. caught .

Special Victims Unit
Interrogation Room
Wednesday, July 7th

"Hey there, Tony," Munch said in pleasant tone as he entered the interrogation room, followed by Fin. "How're you feeling?"

"Tired and fucking bored. You guys have had me in here for over three hours. That and my arm hurts like hell," the teenager answered, glaring daggers at the detective. "Don't you think a doctor should check it out or something?"

"The bullet barely knicked ya," Fin said, "You're fine. Our buddy on the other hand's got a broken nose from that basketball you threw at 'im."

Tony grinned. "It was a nice shot, wasn't it?"

Fin took a step forward at the smug look on the teenager's face but Munch stopped him with a little gesture. "Yeah, great shot there, kid," the older detective said as he reached over and patted Tony on the arm, right where the bullet had hit his flesh. Tony jerked away from the detective's hand with a little cry of pain. Munch had a satisfied smile of his own on his face as he asked, "So, want to tell us why you felt like you had to run from the other detectives?"

Tony glared at him balefully, unwilling to answer the question. His grin returned triumphantly though when he figured out how to annoy the detectives.

"I want a lawyer."

"He confessed that quick?" Olivia asked incredulously as Munch and Fin entered the squad room.

"I wish," Munch replied, collapsing into his chair with a sigh.

At Olivia's confused look, Fin explained. "He lawyered up."

"What'd you guys do?"

"Munch congratulated him on his good aim with a friendly pat on the arm," Fin answered and Olivia nodded to show her approval. "Speaking of which, how's Elliot doin'?"

"He's upstairs, lying down with a cold compress on his face," Olivia answered. "Captain's orders." Glancing towards Cragen's office, she added, "And speak of the devil…"

"I heard that," Cragen said as he approached the group, his tone as affectionate as he could allow it to get. However, he was not there to jest with the detectives. "Did you get off the phone with Warner's office?"

"Yeah, she said it's going to be at least another couple of hours before she'll have anything conclusive," Olivia answered.

"Has anyone notified the boy's mother that we have him?"

"I did," Fin answered. "She said he's eighteen and on his own."

"Ah, motherly love; such a beautiful thing," Munch said, his tone typically dry.

"She also told me that her husband's a veterinarian," Fin added.

Cragen looked at Fin for a moment before saying, "Not that that little fact doesn't interest me but I have to ask 'so?'"

"Veterinarians use chloroform."

Cragen nodded. "Well, that answers one question. Now, someone find a lawyer for this kid so we can get some more answers." He turned to return to his office but paused, adding, "And contact Casey and tell her we need her down here. The kid's probably going to want a deal."

Tony's lawyer was becoming irritated with Munch and Fin. "You've been questioning my client non-stop for the last hour. He's already professed his innocence and the evidence you've presented is circumstantial at best. Unless you've got an ace hidden up your sleeve, I suggest you release my client."

"Law says we can hold him here for up to twenty-four hours without chargin' him with anythin'," Fin reminded the lawyer.

"What are you delaying for?" The lawyer asked, his eyes narrowing.

"We're not delaying," Munch replied easily, "We're merely trying to give your client a chance to come clean and confess. The DA likes cooperative criminals."

"Hey! That label's for a jury to decide!" the lawyer said, pointing a finger at Munch indignantly.

"Not with the evidence we've got," ADA Casey Novak announced as she entered the room. She slapped a file down on the table and looked down at Tony's lawyer, as though daring him to deny its contents.

"Nice suit," Tony said, commenting on Casey's interesting choice of a lime green business suit.

She ignored the comment, turning to ask Munch and Fin, "He's been Mirandized?" as Tony's lawyer reached for the file she had placed on the table. The detectives nodded in affirmation.

"What's this?" the lawyer asked suspiciously, thumbing through the papers inside.

"Lab results," Casey replied, the vague hints of a smug smile playing at the corners of her mouth. "DNA and fingerprints provided courtesy of your client."

The lawyer's eyes flew to look at Tony. The teenager looked taken aback but tried to conceal his discomfort. "What do you mean?" he asked.

