Sorry, readers! My invention ends here. Thank you for your encouragement and your darn pushiness that made me turn this one-shot into a multi-chapter, multi-faceted story. Hope you enjoy this final offering.

Foaly pounced on her the moment she entered the door of the control room. "Holly!"

"What?" asked the elf captain innocently.

"I would like to know why a certain female leprechaun has been making unauthorized landings both during recons and the Ritual, to deliver packages disguised to look like Mud Man snail-mail." The centaur loved human slang that he picked up from the movies. Movies by the People just weren't as much fun.

Holly Short fidgeted, trying to come up with an excuse. "I…eh…that is…wait, isn't your use of LEP technology to watch what I'm doing an invasion of privacy?"

Turning in his chair to continue whatever insanely complicated programming he was working on, Foaly said, "In a usual officer, yes, but I have been told, in light of recent events, to keep an eye on you."

Holly groaned. "Can't we save this for later? I need my equipment for the mission."

He was ruthless. "It's for the Mud Boy and his friends, isn't it?"

"It's a complicated issue," she dodged.

Suddenly Foaly swiveled back around with a gleeful smile on his face, his voice sinking to a confidential whisper. "I'm the only one who knows. Don't worry, it'll stay that way."

There was a sigh of relief. "Then why are you attacking me about it? I'm not going to trigger any memories. It's just to tie up a few loose ends. Yes, those three didn't stay my enemies. For humans, they had several positive qualities."

"Oh, you've missed my point. I agree."

"Then why…?"

"Do you think I could send something too?"

The End.