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Eowyn´s Fight

Eowyn started from her dreams with a little cry. Drowsily she turned round to see if her husband was still asleep and she realised that he wasn´t in their bed, although the sheets were still warm. She did not at first wonder where he was, as he frequently got up in the night to take a sip of water, for his sleep was often fitful.

She remembered the last evening, when they were celebrating Aragorn´s birthday. Although he was the King of Gondor, she still called him by his name instead of his title, as they were companions of old, which was perhaps the reason why the people didn´t stop gossiping about a supposed affair between the two of them. Neither the King nor she cared about it, but Eowyn knew that Faramir suffered from the hidden insinuations he sometimes overheard.

This was the only shadow to disturb their love. She saw the doubt in Faramir´s eyes when he watched her each time she was talking to Aragorn, although there was no reason for him to be suspicious. When Faramir had asked her about her former relationship with the King, she had told him honestly about her infatuation and also that she had finally realised that she had always dreamt of something, which she now knew Aragorn would never have been able to give her and which she had eventually found in Faramir´s serious but yet gentle nature.

When she handed the King the present from herself and Faramir, he said, "You and Faramir are looking so happy tonight, Eowyn." "Indeed", she replied, "I am really blissful that we found each other, it is like a dream." With these words she smiled happily at the King and went back to Faramir, who seemed not to have witnessed this scene, although he was quite silent for the rest of the evening.

In fact she had never been as happy as during the last months – since her wedding to Faramir. He was a husband as passionate and loving as she had ever dared to dream of, but sometimes he tended to be depressive - this was no surprise to her after all he had suffered. Although he didn´t talk much about his grief, she always realised when he was being plagued by the demons of the past – he had nightmares and awoke with tears on his face, which he hastily wiped away, for he did not want to worry her and was as tender as ever.

Eowyn suddenly remembered her latest dream and she shivered. She had to cope with dark memories too – fortunately nightmares didn´t occur often, but this had been a bad one, and suddenly a voice within her head told her to look for Faramir and she ran outside.

The night was nearly over, she could see dawn breaking on the horizon and sunrise was close at hand. She looked around but the street was empty. Where could he have gone? Then she remembered that he loved to go to the highest level to sit under the boughs of the White Tree, where somehow he always found comfort. The night was chilly but she did not care that she only wore her gown, as she hurried to the top level. When Eowyn reached the court, she expected to find her husband there, but he was not. She looked around, unexplained fear gripping her heart.

When she finally saw him, her blood seemed to freeze in her veins. She saw his familiar silhouette on top of the wall and at that very moment he stepped forward.

"Faramir!" she cried out and dashed to the wall. He started and turned round to her and she knew she would never forget the expression on his face: His spirit already seemed to have passed into another world, his gaze was clear but not focussed on her or anything special in the surroundings. Eowyn ran to him and grasped his hand, feeling helpless with no clue what to do next.

"What are you doing?" she called out. "Don´t leave me!" and desperately kissed his cold and almost lifeless fingers. She began to cry, but he did not even react to her hot tears falling onto his hand but just turned round again.

Suddenly Eowyn regained her strength-of-mind and her will to fight. She moved in front of Faramir onto the very edge of the wall and said loudly: "If you want to die now, you have to take me with you!"

Faramir did not move as Eowyn lifted her right hand and laid it against his cheek as she stood waiting patiently, hoping that somehow she could penetrate his subconscious. Her heart was beating so loudly that she thought he must surely hear it, then slowly, he lowered his gaze from somewhere on the horizon to her face. Recognition flickered in his eyes and he hesitantly came back into the real world. "Eowyn", he said, "what are you doing here?"

She started to sob and embraced him affectionately and together they descended from the wall and walked to the White Tree, where they sat down and leant against its trunk. "Why did you want to do that?" Eowyn asked.

"I am not the man you originally wanted and I will never be good enough for you." Faramir answered, "I´d rather die than face the truth for the rest of my life that in your eyes also I am second best."

"Faramir! You are my only true love!" Eowyn shouted, "my heart nearly broke, when I saw you standing there – only one step from the abyss. Please, believe me, I have never loved any other man the way I love you and I swear that I will never let you down."

"I witnessed your dream", Faramir answered quietly...Eowyn stared at him and at first she did not know of what he spoke, but after some moments of consideration she understood and said: "Yes, I dreamt and it wasn´t a good dream at all: We were in the House of Healing, you and me, nearly recovered from our injuries. We sat together in the garden, when Aragorn came to see how we were faring. He was quite content with us, although your condition in particular still gave him cause for concern. He left the garden to go back into the house, when suddenly your face turned pale, you lost consciousness, and stopped breathing. I was so scared and shouted loudly..."

", Aragorn, don´t go!" Faramir finished with tears in his eyes. He kissed her gently and held her tightly. "I´m so sorry, my love," he said.