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Italics = thoughts, emphasis, or japanese. see glossary in Author's Notes for translations if needed.

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Namida wa Shitte'ru

She was crying again.

Edogawa Conan walked slowly past the room where his caretaker, as well as childhood friend, Mouri Ran resided. It was the third night in a row he'd heard her crying in her sleep. And he just didn't know what to do. He felt more helpless now than he ever had, despite the fact that he'd been shrunk to the size of a primary school student.

And that, was precisely the problem.

Approxomately nine months prior, Kudou Shinichi had been a normal guy in his second year of highschool. ...Well, as normal as he could be, being the meitantei -- the famous detective -- that he was. He was smart, that was for damn sure. He was a famous highschool detective, he solved cases faster and more efficiently than anyone in the Tokyo region. However -- he'd made an almost fatal mistake nine months ago.

He'd made a promise with Ran, that if she won in the Karate Championships she was taking part in, he would take her to "Tropical Land" -- a popular amusement park near where the two youths lived. She'd won the Championship, and they'd gone to Tropical Land.

It would have been a wonderful trip, had it not been for the murder on the Mystery Coaster. A man was decapitated in a dark tunnel by use of a rope hooked onto the track of the coaster. A woman had killed her ex-boyfriend to get back at him for the happiness he had with his new girlfriend -- one of her friends. The man had been sitting in the car behind Shinichi and Ran the entire time.

Ran was crying then, too. Conan thought absently, pausing near her doorway.

Obviously traumatized by what she'd seen, Ran cried nearly the entire time after the murder. Shinichi was rather unphased. Being a detective, he was used to seeing these kinds of things. But Ran was just a normal highschool girl. Sure, she was in karate, she could kick your ass without a second thought. But that didn't mean seeing a man murdered right behind her was something she could handle easily.

He'd been trying to console her, trying to get her to stop crying, saying "These kinds of things happen all the time!", when the man ran past.

Among the seven people on the Mystery Coaster had been two rather suspicious men wearing all black. While they had not been the ones to blame for the murder on the rollercoaster, Shinichi could not shake the idea that there was something just not quite right about them.

Their eyes were too cold.

One of the men he'd seen then ran past he and Ran in a hurry, into a dark alley that lead to a grassy field just beyond the festivities of the park. Shinichi knew something wasn't right. So, naturally, his detective insticts told him to follow.

"Gomen, can you go home without me, Ran?" he had asked. Then he'd run off to follow the man. Ran called after him, but he assured her he would catch up with her. As she took a step forward to stop him, her shoelace broke and fell onto the ground beside her shoe. She stared in horror. Something bad was going to happen. She knew it. Why else would a bad omen such as her shoelace breaking happen? She stared after Shinichi, and somehow her heart told her this was the last time she was going to see him.

And in a sense, it was.

Shinichi followed the man in black, and saw him meet up with another man, who was wearing a deep maroon suit.

The colour of blood.

The man in the maroon suit gave the man in black a suitcase full of what must have been at least a million dollars. Shinichi watched in awe from around a corner. The man in black then tossed a roll of film at the other man. Film which held pictures of the man's company smuggling weapons. Dirty business, indeed. After making sure that the copy he was given was the only copy of the film, the man in the maroon coat bolted.

"Your detective game ends here," Came a sudden deep voice from behind him.

Shinichi turned just in time for the man in black's counterpart -- the other man on the rollercoaster with the cold eyes -- beat him over the head with a metal rod. Shinichi fell to the ground with a dull thud, falling almost unconscious. The man in black who'd been given the case of money ran over, startled. Shinichi's assaulter scolded him and told him he had been followed by Shinichi. The first man pulled a small gun out of his coat pocket.

"Aniki, isn't he that detective kid? Let's kill him!" he said with excitement. But the elder of the two stopped him.

"The police are still around. We'll use this." he pulled a small box from his coat.

