The stars whisper secrets in her ears, singing of things to come before kissing her goodbye every morning when the nasty sun comes up. They take care of her like Spike does, making sure she knows how to protect her loved ones. They tell her that daddy is coming home all better, only to have him taken away from her again by a girl with big green eyes who smells sticky-sweet like the Slayer.

But she will make daddy happy, and will make a good new mummy, all loving and tender, not like grandmummy who used to snap at her. The two of them will have cakes and tea, playing with her dollies while Spikey and daddy are out, and they shall become great friends. She will dress the little tree up in pretty dresses and play with her hair, giggling when she sees the lust in daddy's eyes at how beautiful his mate is. Spike will laugh at him, for wanting a little girl, but he will come to see that she will be a good mum, and will make them a family.

Soon daddy will be back, and they will have a new mum who will dance with her to the music of the stars, even though she can't hear it.