Harry, and one fiery crimson one for Ginny. As the two of them took the ocarinas, Link smiled at them. "Maybe later on, we'll make a song that will just be our song... the song of our friendship."

"Link..." Ginny whispered, rubbing at what looked suspiciously like a tear in her brown eyes. Harry was in a similar state, shocked and flooded with warmth at Link's warm words.

"Damn I sound sappy, huh?" the Hero of Time said sheepishly, and grinned at them.

Navi groaned, and then a sudden yelp of pain was heard from the elf, as Navi smacked the back of his head.

"This way, we'll never forget our friendship." Link added softly.

"We never would anyway Link. Thank you." Ginny whispered, and then, in a move much like Hermione Granger, pulled both Harry and Link with her arms into a group hug. For a moment, they were silent, glad to have made such friends.

"Okay, is sappy time over now?" Link asked, smiling.

"OW! Damn it Navi!"

Opened the door to Volvagia's chamber, the foursome stepped forwards, and found themselves standing at the far edge of a giant stone island amidst a boiling lava ocean, inside a massive, circular stone cavern. "Where is it?" Navi asked quietly, and slowly, the group made their way to the center of the cavern, drawing their respective weapons.

But still no Volvagia.

Walking towards the edge slowly, Link peered over it, trying to see how far down the drop was, and if there was some hidden alcove the dragon was hiding in. Glancing at the lake of orange, bright and boiling lava, he sighed. And that's when the lava he was looking down on erupted upwards with vehement violence, releasing a massive black shape from its depths.

Link, so shocked by this development, fell onto his posterior, and then rapidly scrambled backwards, before picking himself up and staring. All four of the would-be saviors of Hyrule watched Volvagia in utter horror, rapid pits of fear growing in their stomachs.

"Bloody hell..." Ginny breathed in horror.

"Dear sweet Merlin... that's one big lizard..." Harry muttered in disbelief.

"I think we're in trouble..." Link whispered softly, worriedly, gripping the Megaton Hammer so tightly his knuckles looked as though they'd pop out of his leather gloves.

Snaking across the sky of the cavern, the massive dragon-serpent flew without wings, just one massive, stream-lined body, with a gigantic skull and two three fingered arms that seemed disproportional to the sheer size of the body, but the claws that gleamed like steel and looked sharper than daggers seemed to offset this. The body was armored by coal black scales that looked and probably were harder than diamon. Its head was crowned by two horns that stretched backwards, with flickering flames, like a lion's mane, dancing around nearby its skull, while its massive, beak-like jaw jutted outwards. And from this massive cranium two blood red eyes glared out defiantly, intelligently.

Giving off a massive and tremulous roar that seemed to shake the entirety of the Fire Temple, Volvagia belched out a massive gout of flame that smashed into the cavern's ceiling, releasing a hellish burn mark on the solid rock.

"Well... that's not good." Navi commented quietly.

"SCATTER!" Link roared, leaping to the side and pushing Ginny with him, as Harry dodged to the opposite side. The ground where they stood was utterly annihilated, burned and turned into molten glass.

The dragon roared again, shaking the chamber, and released another inferno, this one concentrating on Ginny and Link and Navi. Luckily, the three managed to avoid the gout of fire, though just narrowly. As the dragon prepared to attack again, a powerful Force Spell, causing its gout of flame to miss by a few meters, suddenly struck it in the jaw.

Glaring at the young wizard who dared defy him, Volvagia turned his assault onto Harry, who used a Leaping Spell to avoid the inferno, but unfortunately, he realized too late that he was now less than two meters from the dragon's open mouth.

Volvagia seemed to be smirking at him, looking as smug as a fifty meter plus dragon could look. Harry looked on in horror, barely managing to whisper incredulously before it struck.


And then the dragon lunged; serpent quick, and all Harry James Potter could see was Volvagia's gaping maw devouring his entire line of sight, as if he was plunging into the depths of Tartarus.

Albus Dumbledore sat in his chair at Hogwarts, easing into it slowly, trying in vain to reassure himself and his guests.

"Albus... there are still no more ideas on how You-Know-Who got that portal open." Professor Minvera McGonagall remarked irritably and nervously and worriedly, all at the same time. Quite a feat, really.

