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Cho got on the Hogwarts Express and said to herself OK this year I'm not going to be the whiny crybaby. It's my last year at Hogwarts and I want to make it the best year. I'm not going to hold any grudges against people who I got mad at last year. Cho found herself a seat in one of the cabins on the Hogwarts Express and sat there by herself. Students walked past the windows of Cho's cabin giggling. Cho got mad and pulled the curtains over the windows. She sat for a while with an angry face and remembered what she told herself earlier and tried to calm herself down.

Cho realized that she had must have gotten on the train really early because the train didn't start for what seemed like forever. She was still sitting alone in her own cabin and wished someone would walk in. She took out her silver Head Girl badge and looked at it when suddenly the door swung open. She quickly put her badge back inside her robes because she didn't want people to know that she had been chosen to be Head Girl.

A blonde tall boy with cold gray eyes stood in the doorway; it was Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter's worst enemy. But hey, I'm totally over him so who cares?

"What do you want Malfoy?" asked Cho the nicest she could without sounding completely rude.

"Oh, nothing. I heard you were Head Girl or something." Draco answered secretively.

"I'm not," Cho snapped. He probably knows that I'm lying…it was in the stupid letter for crying out loud. What is he trying to get out of me?

"Ok," Draco invited himself in and sat down across from Cho and sank into the chair. He straightened his robe to show his silver Head Boy badge. "Whoever is Head Girl must be pretty lucky because they changed the rules this year." Yea lucky…psh.

"Oh I see. What are the rules this year?" said Cho trying her hardest to seem like she didn't care. Let me guess, he's going to talk about sharing dormitories.

"The Head Girl and Head Boy share a dorm together," Draco smirked. How did I know? It was, again, in the letter.

"Ha, I see," said Cho without making any eye contact. She was rolling her eyes

There was a long pause until Draco spoke again. He leaned into her and his head was about two inches away from hers.

"You know I'm not stupid. It said in the letter you were Head Girl" Draco spat out. Whoa! You're not?!?! That's amazing?

"Oh." mumbled Cho wiping the spit off of her face.

"Yeah, no one fools Draco Malfoy," Draco said arrogantly.

"Ok…whatever". Cho rolled her eyes. PLEASE GO AWAY.

They had another moment of silence and Draco still hadn't left the cabin. She got a book and tried to read it but she felt too distracted with Draco sitting across from her. Cho had noticed that Draco had grown to be a lot better looking over the summer. The only thing that hadn't changed was his hair. If gel polluted the air, Draco would have killed everyone already.  She stared at and noticed that he was staring at her unusually; almost like he was checking her out. Boys. She shook her head and started "reading" again.

Finally, Cho blurted out "Don't you have friends or Pansy to sit with?"

"Pffttt…. yea do you think I'm a loser or something? I just don't want to sit with them this year…all they do is...sit there. You know except for Pansy. She sits and talks and talks and talks and talks and talks really about nothing."

"And so you pick the seat across from mine" Wow... I'm so luck… NOT.

"You know just because you're gorgeous and talented doesn't mean you can get any guy you want," Draco smirked

"Haha, I can get any guy I w-" Cho paused to think about the question. What kind of question is THAT?

"You can't get me," Draco said leaning forwards, "but I can probably get any girl I want." Meaning me.

"Are you trying to prove something? Because if you are…don't" Yea… PLEASE.

"Ok," said Draco with a dishonest answer.

Cho sat there laughing inside her head. She looked at Draco who had a confident smirk on his face. She traced back to all the funny things that have happened since Draco walked in. Head Boy and Head Girl are sharing a room; Cho can't get him if she tried; and Draco thinks he can get ANY girl he wants. He was trying to do something. As a Ravenclaw would have figured: He was going to prove to her that he will get her to be his "girl" but she will not able to get him to be his "man". She laughed some more inside her head. So he wants to play huh? Hah, this is going to be easy I'll show you that Cho gets everything she wants. Cho put her legs on the chair fully aware that she was exposing her underwear that was white with little red hearts. She pretended like she didn't notice. Draco glanced and quickly turned away trying to hide…whatever he was trying to hide. He started to unbutton his shirt when there was a knock on the door.

Cho pulled her skirt back down and opened the door. It was the sweets trolley. "Would you like anything dearies?" Draco stared at her weirdly.

"No thanks" Cho said with a smile.

"I'll take this, this, this, this, some of these, that, and yea" Draco said throwing money at the lady. "Keep the change"

"You don't have enough"

"Oh, here" Draco said with embarrassment. Wow… this guy.

"It's still not enough but you're cute so I'm gonna let this one go ok?"

"Um, ok. Thanks," Draco flushed red.

            The trolley left and Draco slammed the door. Cho started laughing hardly and tried to stop when she caught Draco glaring at her. Cho grabbed her book and put her legs on the seat again doing what she did before. This time she took the ribbon out of her hair. She could see through the corners of her eyes Draco watching her shimmering dark hair falling down past her shoulders. She shook her head to make her hair feel looser…and to make sure Draco was still watching

"I know what you're trying to do" Draco said. Cho climbed on top of Draco and leaned in close to his ear.

"What?" she whispered. Draco was mesmerized for a few seconds as Cho started kissing his ear gently. He was going to say something but the train slowed down and came to a stop. Cho got up and left Draco sitting by himself.