A/N: This story came to me in the middle of the night, when I wanted to go to sleep. Fortunately I remembered it the following morning, so here I am, typing it. This story will be different from my other stories, as it deals after the fifth book, and Sirius is and remains dead. Also, Harry will get some other powers, not really superpowers, but not normal ones either. This won't be a dark fic, although it will deal with death and the like. Let's just read it, and then let me know what you think!

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Chapter 1: The Beginning of The Beginning.

A fifteen, nearly sixteen, year old boy with black hair that stuck up in all directions, and green eyes, although you could not see them now, was sleeping on his bed, in Privet Drive number 4. Even though he always stayed awake to let the owls come in that would bring his birthday presents, he did not do so this year. This year, he wanted to sleep, so it would sooner be tomorrow, so that he would be picked up from his relatives. This year, he would get his birthday presents in person. His friends had written to him. He was to be picked up on July 31st, early in the morning. It would, however, mean that he had to go back to number 12 Grimmauld Place, the house that once belonged to his beloved godfather, Sirius Black. This was the reason why he didn't know if he was supposed to be happy to go back there for his birthday, or incredibly sad.

Right now, he had trouble sleeping. He always had after the events in the Department of Mysteries. The day his godfather had, in fact, died. Harry had been home for already a month, and he could count the nights he had been able to sleep peacefully on one hand. In fact, he could count those nights on three fingers. Which explains why he looked rather horrible. Even though he was now asleep, if you looked at his face you could see the dark rings under his eyes, the way his unkept hair was even more terrible than normal, and the sunken look of his cheeks. No, Harry wasn't the happiest person in the world right now, but it would change.

Unfortunately, Harry just had to have a nightmare. One in which he kept seeing his godfather fall through the veil in the ministry. That is why he woke up with a gasp, and a sweaty face. Controlling his breathing, he turned around to look at his clock. It read: 23:30. He had half an hour before it was his birthday, and he would be sixteen years old. Having decided that he should just try to get more sleep, he turned a few times, and surprisingly quickly fell back asleep. He wasn't happy to notice that almost right away, the veil came back in his dreams, only to suddenly have his dream change.

His godfather was standing in front of him. He was, in fact, smiling at Harry. Stretching out his arms, Sirius said: "Come on, Harry, it's good to see you again. Won't you give me a hug?" Harry, seeing as this was a dream, walked forward, and fell into Sirius' arms. He was lifted into the air, and spun around. Harry laughed. Nobody had ever done that to him before. After a while, when he got a bit dizzy, he was put down again. Harry hugged Sirius close to him. "Oh, Sirius, I missed you so much. Will I get to see you more often?" he asked, while tears threatened to come out.

"Sure you do, kiddo. In fact, tonight is going to change your life. Something happened to you when you got hit with that killing curse, and, frankly, tonight you will start to learn. You will be able to come and see me more often. That means, no more dreams of that veil, Harry. I am happy here, and look who else I'm with..." with that , Sirius spun Harry around so that he could look at the two people he missed most in his life. His parents.

They were standing there, holding each other, smiling at Harry, and motioning for him to come to them. Hardly daring to believe his luck, Harry walked forward and tentivaly stretched his arms out untill they touched his parents' arms. Now he really couldn't stop the tears from falling, and looking up, he could see that his parents had the same problem. They grabbed him in a tight hug, and whispered comforting and sweet words to him. Harry just enjoyed the feeling of great happiness that he got from this.

Suddenly he noticed that he was being pulled out of his parents embrace. They kept on smiling to him, and said: "Do not worry son, after tonight, you will have the chance to see us more often. Everything will be fine. Just trust us, and listen to your heart!"

Then he couldn't see them anymore. But he was still sleeping, for he was sort of floating, in a white, bright space. The feeling he got from this place was warm, safe, and loved. It was as if he was still being held by his parents. Closing his eyes for a moment, he opened them in shock when he heard a voice. He couldn't see anyone, but there was someone speaking to him.

"Welcome Harry Potter, son of James Potter and Lily Evans Potter. It is good to see someone like you here again. It has been too long."

Harry felt comforted by the voice, it was soothing, and helped against the pain he was feeling from the loss of Sirius and his parents. "Who are you, and where am I?" he dared to ask.

A chuckling sounded. "I cannot tell you where you are, as it is not in existance. And I cannot tell you who I am, just yet. You will have to listen to your heart to make a difficult choice. But perhaps, it won't be so difficult for you, as I see you have great strength, and great power in your feelings."

The voice was quiet for a moment. Harry kept his mouth. Then the voice continued: "You, my Harry, are a descendant of one of our Forgotten. I cannot tell you what they are, just yet. You should know that there hasn't been a Forgotten in several thousands of years. Do you wish to be trained, Harry Potter? Do you wish to learn? For if you wish to do so, than you will have to leave your friends for some time. But do not worry, you can, no, you have to return to them. They will need you, as you will need them. But you will have to decide now, do you wish to learn, or do you wish to have your gift whither away, like a dead leave in the winter? Do you wish to treasure your gift, to develop, to help others with it, or do you wish for it to go away? Do you wish to see your parents and Sirius more often?"

The voice went silent. Harry was confused, which was understandable. He didn't know what a Forgotten was, and what kind of powers the voice was talking about, but he did know he wanted to see his parents and Sirius more often. He also wanted to learn. But he didn't want to leave his friends for too long. What if Voldemort got his hands on them? He decided to ask. "How long will I be gone? I am worried about what will happen to my friends if I leave, will they be safe?"

The voice answered: "Yes, they will remain safe. And as for how long you are gone...it depends on how fast you can learn. It could be a few weeks, but it could also be a few years. Dedication is the key to it."

Harry thought some more. And then he remembered that his parents told him to just follow and listen to his heart. And it was shouting at him to accept. "Yes, I accept," he said.

The next thing he knew the light surrounded him even more, wrapped him in a warm and comforting blanket, and then he knew no more.

Hedwig gave a startled screech. Where here master had been lying only several moments ago, was now an empty bed. Quickly taking off, Hedwig flew to the people who could help her.

In number 12 Grimmauld Place an alarm went off, shaking everyone from their dreams. Rushing down the stairs, Remus and Albus were the first to see the source of the alarm. The wards on Privet Drive number 4, had stopped working. The alarm indicating Harry Potter was no longer in that building. Quickly, Albus sent of several of his Order members to investigate. When they arrived in Privet Drive, they were attacked by Hedwig, who had just been flying out of the window. They followed her up to Harry's room, where they too noticed the empty bed, still warm from Harry's body. There was no sign of struggle, no sign of Harry running away. All his school stuff was standing in one corner of the room, and some parchment was on the desk. They decided to take it with them. After questioning the Dursleys, they found nothing of use, and left with Hedwig and Harry's trunk.

Coming back at number 12, everyone, especially Ron and Hermione, were waiting anxciously for news. When the people arrived, Hedwig flew over to Ron and Hermione to give them a nip on the ear, as if to say 'Sorry'. Everyone noticed the trunk, and saw no Harry. Telling the people there that they had no idea what had happened to Harry was a difficult thing to do, but they managed. Only to have several people cry out, and a search started. But Harry Potter would not be found for a little while longer.