Bewitched, Bewiled, and Bewildered.
-By the Emperor's Sister
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Chapter 1: Oops.. my bad!

Serenity, or Serena, White breathed deeply and lit the final candle. 'I'm
not going to mess this up! I'll proove I''m a good witch!' she vowed
silently, 'I just wish this spell didn't need a thunder storm!' Serenity
shivered as she heard the far off rumble of thunder. She was terrified of
storms, had been sice she was a child. The loud noises and bright flashes
always snet pure terror into her innocent little heart, but needs must

She softly sat down within the magic circle and tried to clear her mind.
Serenity White was a student of the arts of witchcraft and ensorcelment. She
had pale, white skin, anad dreaming blue eyes. unfourtunaltly her streaming
platinum locks where her her best feature, as she was terribly klumsy and
her magic, more often than not, was pathetic at best. It was quite a shame
that poor little Serena wasn't more likt like her arch rival, Mina Shines.
Mina matched Serena in beauty but her skills in witchcraft left the young
blonde in the dust. Popular and powerful, Mina Shines had long ago summoned
and bonded with her familiar, a white cat named Artemis. And so here Srena
was, ready to open the gateway into the netherworld and summon and bond with
her own familiar; to proove once and for all, that Serenity White was not a

Serena sighed and began, "Open Gate of the Darkness and reveal to me your
secrets!" she chanted; magic rising up and filling the summoning sphere, as
she whispered the words that would call forth her familiar from beyond the
demon's relm. 'The door is open and soon I'll have my own familiar to shove
into Mina Shines' pretty little face!' she thought as she hugged herself
tightly and continued. "OH great one! Please come to me! I summon you...
bond with you.. Come forth muh.." A sharp crash of thunder exploded near the
dorm, sending high winds to pour into the small room, and lightining to
attack the trees outside. The candles extinguished and plunged the terrified
girl into complete darkness. Serena screamed and covered her ears, close to
panic and forgot about the spell completely.

uncontrolably and a strong pair of arms embraced her. These arms offered her
comfort and warmth, and Serena burried her face in her rescuer's chest,
whimmpering quietly, until the storm had long past.

Serena raised her tear stained face and gazed at her hero. Through the new
morning's light she could see his sharpe masculine features, his dark
untamed hair, laying almost lazily against his forehead, his naughty lover's
grin smiling down at her and eyes like rare blue stones, dancing with
mysteries best left in the bedroom. Serena sniffled and shiffted in his
arms. "Uhn, Thankyou... who are you?" she asked confused.

The attractive young man smirked. "Sugar, I'm your's!" he said to the niaeve
girl's dismay. Before anymore action could be taken, Mistress Haruna, head
of the girl's dormatory and white witch's seminar for youn ladies, burst
into the room.

"What on Earth is THAT doing here?!" she screached. "Serenity White! You
should know the rules forbid summoning such creatures!"

"But.. but, Misstress haruna! I was just trying to summon my familiar..."
Serena whined as the young rogue rubbed her back, comfortingly.

"HA! Botched up another spell Sere.. WOW!! NIce familiar ya got there!" Mina
Shines stuck her head into the room, followed by those of her peers.


"Incubus?" the demon supplied grinning.

The young witches cackled as Serenity hung her head in shame. "Serenity
White!" Mistress Haruna stated, "Pack you things. You Are Expelled." It was
all Serena could do to not break down right then and there.