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Unrequited part 2

He was walking towards her penthouse when her limo pulled up. Jogging towards it, but keeping unusually quiet, he watched as she slowly stepped out. Slowing to a walk again, he stared at her as she walked amazingly steadily towards the entrance to the hotel.

It always amazed him how steadily she walked after all the alcohol she drank. Most people would be all over the place if they drank half of what she ingested, and yet she seemed almost sober in her inebriated state. That was only one of the things about her that amazed him.

As she disappeared behind the hotel doors his mind drifted over the other little things that did. Sometimes, when they hugged he was amazed at how small she really was, at how delicate she could seem sometimes. He laughed aloud at that thought but silenced quickly upon seeing the stares thrown at him by the receptionist. Karen would seriously hurt him for calling her delicate, but she was.

There were certain times when he would look at her and she would seem sort of lost, she would look at him for ages and then something would pass across her face before she'd take a large gulp of one drink or another and she'd look different after that. He liked when she let her emotions show, it made her look so human. It was at times like that that he wished he could just hold her; to take away whatever it was that troubled her. He rarely ever felt the urge to comfort anybody, but she was different. She just seemed to bring out his gentlemanly side, his need to protect the ones he loved.

Riding up in the elevator he began to think about the few times they had hugged, sure they played with each other all the time, kissing, groping, it was second nature to them now, but it was those times when they hugged for comfort, not for fun that stuck out in his memory.

Neither would admit to needing comfort of course.

To anyone else the hugs would seem like any other, but they would hold on a little longer, a little tighter, and he would feel her tremble slightly in his arms before she straightened up and they pulled away from each other. He'd surprised himself several times, wishing she hadn't pulled away so fast. But he'd quickly pushed the feeling aside, not wanting to look too deep into it.

He'd caught up with her now. And he watched in silence as she went about ordering the maids away. She had her hair down again today, just fanning out around her face and he knew it was as soft as it looked.

How many times had he watched as she styled her hair? It was only occasionally that she had Stylist do it, usually, he knew, she enjoyed doing it herself and it was at these times she had it down. He loved it down; it seemed to bounce around her as she walked about the room.

He watched with breath held as she turned towards him, a smile ready to form on his lips and a remark to counter her surprise already in mind, but neither came forward. She stopped turning, her gaze inches from his direction, looking out of one of the huge windows. He knew not only by her lack of noticing him but also by her expression that she was deep in thought and he took the opportunity to study her features.

She was gorgeous.

No one could deny that. And beneath her tough, uncaring exterior he was sure there lay so much more, if only she let someone in close enough to see it. As he watched her, he wondered not for the first time what it would be like to be that someone. To be the man in Karen's life.
But he knew he couldn't. As much as he loved her he knew he was gay, and even she couldn't change that. If only she was a man. Well that wasn't likely to happen but he was eternally happy to have her in his life.

She turned to face him then. A strange look passing over her soft features at the sight of him.
One blink later and it was gone, replaced by her familiar surprise and confusion. While she asked him why he was there he barely meshed together a response before she was pulling him by the hand back out the door for some late night shopping.

He realised then, they may not be a couple but they would be just fine. Nothing would change, but then it didn't need to. Who knew, maybe they would even be the next Will and Grace. He shuddered as that thought crossed his mind and looking to where Karen sat opposite him in the limo, he noticed she held no drink in her hand, no pills ready to pop.

Smiling at her once then turning to face out the window at the cars they passed, he thought;

maybe some things would change after all.

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