The Shylock Dynasty – Epilogue.

Please be aware that this epilogue is rated M for serious mature adult content. By which I mean naked smutty people. If you do not want to read this please click away now.

Have to say an absolutely massive thank you to HoochieMomma who helped me so much with this, and everyone at the TSA who are so supportive and generally fab.

That first night, it was all anyone could do to sleep.

Callum was tucked up in a make shift bed in his great-grandmother's room, more than a little anxious about being alone. Which left Buffy and Angel on their lonesome with a big comfy bed. In a room with no bleeping machines, ward announcements, visitors or needles. The being home list of perks after surviving a major fire was almost endless.

Sweet numbing slumber won out over crazy monkey sex, for inexplicable reasons.

It was well into the morning when Buffy woke and rolled over, clutching at the sheets to find her lover as she opened her bleary eyes.

"Angel?" She yawned, coming up empty.

The door clicked open. "I'm here."

Buffy was suddenly feeling very awake. Angel'd slung yesterday's trousers back on, but other than that he was very naked. Very deliciously naked. Smooth white skin led from the peeking half open fly to his stubbly chin. She swallowed a breath she didn't know she was holding.

He held up the tray in his hand higher. "Breakfast?" She hadn't even seen it. But there on one of her grandmother's old wooden trays, and with a flower stolen from the vase in the kitchen - were steaming piles of bacon and toast.

"Thanks." She murmured, feeling suddenly shy as she sat up, drawing the covers closer around her. It wasn't their usual kind of morning after. She relaxed a little as he sat next to her and set the tray down, offering her juice as he sipped on his own. They'd never had a morning after without sex. Obviously when they had first dated at school as horny teenagers there was no such thing as too tired and mornings consisted of Angel climbing out the window before her mother caught them. Their only other overnight together had been that one day, the little snap shot of happiness before Angel had left to rescue his sister from their livid dad, that particular day had been emphatically biblical too.

It was nice. It felt normal. Like breakfast in bed on Mothers Day.

"What time is it?"

"Ten." Angel passed her a folded note. "Fionn took Callum to see some relation, figured we needed to sleep."

Buffy nodded gratefully as her eyes swept over the swooping curls of Fionn's writing.

He was wolfing down food and smiling a little so Buffy quickly made her own bacon sandwich before the rest was gone. "You look like you haven't eaten for decades."

He shot her a rogue smile. "Sorry. Feel like I forgot how good food tastes." He scrunched a napkin in one fist as he swallowed his next mouthful. "Do you think there's some chocolate in this house? I love chocolate."

Buffy nodded bemused. "Possibly even ice cream."

"Oh!" He sighed. "Food is amazing."

"Feels good to be alive doesn't it?" She guessed and Angel shot her a pleased look before pressing a kiss to her temple.

"Makes me feel pretty stupid if I'm honest. Worrying for years about whether you might have moved on when I could have just called and asked."

"Yeah." She swallowed a big bite of sandwich thoughtfully. "Don't think I've forgotten about that either. You will be punished." She threatened as her mind moved to delicious visual places. Angel spread armed and chained to the bed while… "I mean, erm. You were stupid. Obviously."

Angel crossed his arms and flicked a skeptical eyebrow at her. "I'm not the only one who could have called, Buffy. I think punishment is going to have to go both ways."

Buffy gulped audibly. "Or you know, we could just call it quits." He shot her a dirty look that made her belly warm in all the right places. "Or not, either way."

He was still looking at her.

"So," she ran her fingers over the edge of the wrinkled blue sheet in an attempt to distract herself from her growing distraction. "how 'bout this whole gaelic hockey thing? Ever played?"

"Yes." He answered, unhelpfully succinctly. Angel was half-lying down, twisted towards her on the bed so he was propped up on his left arm. It hadn't been just her and him shirtless in a long time. She'd forgotten how much totally unnecessary muscle he had. He was an artist for fuck's sake, no painter needed arms like…

"It looks really, like, dangerous." Buffy shot out, desperate to say something to fill the yawning silence as he studied her.

She was wearing yummy sushi pyjamas. Pink cotton. With fish on. God knows what her hair looked like. The blush started creeping up from her collar bone as his right arm inched towards her, hovering just moments away from the bare skin of her wrist where her jammies had ridden up. "Can be." he murmured.

Angel's hand was on her arm, and she had no clue why it was making her so incredibly nervous. At least forty-nine percent of her wanted to snatch her arm away jump up and suggest star jumps to run off the sexual tension.

