Simply Divine part 4.
by The Emperor's Sister

'Victory is Mine!' Darien thought smugly as he stood in his empty, new apartment
. His new home was a one bedroom, bachelor pad with bathroom, salon, kitchen,
and balcony. There was a laundry room in the basement he was allowed to use,
but he desperately needed clothing and furnishings first.

With a light heart and plenty of faith in his step, he pocketed the keys to his new
abode and marched out the door, into a flock of elderly neighbors.

"Oh.. I'm sorry." He apologized sincerely to their delight.

"My, what a charming young man you are." One smiling old crone said.

"Handsome too." Another friendly grandmother decreed.

The ancient male in their group strode forward and clasped Darien's hand in
a still strong grip. Shaking it purposefully, he proclaimed at all, Darien's status
as "our young blooded new neighbor".

Darien smiled down at the gathering and suffered silently at their embarrassing
and probing questions. They 'oohed' and 'ahhed' sympathetically at his
orphaned and amnesia story, and 'hmmed' and hawed' at his single state.
Darien soon found himself the adopted son and grandson to most of the
buildings residents, whether he wanted to or no. Before he was about to go
in search of necessities for his new home, but now he found himself the some
what proud owner of soo many nick-knacks that he was baffled as to
where and what he would do with them all.

It was many hours later that Darien was finally able to leave his fully furnished
bachelor pad. He decided that it was time to report his successes to his pal
Andrew, who would probably be just as amused as he was with the results
of today's efforts as he was. He headed for the Crown Arcade, where
coincidently, a petite blonde girl was nursing a milkshake as she moped
over the loss of the prince of her dreams.