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Sweet Revenge

Chapter 1: Dreams

           She took his hand and led him up the Astronomy Tower giggling with her perfectly silky red hair flowing behind her. He smiled, it turned out Ms. Lillian I'm so perfect Evans was a very naughty girl! She shut the door with her foot and…

"Mr. Potter!" McGonagall snapped sharply.

James grimaced at the rude awakening, realizing where he was. Thirty Hogwarts students had their heads turned in his direction, Lily Evans was among them. He groaned. Transfiguration had only begun ten minutes ago and he was already sleeping.

"Woolgathering, Mr. Potter?" McGonagall inquired with a quirked eyebrow.

"I'm sorry, Professor. It won't happen again," he said solemnly.

"As Head Boy, I would expect you to set an example for your peers. Look at Miss Evans," McGonagall turned to the young lady in the front seat with her hands folded and her ankles crossed.

"Gladly," James muttered incoherently. A few boys around him snickered.

Lily proudly turned to McGonagall with a smile on her face waiting for the compliments to wash over her. She had worked extremely last year and wanted to hear about her achievements, especially if they were to make James Potter jealous of her intelligence. Someone needed to put him down to minimize his ego, although being Qudditch Captain, handsome, Head Boy and popular had stopped anyone from trying. Besides, he was a Marauder and if you messed with one, you messed with all of them.

" Miss Evans is currently taking two more classes than the normal student body-" McGonagall said. Lily nodded to verify.

"I do, too!" James interrupted. And in fact, he and Lily were in the same classes.

"She placed well on her N.E.W.T.S.-" she continued and Lily's smile widened.

"As did I!" James interrupted again.

"AND," Professor McGonagall added shrilly, "She is sitting in her chair listening to the lecture without drifting into sleep with her eyes open! She is an outstanding example since she is Head Girl!" Lily turned in her chair and stuck her tongue out at James. He winked at her, but all that got him was a dirty look and her back turned to him.

"Perhaps, Professor, James thinks it's okay to woolgather about the Head Girl!" a lofty voice commented from behind Lily. Sirius Black. Swiftly, Lily swung her leg back so her heel came in contact with Sirius' shin. He howled from pain, propped his foot up on his chair, rolled up his pant leg and observed the purple and blue bruise forming from the angry red welt.

The class erupted with laughter. Lily turned red from embarrassment and anger.

"Oh sure, Professor, Lilikins is a great example!" Sirius said sarcastically while nursing his sore shin.

James slapped his palm to his forehead. He should have known Sirius would say something eventually, he was being far too quiet during class. But James was hardly embarrassed since the whole school knew he had been panting after Lily since their first year. All the girls fawned over James, literally. With one smile from him in a classroom, he could hear fifteen sighs of adoration.

Lily would definitely not be one of them. Ever since the first day he tried to ask her out, and then the continuous pestering, she hated him. She hated the way he deliberately pranked her, made her feel stupid for studying so hard and for acting like he was God. She was sick of the Girls Dormitory, which was slathered with posters, pictures, and newspaper articles about the famous James Potter. The only emotion she ended up feeling because of James was absolute frustration. If the most popular guy at school had been goggling at her for six years, why wouldn't Amos even turn his head to say one word to her!

Amos Diggory. Lily smiled dreamily while picturing the tall blond man with his shockingly handsome features animatedly talking to her.

"Ms. Evans!" McGonagall cried out with an exasperated sigh. If all this daydreaming kept occurring, she would never get through her lesson, especially if it was coming from her two best students.

"Wha-Oh! I'm so sorry Professor!" Lily exclaimed as she realized she was drawing hearts instead of taking notes.

"This is unacceptable! Really now! Ten points from Gryffindor for Mr. Potter and Ms. Evans' constant daydreaming!" The students from Gryffindor groaned. What a way to start the year.

When class had been dismissed, James discreetly tucked a note into Lily's bag. He would have flown it to her during class, but McGonagall had kept an annoyingly close eye on both of them.

"Come on, lover boy!" Sirius sang out from the hallways.

"Seriously Prongs, I've got to get to Potions! Professor Arcsine will stew me if I'm late!" Remus said while shifting from one foot to another impatiently.

"Oooh!" Sirius suddenly exclaimed with a roguish glint in his eye. Ana Belle had snuck up behind him and grabbed his rear.

"Meet me in the Resource Room," she whispered raggedly and blew softly at the sensitive skin of his ear.

Remus rolled his eyes. Sirius had a reputation of being wanted as much as James. They were inseparable except when one of them was getting laid, which was often. Sirius was more of a dog than James though, literally. Their Animagus forms brought out the animal in them. Unfortunately, Remus did not have that option and turned into a werewolf every full moon. But then again, he was the most reasonable out of the group. Sirius was a dog: loyal, friendly, and horny. Remus laughed at how, ironically, it fit him perfectly. Then there was James who was a stag. He was noble, intelligent, powerful and handsome. Then Peter Pettigrew was a rat. Remus didn't quite understand why Pettigrew was a rat, but maybe it was because he looked like one as a human.

James joined his friends and walked down the hallway to their next class. Very soon the hallways were filled with girls tittering and guy glaring from jealousy.

"Hey James," Isabella said as she passed him. He said hello and swept his hand through his messy black hair. Seconds later,

"Hey James," Beatrice said softly as he passed. He smiled and she sighed in delight. Seconds later,

"Hello, Potter!" Diana crooned as she came up next the Marauders, "You were awesome at the Quidditch match last weekend. I could tell you had everything under control. You're so strong and brave," She blushed prettily and batted her eyelashes. James disliked Diana as much as he was infatuated Lily so he tried to turn to Sirius, but he was occupied talking to another girl. Then he tried to talk to Remus, but he noticed they already passed the Potions room and he had dashed inside to get to his seat. Peter was nowhere in sight. Peter was never in sight now that James thought about it.

"James Potter!" came the accusing voice of Lily. He was relieved to see her and smiled knowing she had found his letter.

Meet me in the broom closet after school! I have a surprise for you!  –James

When Lily came up to James, she noticed the Slytherin slut stroking his arm and gazing into his eyes. Lily was thoroughly disgusted.

"Shove off, tramp!" Lily glared icily at Diana. James chuckled softly to himself.

Diana, befuddled, raised her hand to slap Lily but James caught it quickly and all but growled.

"Don't try it." He warned and flung her hand back. She left without a word.

Out of nowhere, Lily's hand shot out and smartly smacked him in the face. It stung and James grabbed Lily's wrists to prevent it from happening again.

"What the hell was that for!" he cried out as he felt the hot handprint burning on his cheek.

"That, James Potter, was for your stupidity!" she cried out trying to wrench her wrists free, but he was too strong, "This," she stomped on his foot with the heel of her shoe, "is for Sirius' stupidity!"

"Wait-!" he tried to say, but she brought her knee up to hit his precious goods. He fell instantly.

"And THAT is for your note assuming that I'd be a whore to go into a closet to snog with you!" Lily pushed James over with her foot so she could look at him. She squatted and leaned in close to his face, which was scrunch in pain.

"This is as much physical contact as you'll get with me, Potter!" She got up, ripped the note into as many pieces as she could and threw them at James. As she was walking away with her chin held high, he managed to sit up and prop himself up against the wall. She turned the corner and disappeared into the classroom.

Silence filled the empty hallway.

"I was only going to teach you to fly," he whispered sadly to no one as he leaned his head against the wall and closed his eyes, "Just to fly," Lily wasn't usually abusive, but when she was, it hurt like hell and James got a taste of it.