The other fifty-one percent was already licking sweat from his collarbone.

His thumb ran up and down the skin of her forearm in delicious circles that reminded her of the way…

Somehow, he was closer. Buffy didn't think Angel had moved and yet… and now her leg was looped over his hip. Casually, like it had always been there, with his crotch inches from hers.

Angel's arm drifted up the cloth of her top riding it up gently as his fingers searched for warm flesh. Somewhere past her waist he stopped and bought his hand up to her face, cradling her cheek as he leaned in for a kiss. "Is this okay?" He murmured gently. "I know it's soon."

"Soon, shmoon." A giggle rose in her chest and his sweet smile lit up her soul a little as his kiss caught her again, trapping her bottom lip between his and sucking it gently between his teeth in a way that made her clamp her thighs together in anticipation.

He smiled, releasing, her captive lip and she hissed in delight. "I missed how much you love that."

Buffy grinned back, pressing her own kiss against his lips. "You're not the only one who remembers things you know."

Wrapping her leg tighter around his hip, she pushed gently against his shoulder with her hand, directing him as he rolled onto his back, pulling her with him, his hands sliding from her face, to waist, to ass. She relished in the feel of him pressing against her through their clothes. Wolfish smirks matching as Buffy bent down to lick at his collarbone. Moving her head to one side, she licked along the column of Angel's neck in one smooth movement, one hand holding her balanced. She delighted in its grip around his firm tricep, while cradling his head and as she buried her fingers in his hair settling against him, licking and sucking on his neck as he shuddered against her, his hands roaming above her clothes 'til he let out a frustrated moan.

"Too many clothes." Angel hissed. As she pulled away, his chocolate brown eyes seemed to darken with lust: it had him pulling at the buttons on the front of her shirt impatiently. She hurried to help, pulling the whole thing over her head and chucking it on the floor hearing the muffled clink as a glass was knocked over. As she turned to see what happened, Angel grabbed at her shoulders, pulling her down for another kiss, bringing their bare chests softly together.

It felt like heaven. To be close enough to feel every inch of his skin… Angel's hands were tugging at her baggy PJ bottoms impatiently as his tongue met her lips demandingly.

Buffy pulled back, leaving her arms flat on his delectable chest, heart thumping uncontrollably. It was obviously too soon. Anyone could see that. Hell, if Willow was here, there'd be all kinds of chastising going on. But her fingers still ran down his chest, past his belly button and through the wiry hair there, leading in a wicked trail downwards till her digits hit the fly of his slacks.

They were already half undone, she reasoned, and it was short work to pop the last few buttons. "Buttons?" She echoed out loud. Angel simply shrugged. He'd thrown his hands up behind his head and was watching her with a lustful stare, eyes on her bare breasts. They were still pretty perky, even for having had a child, though she got the impression he magically couldn't see any flaws, and was instead just extremely happy to be seeing them again as his cock twitched against her.

Just as she was about to lift her hips and shuffle off the last of their clothing, he caught her hand. She'd been so wrapped up in the way he was staring at her she hadn't even noticed his movement - as she caught his eye, he pulled her back down to flip them back over, until he was kneeling between her legs. His head hovered over hers. "I love you, and I'm really sorry I waited so long to get on with getting you back."

Buffy nodded wordlessly. She'd kept her son from his father - not intentionally, precisely. But it was wrong and his abject apologies for not coming back for her only made her guilt worse. Buffy opened her mouth to reply but Angel shook his head a little sadly. "Don't Buffy. I know." His lips seized hers again and the sweet taste of him jolted her back from her thoughts.

He moved from her lips, kissing along her jaw and down to pause at her neck, sucking and nibbling in reciprocation of her own attention to his sensitive spot. Her hands roamed freely along the lines of his back, one hand tracing the tattoo on his shoulder out of habit as in turn one of his palms rose to gently cup her breast

She lost her breath the first time his thumb moved over her nipple in the same gentle flick he'd used on her wrist at the start. His mouth found the other breast a moment later and Buffy's sigh rapidly become a moan, Angel's talented mouth and tongue making short work of her reservations. Each flick of his tongue across her sensitive flesh made her ache a bit more, until the fire that was swirling in her belly made her writhe against him and her thighs ached with desperation

When Angel raised himself up and started peeling off her pyjama bottoms, the possibility of sex seemed - as if it hadn't so obviously been on the cards already - totally present. "Um. Angel?" He glanced up at her as he shuffled down the bed to pull the cloth over her feet. "I'm not on the pill, or anything."

