Arwen sat gently on the bed she and her husband shared.

She thought of all the great things the man lying in front of her had accomplished in the last 200 odd years. He was so strong. And gentle, oh she loved him so much.

He would not be taken from her, he had the will of the Valer to get through any hurt. Arwen remembered all the times when her brothers would bring him in brused, cut and almost dead. He was such a risk taker, always getting into trouble.

No, he would not be taken from her, but go of his own choice, that power was granted to him.

Arwen crystal tear of happiness and sorrow fell down her cheek and landed on Aragorns.

With out opening his eyes he woke up and gently tugged her into his arms, she wrapped her arms around his neck and scooted up to kiss his cheek.

But Aragorn turned his head and caught her lips with his.

Oh, once in your life you find someone Who will turn your world around

They began to whisper softly, telling the other what they already knew. I love you Arwen. I love you Estel.

They became quite. Then, a soft desperate, Hold me, came from Arwen. Then Arwen began to cry.

Aragorn held his love and Queen, humming her to a deep refreshing sleep.

And love is all that I need,

And I found it there in your heart

He kissed her eyelids first, and then made his way around her face, barely touching it with his lips.

The whole night he remained awake, watching after her, kissing and caressing her face every now and then

The night sky was starting to lighten up, preparing for first dawns light.

Aragorn look upward toward the ceiling, I'm ready. He kissed her lips one last time and breathed goodbye.

Now our dreams are coming true

Through the good times and the bad I'll be standing there by you

Arwen woke up to the feel of a kiss and a whispered word. She looked in Estle's eyes for the last time. "Goodbye." She was a moment to late, he was with her no more. She reached up and closed his eyelids.

And then sighed, and stroked his hair like she had done millions of times before when they were together alone.

Then the tears came.

It was morning, and her son should tell his kingdom that the king was dead.

Arwen hugged Aragorn's body close one last time, then straightened him out under the covers. Smoothed his hair around his face and placed a kiss on his brow.

She opened the door to find the Crown Prince, and Legolas standing out side. She looked at her old friend and brother almost to her husband. "He is gone."

Her son looked at her and shook his head and went into the room to see for himself. Legolas hugged Arwen as the tears ran down his face. He kissed her cheek, and then looked into her eyes for a brief moment to make sure all was right. It was. Holding her hands he bowed, then dropped them to go into the room to comfort the sobbing King of Gondor.

Arwen walked down the halls to the garden. She had a long wait infront of her. When the wait was over, she might t be able to see her Estle again. Thinking this, she entered the garden, and the elvin light left her eyes.

The End