Inside the box were several red and white poisonous pills. The pills had yet to have been tested on human beings. It was their decision to test them on Shinichi.

The older man picked Shinichi's head off the ground by his hair and stuck the pill in his mouth, then poured water down his throat. After letting go, he tipped his hat and they left, leaving Shinichi behind on the ground with only the words "Goodbye, meitantei."

Shinichi struggled in the grass, his body feeling hot. His bones felt as if they were melting. He then blacked out, only to wake up to the sounds of cops shouting. They said something about a dead body.

...Did I really die?

Another cop discerned that thought.

"No, he's still breathing."

The first cop called for an ambulance as Shinichi's eyes came into focus.

...That's right... those drugs are useless on humans...

The second cop asked if he could get up, offering him a hand. But Shinichi had noticed something odd about the man's speech. He'd called him boya.

Kid...? Who's a little kid...?

Shinichi then sat up, only to find that his clothes were too big on him... he'd been shrunken to the size of a primary school student.

Which brought him back to his current problem. He now lived with his childhood friend -- as well as his highschool crush -- Mouri Ran. And she was crying. And he didn't know why. And, to make matters worse, he was in the body of a primary school student, now known to everyone but his neighbor, Professor Agasa, a friend and fellow detective, Hattori Heiji, and his 'classmate', Haibara Ai, as Edogawa Conan.

How was a primary school student supposed to just waltz into the room of a distraught teenage girl and know exactly what to say? He'd already almost gotten caught twice before, he couldn't afford a third time. So, he stood outside her door, gnawing on his lip in worry.

Well, he could always claim he'd woken up to use the restroom and wondered what was wrong... that was innocent enough, wasn't it?

He decided the only way to find out was to try. He pushed her door open enough to slip through and padded softly into her room.

"...anou... Ran-'nee-chan?" he said softly, approaching with caution. She jumped and hushed, sitting up and going rigid. He watched as she wiped her tears from her eyes, and turned to face him with a fake smile.

"What is it, Conan-kun? Can you not sleep?"

He felt a sudden twinge of pain in his chest. Hearing her call him Conan-kun just hurt sometimes.

He plastered a smile on his face that was easily as fake as hers and stepped closer, feigning a yawn.

"I got up to use the toilet, and I heard someone crying. Is something wrong, Ran-'nee-chan?" he asked innocently. As he stepped closer, he noticed that her face seemed to twist in a sort of pained saddened smile.

"...I just... stubbed my toe getting up to shut the window, that's all." she picked up her left foot and put a hand around her toes, feigning pain.

That twinge of pain came back again, stronger this time. Of course she wasn't going to tell a child what was bothering her. He would never understand, he was too young to grasp her hormonal teenage girl issues.

"...I see..." he took another step forward and without realizing, put a hand out toward her face. She looked at his small hand, startled. "Conan-kun?" she let her foot fall to the ground and leaned back slightly.

He realized what he'd done and recoiled his hand quickly.

"....uhh..." he put his other hand behind his head and gave a soft nervous laugh. "Gomen, gomen..."

She stared at him, her face contorting in that sad smile again.

"...you look even more like Shinichi without your glasses on, Conan-kun..."

The truth of the matter was, Ran loved Shinichi with all her heart. And not just as a childhood friend. She felt more than friendship with him. His asbsence seemed to really tear at her. Little did she know, he was right there the entire time...

Conan looked stricken for a split second, then smiled childishly again.

"Thank you, Ran-'nee-chan."

It's me, Ran... I'm right here... so don't cry anymore... please...

Ran hadn't missed the stricken look that crossed his face. She squinted briefly.

What was that about...? She wondered.

"...Nee, Conan-kun...?" she asked softly after a moment.

He doesn't even know Shinichi... it must have just been a coincidence. Or maybe I'm seeing things.

Conan raised his eyebrows.


"...would you mind staying in here for a little while? I'd... kind of like someone to talk to."

Conan resisted the urge to hug her.

