Simply Devine
-By the Emperor's Sister

Darien was so excited, he could barely contain himself, as he waited in his
seat for his name to be called. Soon, soon he would travel to the beautifull
green earth and become one lucky mortal's guardian angel.

"Darien? Serenity will see you now. Good Luck and God Bless!"

Darien jerked to his feet and practically skipped inot the holy archangel's
office. It was a serenely white room, the soft tinkle of music could be
faintly heard. He sat down int the chair provided and gazed hopefully up at
the vision before him.

"Welcome Darien." Serenity breathed, "I have been expecting you for some
time. You are to be the guiding light in a very special young girl's life."
Darien didn't even blink as she continued. "She is beng born, June 30th, so
you'd best hurry. You are dismissed."

Darien flew out of Serenity's office and down to earth. He landed at the
bedside of a matronly woman, just as a sweet little blonde bundle of joy
came into the new world, giggling.

"Serena... her name is .. Serena." the tired mother gasped. Darien smiled,
pleased with her choice.