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Authors: PTB and Halo

Title: Bonds Unbroken

"The golden moments in the stream of life rush past us and we see nothing but sand; the angels come to visit us, and we only know them when they are gone." George Elliot

This morning at the Tracy house was abnormally quiet. All of the Tracys were sitting quietly around the table, including John who was visiting from Thunderbird 5. Brains, Fermat, TinTin, and the rest had cleared out, knowing today was the day to give the boys space, because the anniversary of their mother's death.

The gathering at breakfast was quiet, so unusual form the normal chaos in the household. The silence had become a custom on the anniversary of their mother's death, a time of contemplation and remembrance.

Scott slowly stirred his untouched cereal and surveyed each face, slowly going around the table. His dad sat at the head of the table, across from him. Jeff hadn't even touched his silverware, let alone his food. His eyes were an unreadable mixture of anger and grief. Obviously, even after all these years, he still blamed himself for his wife's death.

Beside Jeff sat Virgil, the middle of the Tracy children. Of the younger three, Virgil was the only one who could clearly remember their mother, and it seemed to pain him. He was taking slow, small, bites of his food, but he didn't seem to taste it at all.

Next to Virgil sat Alan, who was as silent as the rest of them. He couldn't really remember their mother, having been only a few years old at the time, but even he could feel the hole in their family her death had created, and that hurt him.

To his left, Scott looked at Gordon. He, too, had been young when their mother was killed, but he had a few vague memories of her that he treasured. Scott wondered vaguely which one he was thinking of now.

Beside Gordon sat John. Beside himself, John had the clearest memory of their mother. They'd both been almost teens at the time, and it had nearly devastated them, John more so than him because he'd been closer to her. This day was always the hardest for John. As Scott was looking at him in concern, John looked at him. As their eyes met from across the table, Scott suddenly had a sinking feeling in his stomach, but he couldn't quite place what it was from, so he ignored it and looked away, continuing to stir his now soggy cereal.

"What was mom like?"

The elder Tracy brothers turned to Alan and gazed at him. Alan felt a little uncomfortable under their gaze.

"I mean, I can see her face in my mind, but I don't remember her."

"May I be excused, dad?" Jeff looked at John's pained face, and nodded.

As John left the table, Scott turned to Alan, "she was a really sweet lady, Alan. Always patient and always smiling. She's the one who taught John to love the stars."

"She's the one who taught John to be John," Virgil put in.

"Would she have liked me?" Alan asked quietly.

"Yeah, Alan," Gordon whispered, "she would have."

The rest of them remained silent, staring at their food. Finally Jeff stood, "well boys, should we go? Alan, go get John."

"Yes, dad." Alan replied. He left the kitchen and went to his elder brother's room, and knocked on the door. "John?"

The blond didn't respond, but Alan decided to go in anyway. John was sitting on his bed, looking a lot like a statue, the only picture he had of his mother in his hand. It showed him, probably about five years old, proudly holding his first telescope with both hands, her arms around his shoulders, and both were smiling.

Alan shut the door softly behind him, and whispered softly, "John? You okay?"

"Yeah squirt, I'm okay," John said quietly. Alan walked over and sat beside John, and then saw the photo.

"Is that mom?"

"Yep," John smiled at his brother, though it was a smile that didn't quite reach his charming blue eyes, and wrapped a warm arm around his shoulder, "she was always going on about all the great things her baby Alan could do. She really loved you, squirt. Don't you forget that."

"I wish I could remember her," Alan admitted, "you all do, but I don't. It makes me feel bad."

John stared at Alan for a moment, then slowly reached into the drawer beside his bed where he kept all his precious things. He pulled out a silver chain, with a silver star pendant attached to it, and gently placed it in Alan's hand.

Alan blinked and stared at it for a moment before looking at John. "What's this?"

"Mother gave it to me," John whispered, bumping his forehead against Alan's, "and now I'm giving it to you. When I was little, and Mother was going to have Virgil, she sent me to stay with Grandma. I was scared, but she gave me that and told me that whenever I was afraid, or lonely, if I looked up at the stars she'd be right there with me, on the inside."

"Wow," Alan breathed, letting John put the charm around his neck, "thanks John." He hugged his elder brother.

"No problem, baby brother," John smiled sadly, fondly ruffling Alan's hair, "so we leaving? I'll get my stuff."

It was Tracy family tradition to visit their mother's grave every year, and place upon it something that symbolized something important that had happened that past year, as well as a letter written to her. No one else read the letters, but Jeff and the boys found it to be healing.

The five brothers and their father made the grave on the highest hill so it overlooked the rest of the island and the sea. They stood there together, each of them holding an item and a letter.