Of course I will, Ran. I'll stay with you as long as you want... I'll always be by your side...

He'd always felt foolish. They'd grown up together, why would Ran ever like him as more than a childhood friend? But then she'd told him. Not told Shinichi, but told Conan. Probably simply needing to tell someone who wouldn't tease her about it, she'd spilled to this 'young boy' she didn't even know, her true feelings for Shinichi.

He had wished nothing more than to be able to tell her right then that he felt the same.

He nodded after a moment.

"Sure, Ran-'nee-chan."

Ran had taken to sitting on the windowsill, gazing outside at the night sky. Conan sat perhced on the end of her bed, watching her.

"...Nee, Ran-'nee-chan?" he asked after another minute of silence.

She turned her head, her eyes shining with more unshed tears. Conan had seen them before she even turned, yet still, he flinched.

"...would I be intruding if I asked you why you were crying...?" he bowed his head "...I somehow don't think that your toe still hurts..." he hoped she wouldn't be upset with him for treading where he probably shouldn't. But he couldn't stand just sitting here watching her fight off tears anymore.

Ran stared at him, slightly wide-eyed for a moment. "Conan-kun..." she stared, and when she blinked, the unshed tears in her eyes fell silently onto her cheeks. She stood slowly and walked over to the bed, sitting down beside him, her eyes still closed.

"....." He gnawed his lower lip. Ran... Please... Stop crying...

"...it's Shinichi, Conan-kun." she said softly. She looked over at him, smiling through her tears.

Conan's heart gave a painful jerk in his chest. He swallowed.

"...What... what about Shinichi-'nii-chan, Ran-'nee-chan...?" It felt so strange to call himself by -nii-chan.

He set a small hand on he bed beside and leaned a little toward her, once again resisting the urge to embrace her.

Ran smiled again.

"It's just... that I'm worried. I mean... it's been nine months since I've seen him. I know, he called me and told me he was working on a difficult case... " she paused, looking down at her lap. "...but I still miss him."

The last five words went right through Conan and straight to Shinichi's heart. He was suddenly finding it a little difficult to breathe.

...I miss you, too, Ran... I wish I could tell you...

He wondered how it was possible to miss someone so much when they were right beside you.

Ran glanced over at him. Conan hadn't realized, but he'd suddenly clutched a hand to his chest, and hunched over a little.

"Conan-kun? Daijoubu?" She put a hand lightly on his small shoulder. He jumped and looked up at her, startled by her sudden touch.

"...!!" He stared, then realized his hand was clutching his shirt and slowly brought it down to rest in his lap. "Ehh... hai... daijoubu desu..."

She kept her hand on his shoulder. Somehow... something about this boy helped her feel more at ease. Whenever she missed Shinichi, all she needed to do was be around Conan, and things seemed to be okay.

She suddenly felt silly about what she wanted to ask him. She pursed her lips and stared back at her lap.

An awkward silence ensued, in which Conan pondered Ran's reason for her lingering hand on his shoulder, and Ran wondered if she should ask him what she wanted to. In the end, it was Ran who broke the silence, having decided to ask.

"...anou... Conan-kun..." she paused, and gnawed on her tongue a moment. "I know this might sound... strange..."

Conan blinked.

"Strange?" He couldn't figure what strange thing she could ask that would have anything to do with their current situation. He squinted.

"Would you mind terribly if I were to hug you, Conan-kun?" she glanced at him over her shoulder. He balked.

How is that strange? She always hugs me. I'm used to it by now. After all, I'm Edogawa Conan. I'm like her little brother...

He leaned forward and swung his legs onto the bed and stood up, stepping behind her and draping his small body around her shoulders.

"You don't have to ask me that, Ran-'nee-chan," he said softly, leaning against her. "....." With extreme effort from Shinichi's end, he managed a smile. "From now on, I'll be Ran-'nee-chan's younger brother!" he said with exuberance. False as it were, it sounded true.