"My searches have produced nothing as well," Professor Severus Snape added smoothly.

Dumbledore sighed. "This is most troubling... we must find a way to bring Mister Potter and Miss Weasley back."

"Sir, our resources would me much better spent hunting down those Death Eaters that escaped our grasp!" Snape protested, just as he had days before.

"And leave two innocent children to die?" Remus Lupin cut in angrily, "You're more like those Death Eaters than I thought!"

Snape's eyes widened at the insult, then narrowed dangerously, and a vein pulsed at his temple, a ticking timer that told when the Potions Professor would go off. "Do not ever, ever, compare me to them, werewolf." Snape whispered dangerously. "I am nothing like them, do you understand me?"

"Enough!" Dumbledore ordered sharply, the air cracking with his anger and annoyance. Both men sat down immediately, glaring at each other quietly and probably imagining the other's bloody and painful death.

"We must continue the search. As for the remnants of the Death Eaters, they are scattered and leaderless. The Ministry will find them soon." Dumbledore assured Snape, before looking at all of them. "We must trust that Mister Potter and Miss Weasley will be found, but also, we must find out how to open a portal so we can find Voldemort and help Mister Potter finish him."

"What are you saying Headmaster?" Snape asked incredulously, "That arrogant boy could never defeat the Dark Lord!"

"He can, and he must. He is the only one who can." Dumbledore whispered softly. "It is prophecy."

"Rubbish." Snape dismissed, but Remus and McGonagall looked at Albus with a mixture of apprehension and curiosity.

"The prophecy at the Department of Mysteries..." Remus murmured, putting the pieces together. He looked up sharply. "Have you told Harry?"

"Yes." Dumbledore said wearily.

"Wait a minute... you didn't." Remus stood up and looked at Dumbledore with a mixture of anger and fear.

"I told him the day Sirius died."

"You did what!" McGonagall said, almost shrieking. "How could you do that to the poor boy Albus!"

"I... I thought it was the best time." Albus Dumbledore slumped wearily in his chair.

"Brilliant... our hopes rest on that arrogant Potter." Snape muttered, "If that doesn't make his head big enough to explode, then I don't know what will."

"Severus! Harry Potter is not James Potter!" McGonagall interrupted angrily.

"We shall see." Snape sneered, knowing that he was outnumbered.

"Continue your searches. Dismissed." Dumbledore said tiredly. As they left, he whispered to himself, "I know you will survive Harry. I just hope you can return to us alive."

Oh Merlin, I'm going to die! Harry thought to himself as Volvagia charged him, his gigantic maw open to devour him like the abyss. It was toothless, but large enough to probably swallow him whole.

On instinct, he yelled out the first spell that came to mind. "Scutum!"

The Protection Spell is a different version of the Shield Charm, more powerful, more draining, with a 360-degree bubble of protection. One of the most effective defensive spells ever crafted, and it had saved many a wizard's life before. It would do so now.

Volvagia clamped down, like gigantic gates sealing him in a dark cave, but his Protection Spell held, and that blue bubble kept the dragon's mouth open. However, it did not stop the force of the lunge, and Harry now found himself wedged inside the mouth of the ancient serpent, being flown across the arena forcibly, before being smashed into the cava wall.

The massive serpent flew off, momentarily breaking off its attack and leaving the Boy-Who-Lived behind it.

To the Boy-Who-Lived's horror, his shield flickered and died out from the impact, and he found himself tumbling into the seemingly hungry lake of boiling lava that encompassed his view. The Protection Spell had drained him terribly, which was why he had yet to try it with the staff, leaving him unable to use another spell at the time.

Vaguely, he heard Ginny scream in horror, and heard Link yell something indistinguishable, but Harry just closed his eyes and prepared himself for the next great adventure.

It's funny, he mused, that he when he had escaped death in so many different ways, he would die in a manner that seemed only done in movies. Link was still yelling something, but Harry couldn't hear... but now he was getting louder, and suddenly he felt something tough and leathery grasp his hand.

"I guess magic doesn't solve everything," Link smirked, holding onto Harry's hand with his own gloved hand.

