Do You Have The Time?
Do You Have The Time?
By Pikajenn

Okay, the lyrics are from the song Basket Case by Greenday and theatrical license is taken all the way to Pluto and back by me. I caught this song on B-94 last night and I thought it would be perfect for James. So enjoy! I hope you enjoy it anyhoo!

It was another fine day in the Pokémon world. Perfect that is, for everyone but Jessie. Meowth had stayed behind in Celadon to exercise his right at the slot machines. Something about a special Pokémon discount.

In reality, Jessie thought with a glum look at her moping partner, it's probably James' whining that drove the little feline away.

"Do you have the time," he said suddenly.

"James, you'd better not be starting this again." she said, sending a withering look in his direction.

His wide eyed gaze told her he hadn't heard a word she said. " listen to me whine.
About nothing and everything all at once."

Jessie gritted her teeth and for a second contemplated bashing him in the head. Then she smiled and said, "Sorry, I have to use the little girls room...I'll be right back!" Without a second thought, she ran away from James, leaving him in the center of Cerulean City.

James blinked and sat down at a table of an outdoor café that served ice cream and Starbucks coffee.

A waitress on rollerblades stopped by, notebook in hand, "Hiya, how can I help you?"

He looked up at her and said, "I am one of those...
Melodramatic fools.
Neurotic to the bone
no doubt about it."

"Excuse me?" she asked, backing up slowly.

"Sometimes I give myself the creeps."

"Huh, you aren't the only one. You need to leave!" She sent out a Pokémon. "Muscle, get rid of this dork."

The Machoke grinned and James blinked.

Twenty minutes later, a slightly bruised James was walking down the streets of Cerulean, talking to a Farfetch'd that landed on his shoulder.

"Sometimes my mind plays tricks on me.
It all keeps adding up.
I think I'm cracking up.
Am I just paranoid?
Or am I just stoned?"

James stopped outside of the Cerulean City Psychotherapy for Trainers building and the Farfetch'd left.

"I went to a shrink
To analyze my dreams."

James was laying out on a black leather shrink sofa. The blond shrink stared at him with a bored expression.

"She says it's lack of sex
that's bringing me down."

"Now get outta here, I have company in a few minutes."

WHAM! James went flying out of the front door of the Cerulean City Psychotherapy for Trainers building and into the streets of Cerulean City.

James blinked and walked to the Cape.

"I went to a whore.
She said my life's a bore."

"Baby, you're boring," the red-haired hooker said, stroking James' hair. "Let me help you...up."

"So quit my whining cause
it's bringing her down."

"Though that big, red R is suuch a turn on!"

Blankly, James left the Cape and to the PokéCenter. Jessie was waiting for him and finally James started to think.

"Grasping to control...
So I better hold on."

Jessie blinked and k.o.'d James with a mallet.

James fell unconscious to the ground and the waitress, the psychotherapist and her date, and the hooker all cheered.

"Finally some peace and quiet," Jessie muttered as she dragged James into the PokéCenter.

OMG, was that dumb or what?! Geeze, Pikajenn, that was soooo stupid! Just who was that red-haired hooker? I can't believe I wrote that. Sorry, it's just that this song has been running through my mind all day...Sorry:)