Ran smiled lightly and leaned backward a little into him.

"You're so sweet, Conan-kun."

He squeezed her shoulders and circled around her to sit next to her again, letting his legs dangle off the edge of the bed.

Ran smiled at him and put one arm around his shoulders this time. Leaning to her side a little and pulling him against her, she embraced him gingerly with a smile on her face.

...At least she's not crying anymore, right? Don't get all upset about this, Shinichi. You can't explain to her what's going on, so don't even try. She's not crying anymore, you've solved what you came in here to fix. Be happy, damnit!

He smiled rather forcedly.

Niether of them spoke for a few minutes, Ran just held him to herself, smiling softly.

Something about this child...

She loosened her grip on him and he straightened, eyeing her from the corner of his eye.

"Are you okay now, Ran-'nee-chan?" he asked as innocently as he could manage.

Ran smiled. And she meant it this time.

"I'm fine now, Conan-kun, arigatou."

Don't thank me, Ran. For God's sake, don't freaking thank me.

He smiled.

"I'm glad."

Ran smiled too, then glanced over at her clock, resting on her nightstand table.

"2:13?! Sonna!" she turned quickly to Conan, who'd taken to staring out the window from his place perched on the bed. "Conan-kun, we need to go to bed! Look at how late it is!!" she picked him up and hoisted him into her arms, holding him close to her as she walked toward the door, planning to take him back to his room to sleep.

"...huh? Oh!" He'd been spacing out, and only understood what was happening when Ran padded out into the hallway.

"I'm sorry for keeping you for so long, Conan-kun, you must be tired."

He was tired now. He wanted to just curl up on his futon and stay under the thick blanket forever and never have to hear her call him Conan-kun again.

He vaguely remembered her walking into his room and setting him onto the futon and pulling the blanket to his neck. She smiled and waved from the doorway.

"Oyasumi-nasai, Conan-kun." She shut the door and disappeared from his sight.

He rolled onto his side and coiled into a tight ball, burying his face in his pillow.

Author's Notes: Okay, first chapter -- revised. What I'm thinking of doing... is making this a one-shot, and making the rest of it another story, perhaps like a sequel. Because most people that read it before I had the second chapter up seemed to think it was a one-shot. Somehow I think it may fair better if it was. I dunno. Let me know what you guys think.

Glossary of Japanese Terms

meitantei: A great detective. Thus, the name of this anime series would translate literally to "The Great Detective Conan" , although most just call it "Detective Conan".

gomen: A rather informal way of apologizing. Basically, a casual "sorry".

aniki: "older brother". Since Gin and Vodka seem to be brothers, Vodka, apparently being the younger of the two, calls Gin 'aniki'.

boya: translated as "little kid" in the fansubbing I got ahold of, boya would actually translate literally to "boy".

anou: more or less, like "um".

onee-chan: literally, "older sister". this term is used for a female older than you, especially under the terms that you do not know her well.

-kun: this suffix is used at the end of boy's names to express familiarity or endearment. It is also used by men among friends, or when addressing someone younger or of a lower station.

nee: most commonly translated as "hey", nee is a subtle way to get someone's attention.

-san: this is the most common honorific, and is equivalent to Mr., Miss, Ms., Mrs., etc. It is the all-purpose honorific and can be used in any situation in which politeness is required.

daijoubu?: when put into question format, daijoubu is asking "are you all right/okay?".

hai: "Yes".

daijoubu desu: whereas the interogatory form of daijoubu is translated to "are you all right", daijoubu desu would be how one would answer if they wished to confirm they were, indeed, all right. it can be translated to many things, such as "I'm okay/all right", "It's okay/all right", etc.

arigatou: "thank you".

sonna: can be translated as a few different things, but is most commonly said as "no way" or "you've got to be kidding me"

oyasumi nasai: "Good Night". if one were to simply say oyasumi, it would mean the same, adding nasai simply makes it seem more formal or polite.

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