Chapter 4

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Beast Boy carried Raven up the stairs and into their room. He placed her on the bed, brushing her hair tenderly away from her sweaty face. Her eyes were closed, her jaw clenched against the pain in her abdomen. Robin came in looking extremely worried. "Is there something I can do for her, Beast Boy?" He nodded, sending Robin for towels to clean the blood up. Starfire stayed in Jalen's room trying to get him to sleep after being promised a sleep over. Cyborg finally got most of the makeup off his face and Beast Boy had him help, too. Raven had gone unconscious, and Beast Boy stayed by her side, never leaving her alone and waiting for the chance to ask her what the hell was going on. Finally after fifteen minutes that seemed like hours she awakened.

"Beast Boy?"

"Raven! What's going on?"

"I should have told you before, Beast Boy. I would have expected it to work this way with Jalen. I'm not exactly human, and so I'm not giving birth like a human, either." She said, her mouth bloodied and her eyes a bit unfocused. Beast Boy's jaw dropped.

"Another one?" He squeaked out. "I thought the pill-"

"That doesn't exactly stop a demon birth. It's less the act and more the feelings behind it that stimulates a birth, and it's a joining of the souls, not a physical act at all." She gritted her teeth and she shook uncontrollably with pain.

"Well there's some fine print," Beast Boy said.

"If you think that's fine print, you're gonna be shittin yourself before this is over," Raven hissed. "It won't take long though, less than an hour, I hope. It hurts pretty fucking bad." Starfire came into the room, looking horrified at the sight of all the blood and Raven's tremulous body.

"I have put Jalen down to sleep. Friend, what is happening?" Beast Boy explained the situation to Starfire, who then walked over to the bed. "On my home planet, men do not watch this act. Get out of the room!"

"What? Star, I gotta help her!" Beast Boy pleaded, looking at her with his best puppy dog eyes, but even that wouldn't sway Starfire.

"I shall assist Raven in this, leave the room!" She pushed the boys out (Robin and Cyborg were mopping with towels) and they all waited out in the hall like three nervous fathers. They stood out there for a good half an hour listening to Starfire try to calm Raven down as she screamed (something she hadn't even done during labor). They could also hear some interesting sounding hissing and roaring, but Starfire never backed down the whole time. About an hour after Starfire had shooed them out a blindingly white flash pulsed from under the doorway, then shimmered iridescently and glowed black. Then it was silent.

"Uh, dude, do you think it's safe to go in there now?" Beast Boy whispered, but before either Cyborg or Robin could answer the door creaked open.

"Beast Boy? I am proud to say you have had a, um, what is it named? Oh, yes, litter." She said, smiling. Beast Boy fainted. Robin bent down to get him up, and Cyborg whooped.

"How many?"


"Boo ya! And then there were 10, baby! If these two keep dishin em out we might not have enough room in the tower!" Beast Boy woke up and got unsteadily to his feet, and Starfire dragged him into the dark room.

It was so shadowed that Beast Boy would have thought it was nighttime. It was certainly darker than it had been earlier. Raven was lying on the bed, surrounded by four smaller forms. However, they didn't look small enough.

"Raven? Why are they so... big?"

"Demons don't give birth the same way, remember? We don't have children weak enough not to fend for themselves from their time of birth. Demons don't usually make very good parents..." Raven trailed off, and Beast Boy remembered Raven's father and shivered. He certainly wouldn't have wanted to be a baby around that Dad. He probably would've eaten his own young. He took a closer look at the sleeping forms of his children. They were girls, four girls. Raven had wanted Jalen to be a girl, so she must be happy.

"This is the oldest," Raven said, putting her hand on one of the girls' backs. She had very fair skin and pitch black hair. Her eyes were almond shaped, slanted elegantly with long black eyelashes. She had a jet black chakra in the middle of her forehead.

"This is the second." She had long, green hair and a coat of green hair all over her body. She had a long, catlike tail that twitched in her sleep. She yawned widely, revealing long, sharp, white teeth that would definitely hurt. Her little hands ended in claws. He nearly shrieked – she looked like him!

"This little one is third, and the littlest is the last one." The third one had dusty violet hair and green tinged skin. She had a purple chakra in her forehead. The fourth girl was pure white. She had blindingly white hair and pale white skin.

"They're beautiful," Beast Boy said in awe. He laid down in the bed next to Raven with two of the girls between them. "What will we name them?"

"I'll tell you later. For now, I'm really, really, really tired."

Raven didn't wake up until late the next morning. Beast Boy had been just laying in the bed, staring at the ceiling. As soon as raven woke up the girls woke up, blinking their eyes and staring at the world around them. The oldest had jet black eyes, the second bright green cat eyes, the third stormy gray and the last bright pink eyes. She must be albino, he thought, she's so pretty.

"Are you ready for your names?" Raven asked. She and Beast Boy had picked out dozens of girl names before Jalen was born, so it hadn't taken long to pick the names. Raven put her hand on top of the eldest daughter's head. "You shall be Desdemona." She took her hand off of her head and placed it on the next girl's head. "You shall be Persephone." She proceeded to the third girl. "You shall be Calandra." And then she went to the last one. "And you shall be Kairos." All of the girls thought for a moment and nodded as if accepting their names. "You're freed from me." The girls got up and walked out of the room, and Raven and Beast Boy could hear them being greeted by the other Teen Titans.