Jeff went forward first, with a picture of the boys, taken just this past Christmas, and a letter fondly addressed, "To my Lucille". Scott followed him, with a thank you note that a little girl had taped to Thunderbird One, with his own letter. After Scott went Virgil, because all present knew that John wanted to be last. The middle Tracy child put a picture of his new girlfriend and him by Scott's letter, and put his own letter on top of that, followed by Gordon's soccer trophy, and Alan's first straight A report card.

Finally John approached, and silently and laid a picture he'd painted of a passing comet, in all its glory, on the grave, and tenderly placed the thick envelope at the bottom of the frame.

They had a moment's silence between them, wrapping their arms around each other's shoulders. The wind blew through their hair and across their skin and they could swear they felt their mother's presence.

After a few minutes Jeff spoke, "Well boys, duty can't wait forever. Let's go."

As they headed back they were met by Fermat, who looked like he had run a marathon, "Mister Tracy! There's a big emergency!"

"What's going on Fermat?" Alan asked his friend in concern.

"It's the Hood!" Fermat panted. "He's taken a-a bunch of p-p-people hostage!"

"Let's go team!" Scott yelled.

"You can ride with me!" Alan called to John.

The Tracy's were quick to get back to base and were even quicker getting into their Thunderbirds and headed off to where the Hood had imprisoned his hostages.

"We'll be there in no time!" Virgil said, and indeed this proved true. The flight across the ocean seemed to take only a few seconds.

The Thunderbirds landed just outside of a large building site, people who had gathered to watch lingered nearby. The five brothers looked at each other and with a mutual nod they headed into the danger zone.

"Let them go Hood!" Scott yelled out loud and in his mind. "If it's us you want then come and get us!"

There was no answer.

As the brothers began walking around quietly and cautiously something caught Alan's eye and with a narrowed expression he ran off in one direction, separating himself from his brothers.

"Alan!" John yelled, moving to follow, but quickly finding himself face to face with a muscular, ugly henchman.

"Alan stop!" Scott called, also trying to reach for him, but soon surrounded as well.

Alan ran on ahead, unaware of his brother's predicament.

"Hello Alan."

Alan spun around and saw, through the darkness, the Hood. Alan clenched his jaw.

"Let the people go," he growled.

"I don't think so, little Alan. If I started just letting people go, there would be no one to keep your brothers busy, besides my henchmen. Though they may be all I need."

Alan glared daggers and yelled in anger and ran to punch the Hood, but a psychic force stopped him before throwing him into a wall. Alan cried out in pain before trying to get back on his feet.

"Alan!" A familiar voice yelled, mingling with a clap of thunder from the quickly gathering storm clouds over head. The hood, caught off guard, took John's powerful punch full in the face.

Alan looked up and saw John punch the Hood and smiled, but as John came towards him Alan's eyes went wide, "JOHN! LOOK OUT!"

John fell on his face; the heavy metal piece The Hood had sent his way knocking him down as lightening flashed overhead, and the rain began to fall in torrents, quickly soaking everything.

"Let him alone," Alan screamed as the Hood advanced on his fallen brother, "it's me you want! Kill me!"

"My dear boy," the Hood sneered, "why would I want to kill you when I can hurt you in much worse ways than death?"

Suddenly John found himself dangling in the air and couldn't breathe.

"John!" Alan screamed again. He knew, he knew what the Hood was going to do, and he had to stop it. He got to his fee, jumping for his brother's feet, falling just a few millimetres short, all the while screaming, "Scott! Virgil, Gordon, somebody help him! Please!"

Alan could hear John's chocked, weak gasps for air as he was slowly being suffocated. Alan cried loudly and grabbed for John's legs as the Hood lifted him higher. "LET HIM GO! STOP IT!"

"John! Alan!" Scott yelled, trying to race to his brothers' aid, only to get stopped by an invisible wall, sending him flat on his back.

"Scott!" Virgil and Gordon both yelled, but the oldest Tracy brother ignored them.

He got to his feet and ran at the wall, bracing himself this time. When it again wouldn't let him through he began to bang on it with his fists. "No!" He screamed, "No!"

"I'll tell you what, little Alan," the hood laughed, raising John still higher as Alan tried to jump again, "if you can reach him, I'll let him go. If you can just touch him, he will be spared. That's all. But if not..." he tightened his mental hold on John, who gasped more, and struggled to get free.

Alan looked up in desperation at John before setting a determined face and began to jump as high as he could, screaming in frustration every time as he missed.

"Come on, Alan! All you have to do is touch him!" Gordon yelled, now standing next to Scott, with Virgil on his other side. The seconds became eternity as slowly, slowly, John began to stop struggling, and Alan's screams of frustration became louder and more desperate.

Finally John was hanging completely limp, and the Hood laughed. Releasing John and the wall at the same time, he half stumbled, half leaped up on the craft his minions drove up behind him.

As he caught John's limp body, cradling it gently, Alan heard, as if from a distance, "and remember, little Alan, you could have saved him..."

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