Harry blinked. He wasn't dead... "I guess..." Harry grinned, before adding breathlessly, "Thanks." That was all he managed before Ginny's shout cut off any more talk.

"HE'S COMING BACK!" She managed to shout, before firing off more spells at the massive dragon, which didn't even flinch at the barrage.

Quickly, Link pulled the Boy-Who-Lived back to his feet, and the two shared a grin, before plunging back into the battle.

Harry dodged aside as yet another rain of boulders, courtesy of Volvagia's body smashing into the cava ceiling, fell like drops of extremely large and deadly rain. "There's got to be a way to kill this thing!" The Boy-Who-Lived yelled, firing off an Explosion Spell, which only knocked the dragon onto a new course.

"I've got an idea." Link said quickly, next to Harry.

"Let's hear it then, before that dragon turns us into London Broil." Ginny gritted out, firing off a Bat Bogey Hex, which missed Volvagia by inches.

"Knock him close to the ground... I'll nail him with the Megaton Hammer, right in the head. That'll end it... hopefully." The Hero of Time muttered out the last part.

"Alright. You ready Gin?" Harry asked hurriedly, noticing the dragon was heading towards them again.

"Ready when you are." Ginny flashed him a smile, which Harry promptly returned.

Rapidly, both of them began a massive barrage of spells, timed so that each successive one would knock Volvagia downwards or off, if need may be, towards where Link would wait with the Megaton Hammer.

After two Explosion Spells and nearly half a dozen Force Spells, the massive dragon was nearly skimming the ground, obviously dazed by the rapid fire assault.

"He's all yours Link!" Harry yelled, perspiring, aching, magically and physically exhausted.

"Got it!" The Hero of Time responded, running towards the dragon at full speed, regardless of the massive hammer in his hands.

Volvagia was still skimming the ground, attempting to rise higher, when a massive shout was heard, and then Link leapt into the air, and brought the Megaton Hammer crashing down onto the skull of the dragon with enough force to cause a local earthquake, causing a sickening crunch and a pained roar that suddenly cut itself off, and then Volvagia, with Link on top, crashed into the floor.

In a plow of dirt and stone, Link found himself standing wobbly in front of the crushed and bleeding skull of the dragon Volvagia. Before he could say anything, the Hero of Time was plowed to the ground by his two friends, and an overjoyed Navi hovered above.

"You did it!" They chorused in unison, laughing with relief.

"Like there was ever any-" Before Link could finish his statement, a massive blue pillar of light erupted from the skull of Volvagia.

"To the Sacred Realm for me again, I guess. I'll be seeing you guys outside in a few minutes, okay?" The Hero of Time grinned at them, the thrill of victory still singing in his veins as he stepped into the pillar of light.

When the light faded from Link's eyes, he found himself staring at someone he didn't expect.

"Darunia! You're the sage of Fire!" Link said incredulously, blinking wildly.

The Goron gave a loud, booming laugh. "Yes, its me. Isn't that funny, Brother? Well, this must be what they call destiny." the Goron's Big Brother grinned at him, and for a moment, Link grinned back, before realizing the implications of Darunia's position as Sage of Fire.

"But what about your son! And the Gorons! You can't just-" Link began, not wanting to lose another friend in his fight to save Hyrule.

"I know I will see them again, Link. And I would not stand to see my son, my people, live in a world dominated by Ganondorf. It may pain me, but nothing has made me happierthan helping you seal the evil here! If I can help you seal the Darkness everywhere, then that is fine with me."

Link blinked, and remembered Harry's words after Saria became the Sage of the Forest, and was taken from him. "I guess so... the one's we love never leave us, right?"

Darunia nodded, smiling. "Exactly. Take this," The Goron held out his hand, and a fiery glow pulsated for a moment, before revealing a large, fiery orange medal. "This is the Medallion of Fire. It contains the power of Fire... and is my gift to you, in honor of our friendship, Take it Brother."

The Hero of Time smiled at Darunia and took the Medallion. "Thanks... Brother." Link choked out, and the Goron smiled at him, before a flash of light took Link from the Sacred Realm and Darunia.

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