"It's fine. I mean, I've got stuff. If you want to…" Angel clarified self-consciously, and she remembered how sweet he had been the first time; how careful that she would be okay. It would be lovely to be able to look back and have him be the only man she'd ever slept with, and her his, even if it wasn't true.

"Yes." She replied quickly. Wishing the yawning, awkward gulf between them would disappear.

Hesitantly, he stood, dropping his pants quickly before climbing hurriedly back on to the bed. More quickly than she'd wanted, to have a good look and admire him properly after so long.

His body pressed against hers, the whole length, from toes to kissing lips. Her heart ached at the familiarity - she had missed this so much, as well as his company. Smooth fingers skimmed her bare flesh, everywhere he touched feeling so much more alive than it had twenty minutes before. His cock was resolutely hard and pressing against the soft flesh on her belly insistently.

Buffy knew what Angel wanted... Knew he wanted long and sweet and gentle. Full of kisses and promises and I Love Yous. But right now, all she wanted was him.

Inside her.

Impatiently, she pulled Angel further on top of her, sliding her legs open to draw him tighter against her. Loving the feeling of their skin touching was nothing compared to having his cock finally pressing against the tight wet heat of her. It was torturously divine - the thought of anything but Buffy and Angel shagging like bunnies for the rest of their lives was totally incomprehensible as Angel hissed in her ear and thrust against her. "Condom," she breathed through her own moan. "Now."

Buffy had no idea where he got it from. But the little silver and blue packet flashed past her vision for a moment before she could hear the foil being ripped open and the condom rolled on.

When he leaned back against her, she could feel the slick latex pressing on her and feckless keenness flashed through her body. Wrapping herself around him, she rolled them, Angel only too happy to oblige, until Buffy was once again sitting in his lap.

Just much more naked. And wet. And very, very ready.

Silently, she puffed a breath of air out, watching Angel's captivated face as she gripped his cock with one hand and lowered slowly herself onto him.

Naked had been good, naked and touching better. But Angel inside her? If it was possible to orgasm from thoughts alone, that there as she stretched to take his length would've been it.

"Doesn't get much better than this." Buffy breathed out, and Angel nodded as he arched his back and his eyes rolled back in his head from the feel of her tightening around him.

"No." He moaned back. "Missed you."

She lifted her hips. As his cock ran past every sensitive spot, she shuddered and moaned until his fingers found her hips and pulled her back down again.

This was glorious... wonderous, and a host of other words that would trip off her tongue and onto the page of her next book if she could keep a single thought in her head beyond how good Angel felt. How happy his lust-filled eyes roaming her flesh made her, how safe his whispered 'love yous', how fucking turned on when one resourceful finger found her clit. Until she wasn't just writhing against his cock - against the filling of her with him, but against his hand and the sparks that shot from his every touch and poured through her body.

He was struggling to control himself, pulling at the sheets as he slammed his hips upwards, faster and faster, pinching at her clit with every ounce of concentration he had. Angel's desperation that she hit that point too, that she join him, catching his eye and watching him mouth 'love you' again, pushed that little spark past the 'so good it hurts' and into full-on waves of pleasure that wracked her body as she lost control herself, collapsing against Angel as her hips jerked and her inner muscles fluttered around his cock. He was groaning loudly in her ear, his chest flung up to meet her as he wrapped her tightly in a crushing hug and exploded inside her.

Sweat pooled between them and everything smelled of attraction and sex. Panting in symphony, they lay together for a long time, Buffy pulling him closer and closer, wrapping her arms around as much flesh as she could get at.

"I love you."

Buffy rolled away eventually, too sweaty to keep clutching her lover as though he might disappear again - now at this very moment. Lying next to each other on the bed they stayed just about touching and staring mutely at the artex ceiling as they waiting for their hearts to calm down.

"We never decided on America or Ireland."

Angel shifted onto his side, spooned around his girl and kissed her hair gently as his hand found hers. "America. If you'll have me."

"Always." She stretched, sated beside him. "But you've gotta do the dishes."

He laughed and the mattress rumbled with him. "Buffy, if you're happy to put up with me, I'd do way more than the dishes. And sex. There will be lots of sex, right?"

"Hell yes."

The (Actual) End