Chapter 4: News Flash

Darien was becoming more and more aware about just how
warm and comfortable he was feeling. With a pleased and
masculine sigh he opened his eyes to see softly snoring spun gold
dreaming peacefully in his arms. 'Ah. So Serena's why I'm feeling so
good.' He thought smugly, refusing to even begin to think about anything
else with or about the teenager.

Soon enough the blonde haired girl stretched and murmured, snuggling the poor
morally conscious incubus for a bit, before waking. "Morning!" she trilled cheerfully,
leaving the comfort of his embrace. "You make a nice pillow." She smiled semi-apologetically.

Any attempts at further conversations were soon put to a halt as a mighty fierce
roar, rumbled into the clearing. The guilty and red-faced female rubbed her loud
stomach and grimaced. "Soo.. what's for breakfast Darien?"

Darien couldn't help chuckling at the cute picture the young witch presented. "Well,
why don't you just magic up some grub?"

"I don't know how." Serena explained, embarrassed, "See we weren't allowed to
do those kinds of spells…"

"Then I'll just have to teach you wont I." Darien smiled his killer smile and helped
get Serena into position. He demonstrated the moves and corrected her when she
was off. Once he was satisfied, he stepped behind her, and with both hands comfortably
placed around her waist, he sensually whispered the incantation into her ear.

"O… okay." She gulped and concentrated.

"Open Gate of the Fae and reveal to me thine knowledge! Oh wise ones! Please aid me!"
she chanted feeling the faerie magic flow through them. "I call upon thee urban peasants
to make… a batch of banana and strawberry pancakes!"

In a whirl of twinkling smoke and scents, a feast of fruity pancake delights appeared
just as Serena had wished for. With a squeal of delight she dived into her delicious
breakfast, dizzy with the joy of not only good food but having cast a difficult spell without a hitch.

"We did it Darien!" she smiled, cheeks stuffed with pancakes and cream.

"Well technically I'm your familiar, so casting will be much easier, but the magic, babe,
was all you." He grinned, thinking she looked rather cute and squirrelly right then. 'This
girl has got some talent by the smell of it.'

Darien sighed as he watched her gobble her meal. He was somewhat jealous of the way
her attention was soo focused. 'Never thought I'd envy food.' He thought, amused.

"Hey Darien? Why aren't you eating?" Serena asked, confused, a bite of strawberry
left stranded halfway to her mouth.

"Huh? I don't eat that stuff." He snorted in surprise.

"What! Its good!" she whined, chomping down on the poor berry, "Don't knock it till you try it."

Darien ran a hand through his tousled black locks. "I didn't' mean it like that."

"Then how?" she pressed, curiosity evident in her innocent face.

"I mean, Demons don't eat like people do." He explained vaguely, beginning to get un-comfortable.

"like, demon fed off of emotions… so you eat… feelings?" she struggled to understand.

"Umm… no. Not quite." He shifted from side to side, "Don't make me Explain
it to you Again." He begged.

Suddenly the light went on in the dim blonde's head. "OH! I see! But how do…"
she stopped, cheeks flaring brightly, "uh never mind. I'd rather not know."

Darien couldn't resist grinning at hi flustered companion. "Riight… shall we be off then?"

Serena nodded and they continued trekking their way blindly through the woods.
Neither was willing to broach the problem of what to do when it was Darien's
time to 'feed', though both were thinking about it constantly. One with nervous
trepidation and the other with apprehensive curiosity.

It wasn't too long though when they came upon and unusual sight. It seemed as
if a smart little cottage had been placed in the glade just ahead. Now the 'idea'
of a lovely little cottage in a lovely little glade isn't soo unusual, and it definitely was
not why they were startled. No, it was the fact that This lovely cottage was made of
seashells and coral.

Curiosity got the better of them, and the duo scampered to knock on the smooth
driftwood door. It opened almost immediately to reveal the owner of this odd abode,
a slime and elegant, aqua haired, woman.

"Come in, I've been expecting you." She said, herding them through her door and
into her sitting room. Serena and Darien sat, boggled by the seer's hospitality, but
were content to wait as she served them tea.

"Now I know you must have lots of questions for me." She began, "So, where should we begin?"

"How about at the beginning, with what is your name?" Darien asked, ignoring his tea.

"Michiru. Charmed I'm sure."

"My name's Serenity White and this is Darien." Serena began, "you see, I was
a student at Mistress Haruna's Academy for Magically Inclined Girls, and during
my familiar summoning spell.. I err had an accident, and ended up summoning and
binding myself to Darien here. We're looking for a spell or something that will free
him, would you know of anything that could help us?"

Michiru rose and scanned her collection of old tomes from the bookshelf before choosing
one. Reseating herself she skimmed through the pages until she found what she was
looking for. "Hmm… just as I suspected. I'm afraid that binding spell is quite permanent."


"See the only way to break such a powerful spell would be at the death of the
castor, in our case Serenity." She proclaimed.

"There must be another, less fatal way!"

Michiru read and thought some more and sighed. "Well unless You become a demon,
there by changing your makeup enough to cancel the spell, or You become a human,
there by making the spells range moot, I see no other alternative."

"So we're stuck then." Darien breathed, "How about my erm, feeding habits?"

"Where that's where things will get tricky.' She confessed, "Here let me demonstrate."
To Darien's surprise, she got up only to plop herself sensually back down, upon his lap.
To his further surprise, his very own hands quickly removed her from her spot, not a moment later.

"You see, due to the binding, Darien can only be satisfied by his 'mistress'. Though, you'll
probably be happy to know, that because of that, you don't have to 'do it' anytime soon."
Michiru informed them as she dusted herself off. "You only need to be touching each other
from time to time and you'll be fine."

The shell-shocked pair thanked the wise woman for her help and made their exit. Michiru
waved at them from her door, until they were out of sight, musing on how her dear old school mate
Serenity senior would take the news of her daughter's new beau.

The couple was lost to their own troubled thoughts as they marched on and eventually out
of the forest. Serena was busy contemplating the unfairness of it all while Darien was busy
musing over his apparent fate.

'I wonder what mother would do if I became a demon?' Serena reasoned, 'for a surely
don't wish to die, and I definitely want to help Darien. Oh poor Darien. This is all my fault.'

'I wonder is there are fates worse than eternal slavery?' Darien mused next to his silent
partner. 'Perhaps… marriage?'