"What was that whole 'you are freed from me' thing?" He asked, impersonating Raven's deep, formal voice she had used. Raven glared playfully.

"They are bound to me by soul until I free them. What I am doing, they must be doing, be it awake, sleeping, eating, or anything else. Once I free them they can do what they wish." Beast Boy nodded like he knew what she was talking about, and then Raven's stomach rumbled. She blushed lightly. "I never did get those late night snacks."

They went downstairs and made some food. The girls were no where to be seen, but when Beast Boy appeared concerned Raven only responded that just like her, they would enjoy their own time, too. So Beast Boy and Raven chowed down, while Robin, Cyborg, and Starfire had gone to return the movies. Raven appeared unusually quiet and spaced out. She had come out of her shell a lot in the past few years, but now she seemed distant. Beast Boy asked her if something was wrong, but she just shook her head. It scared him, because he knew there really was something she was hiding.

The girls were gone for the whole day, and only when it was late into the night did they come into Raven and Beast Boy's room and sleep with them. It was nice, if crowded. The next morning when BB and Raven woke up they were gone again. "How am I going to get to know my own daughters when they are never even around?" Beast Boy asked sadly.

"They need time, Beast Boy, the first thing that they must do is control their powers, and in order to do that, they must first figure out what those powers are. It can be hard when you're young to have so much control. Trust me, they'll grow up much faster than our Jalen." Again she had the far away look of foreboding on her face. He didn't ask again, though. After so much time unlocking the wall Raven kept around herself, the last thing he needed was for her to lock herself back up in it.

Day by day, Raven appeared to waste away before their eyes. Since Beast Boy and her had been together, she had been doing much better. She was more open with the team, she ate more, and she was able to express her emotions better than ever and still control herself. Now Raven spent a lot of her time on the roof, while Jalen's care was left to Beast Boy most of the time. She neglected to eat for days at a time, and she sometimes didn't speak to anyone for long periods of time. She was meek and quiet, and just as scarce as her daughters around the tower.

"I just don't get it!" Beast Boy said one night at dinner. "She was doing so well, and everything was so great. What happened?"

"Ever since she had those kids-"

"Watch it, Cy, they're my daughters, too," Beast Boy said, shoving a spoonful of tofu mashed potatoes into his mouth.

"It seems like they are little mini Ravens, as she used to be," Starfire added, "And they grow so fast, faster even than Jalen." Star was right. The four sisters were growing exceedingly fast. Raven had said this was normal, and after they had reached puberty their growth would slow down a lot. The others were unsure, but Raven was the expert.

"Well, whatever's eating Rae, I hope it gets better soon."

Weeks past, and as the Titans grew older, Robin and Beast Boy both seemed to have a similar problem.

"Beast Boy? Don't you think I've grown out of Beast Boy by now?"

"Yea, and I doubt 'Robin' really strikes fear into the hearts of evil doers..."

"Okay, friends, what shall you're new names be, then?" Starfire said, coming to sit on Robin's lap. He put his arms around her, and his head on her shoulder.

"How about Nightwing?" He replied, "Isn't that the name you told me about?" Starfire nodded.

"Hey lovebirds! That still doesn't change my problem!" Beast Boy yelled, waving his arms widely.

"Beast Man?" Starfire offered. Beast Boy raised an eyebrow. "Animal Man? Morph Man?"

"Can we cut it with the 'man' names? I don't think that's really working for me."

Raven came down the stairs from the roof after meditating, and the three titans looked up at her. Beast Boy called, "Raven, can you come help me pick a name?" She nodded, and everyone sighed silently. Beast Boy explained the dilemma and Star's lack of creative ideas (which got him an good kick in the shin) and Raven sat back on the couch for a moment, thinking it over.

"How about, The Changer? No, Changeling?" Beast Boy's eyes lighted up, and he gave her a hug.

"That's great, Rae! Thanks!" She gave a ghost of a smile and just laid in Beast Boy's (or Changeling's) arms. Despite the changes in her, she still really loved him.

Then, to everyone's surprise, Kairos came down the stairs. She was the smallest of the sisters, being the youngest, and she had a fragile look about her that made one scared to hug her too tightly or touch her for fear one would break her. She wore a white dress, which didn't help make her complexion any darker, but kept her from looking any paler than she was, as bright colors would do. Her bright pink eyes scanned the room and upon seeing the four older titans she walked over to her mother and father. "Can I stay down here with you?" She asked, her luminous eyes looking up at them. Her voice was tiny, but sweet, like the sound of a light whistling wind.

"Sure, Kai sweetie." Changeling picked her up and put her on his knee. "Are your sisters being mean?"

Kairos shook her head. "No, I just don't want to be with them right now." The titans couldn't get any more out of her, and she refused to reveal where her sisters were. In the end they all just snuggled in and watched T.V.

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