Harry Potter And The Sword Of Justice

The sun was high in the bright sky and there was no sound except for that of the birds chirping in the distant dark green tree tops. No people were coming or going, just nature acting out its course. It was a perfectly tranquil day and it seemed that nothing would ever break the silence for the rest of the days. Suddenly someone bellowed out in the near vicinity.

          "HARRY POTTER' the muffled voice called out.

A boy who was resting on the soft freshly mown grass started to stir. The boy was reasonably tall but looked as if he had been deprived from food and sleep for about three weeks. At first the boy named Harry turned over onto his side seemingly trying to block out the noise but after a few more ear splitting shouts of Harry Potter, he could ignore it no longer. Harry sat up abruptly, giving him a slight head rush. It took him a moment to re-adjust himself then a lonely ray of golden sunlight revealed a lightning bolt shaped scar on Harry's forehead. It was an extraordinary scar that was given to him by an incredible wizard named Lord Voldemort (Tom Marvolo Riddle). This wizard also killed Harry's wizard father James Potter and Harry's witch mother Lily Potter. You see Harry was no ordinary boy, he was a wizard.

Harry got slowly to his feet looking around longingly for a familiar friendly face or just anyone from his world, the magical world. With a slightly disappointed look on his face Harry turned the gold handle to the front door of number four Privet Drive. After only a couple of carefully placed steps, the same muffled voice called out again.

"What have you been doing Potter, listening to the news again?" the only too familiar voice of Uncle Vernon rang out.

As Harry turned the corner into the un-friendly living room he saw the three Dursley's (Uncle Vernon, Aunt Petunia and Dudley Dursley) sitting down on the uncomfortable couch staring up at Harry with concentrated loathe. Harry gave back an equally disgusted look.

"What is it?" Harry said coldly.

"Don't talk to me like that again boy." Uncle Vernon replied.

"Or what?" Harry said innocently.

"I'll. I'll. JUST GO TO YOUR ROOM!" Uncle Vernon roared out.

"Gladly," Harry answered back as he walked out of the room and strolled up the stairs to his small and stingy room. As Harry slammed the door shut loudly a sudden foul smell hit his nose. He looked round the room, seeing that all his clothes and possessions were sprawled out across the mucky floor and that his Owl Hedwig's cage was a mess he decided to clean up. It took him the best part of an hour to clean up but once he had finished he felt like a great weight had been lifted from his heavy shoulders. Harry wiped a bit of sweat from his brow and collapsed onto his broken bed. It was strange for him to think but that was Uncle Vernon actually being nicer than usual. Harry now no longer needed to concentrate on cleaning and so his mind started to wander. He started to think of his two best friends from Hogwarts (Hogwarts being a school for witchcraft and wizardry) Ron and Hermione. Thinking about Hogwarts made Harry feel even more depressed than usual, he tried to think of a more uplifting thought but instead he started to think about Sirius Black. Sirius Black was Harry's godfather who had died only a small while back. Sirius was killed at the end of the Hogwarts year tragically fighting one of Lord Voldemorts very powerful 'death eaters' (followers) called Bellatrix Lestrange. He fell behind a mysterious veil after a deadly curse hit him hard in the chest. Harry didn't believe that Sirius was dead at the time but now he has come to realise the upsetting truth. A shiny blue year appeared by Harry's bright green eyes (which he got from his mother). A sudden creak brought Harry back to his senses. Hedwig had arrived by the window and was attacking it with great impatience. Harry rushed over and opened the window excitedly as he saw Hedwig was carrying an old envelope attached tightly to his leg (owls are the way wizards send letters to each other). As the envelope was getting untied Hedwig gave Harry an affectionate peck on the arm and when Harry had retrieved the letter he threw Hedwig an owl treat. Excitement rushed through him as he realised it was Ron's scruffy writing on the front. The envelope containing the piece of parchment was ripped into tiny little shreds and Harry read through the short paragraph that was written by ink and quill.

Dear Harry,

My dad says you can stay with us for

The rest of the holidays, that is if you want to.