"Your basketball. Sweat contains DNA, didn't you know?"

Tony started to protest. "But that was my private property-"

"-which you relinquished ownership of once you used it as a weapon to attack a police officer." Casey's expression dared Tony's lawyer to contradict her.

The man sat back, his posture indicating the defeat he felt. "She's right, Tony."

Casey took Fin's vacated seat at the table, all business. "So, does your client wish to explain to us what his fingerprints were doing in the Jordans' apartment and how his seminal fluid came to be located inside of Eve Jordan?"'

Tony glared at Casey. "Go to hell, bitch."

"You would do well to warn your client that it is in his best interests to cooperate with me or a deal might not be so forthcoming," Casey stated calmly.

The lawyer leaned over and whispered something to Tony, who looked like he had swallowed something disagreeable. He sat back in his seat, staring at Casey sullenly, as he asked, "What do you want to know?"

"What happened that morning?"

"I'm sure you and your detective friends here already know the juicy little details," Tony said. "I wouldn't want to bore you with unneeded repetition."

"Tell us why you did it."

"I was fed up with her. She was such a tease but she never meant anything by it. " He shrugged. "After a while it just pissed me off and I wanted to put an end to it, teach her a lesson. I had thought about it for a while, you know, but seeing her at that party on Sunday was the last straw. She acted like such a slut when she was drunk and then freaked out when guys took it as they saw it."

"What do you mean?"

"You know, took her at face value. If you had a girl hanging all over you, wouldn't you think she wanted to get to know you better? Anyway, I did, and then she totally spazzed out and told me she was just being friendly and it didn't mean anything, which was total bullshit. So, yeah, I got fed up with her."

"The chloroform?" Casey prompted.

"My dad'll let me hang around his office sometimes. It's pretty easy to get stuff from the medical cabinets."

"How'd you get in?"

"I had a copy of the apartment's key. She left it over one day after spending the night with my sister and I took it. I planned to get it back to her someday, but never got around to it."

"What happened after Eve got back?"

"I went over there. Not really sure why; guess it was stupid of me. She took one look and she knew. Although, the fact that I let myself in with the same key I had used the first time probably tipped her off." He chuckled, amused at the memory. "Anyway, she stared at me for a while, then started sobbing 'How could you?' over and over. Then she came flying at me, kicking and punching. I just defended myself."

"Wouldn't you call punching her in the head so hard she couldn't see straight, dragging her to her bed and then crushing her windpipe a little excessive for self-defense?" Casey asked sarcastically.

He shrugged again. "Matter of opinion."

Munch had been staring at Tony thoughtfully while he had been speaking and now took the opportunity to say, "If I remember correctly Tony, you told Fin and I that Eve didn't deserve what happened to her."

He nodded. "Yeah, I said that."

"Then why did you do it to her?"

"Because, she didn't deserve what I did to her," he answered, with a smile that could almost be called innocent. "She deserved worse. Too bad I got carried away when she attacked me… we could've had a lot more fun together."

"'Fun' would not have been the word Eve would have used and here, we like to call it 'rape'. Remember that word," she said in a chilling tone as she returned his disconcerting smile, "because where you're headed, you're going to be gaining a more intimate knowledge of it. Although, I'll doubt you'll enjoy the experience as much this time; being on bottom does have its downsides, I hear."

"Gloating doesn't become you, bitch," the teenager said in a shaky voice that belied his apprehension about what she had said.

"Oh, look! Another one. Isn't it nice when they start brushing up on their prison vocabulary before they get there?" Munch said to Fin, his tone mocking.

"Feel like helping me speed him on his way there?" Fin replied, his handcuffs in hand as he walked across the room to stand beside Tony.

"Sure," Munch agreed as the handcuffs clicked into place around the teenager's wrists, "Tony Laird; you are under arrest for the assault and murder of Eve Jordan."

. case closed .

Yay. It's over. And I'm so glad. x.x About half-way through this fic I realized I shouldn't have put it up in the first place. The plot was too normal. SVU fics are much more interesting when it's not just the standard girl-gets-raped-gotta-find-the-guy-who-done-it.
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