Pick you up on Sunday at 2:00 pm


Harry read the letter through another two times to take in every single piece of information. Once Harry was sure he could remember the letter off by heart he said to himself


"Sunday?" Harry repeated louder.

Something clicked inside Harry's clever brain and he realised that today was Sunday. Harry left as fast as a bolt of lightning, leaving the letter to slowly drift down to the now sparkling floor. Harry then started to stomp down the rickety stairs but came to an emergency stop. He looked up and saw the unusually fat face of his cousin Dudley. Dudley was just as fat as Uncle Vernon even though Aunt Petunia had been putting him through a diet for over a year now.

"What are you doing, Potter?" Dudley asked angrily.

"None of your business Diddy-kins!" Harry replied, knowing that Aunt Petunia called him this and he knew Dudley got embarrassed, he thought he should really hit a nerve.

"Don't call me that!" Dudley said as colour started to spread through his face like a plague.

"Look I don't have time for this." Harry exclaimed.

Harry then pushed Dudley roughly to one side and started to storm down the crooked stairs. It only just dawned on Harry but he had no idea of how he was going to be picked up. They could try floo powder (transporting from fireplace to fireplace using a handful of sparkling dust) but the Dursley's fireplace was boarded up and the last time they had tried Dudley ended up with a tongue the size of ten pencils stuck together end to end. Another way would be to apparate (transport from one area to another in a quick flash) but Harry was sure there would be some kind of law against this. The only way that was really plausible was to get here in normal muggle (non magic people) fashion and just drive. No sooner had Harry come to the only reasonable solution; he heard familiar voices coming from the other side of the plain front door. Harry spun round on the balls of his feet to look at the time. The ancient brown Grandfather clock read 2.02pm, Harry thought cleverly back to the letter and knew that those voices must be that of the people Harry has been dying to see for so long. The front door sprang open to reveal five overly jolly faces. Harry's heart rate doubled with excitement as Harry's dream over the last month or so was going to become reality. Harry was getting away from Privet Drive.

Looking around at the faces of his best friend Ron, Ron's dad Mr Weasley and three of the guard (protection for Harry against Lord Voldemort) called Reamus Lupin, 'Mad eye' Moody and Tonks made Harry feel the best he had felt in a long time. Harry was literally speechless. Whenever he tried to say something he just came out with a splutter or a combination of nonsense words that made no sense. Ron decided to take pity on Harry and muttered

"All ready?" to stop Harry any furthermore embarrassment.

"What? Oh. Er. No actually!" Harry replied in a surprised voice because he was just amazed that what he was saying made sense.

"Why aren't you ready?" Moody asked in his usually grumpy voice.

"Because I didn't get the stupid letter until about two minutes ago." Harry said as Ron looked the other way and started to blush (the owl that had sent the letter had been Ron's owl Pig)

"It's okay Moody just lighten up!" the pink haired Tonks spoke. "I'll help you Harry," Tonks continued.

Tonks and Harry scrambled lazily up the stairs and into Harry's bedroom.

"Well this is a lot cleaner than the last time I was here." Tonks commented.

"Yeah. I. Er, just cleaned up like an hour ago." Harry retorted.

Tonks didn't say anything after Harry had spoken. She just went to the grubby task of getting everything neatly (or as good as) inside Harry's now over-used trunk. Before Harry knew it, it seemed Harry's hands had automatically picked up his trunk and that his legs had dragged his bewildered body out of the now desolate room. When Harry and Tonks reached the tightly packed landing they saw Uncle Vernon in the doorway looking purple faced and Aunt Petunia unmistakeably hiding behind him.

"You got that Dursley" Moody mumbled viciously.

Moody then turned to Harry and said in an overly cheerful tone (for Moody anyway).

"All set Harry?"

"I guess." Harry answered.

Harry couldn't believe that just over an hour ago he was dreaming about going back to his world and now he was. Harry, feeling somewhat confused turned to the outraged Dursley's and said

"Bye then."

Harry knew the Dursley's would be celebrating Harry going as if Christmas had come early, but Harry didn't care. At that moment Harry didn't have a care in the world.