Harry Potter and the Return of James T. Kirk

Chapter 10-


"You Are Cordially Invited..."



by Jake Sisko, FNS Bajoran Sector Bureau Chief


The United Federation of Planets welcomed the first planet to join the Federation that is not located in the Alpha or Beta Quadrants of the Milky Way Galaxy.

In a ceremony in the Great Hall of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Federation President Nanietta Bacco presented the Articles of Federation to Mr. Cornelius Fudge, leader of the government of planet Gamma Germanicus 7 of the Gamma Quadrant, hereafter to be referred to as "Hogwarts" in all matters. Fudge, titled "Minister of Magic," signed the Articles, thus making Hogwarts the 155th member of the Federation since its founding 220 years ago.

With the unanimous support of the Federation Council, Harold James "Harry" Potter has been named Hogwarts Ambassador to the United Federation of Planets. Potter, aged 17 Terran standard years old, is considered an adult on Hogwarts, which has a civilization based on magics and other mystical arts.

The Federation first made contact with Hogwarts on Stardate 57083.4, when the USS Titan discovered the intact saucer section of the long-lost USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A. Potter, along with several recently-graduated students of the educational institution named Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and the Titan away team flew the saucer off the planet.

After mating the saucer to a stardrive section from the Qualor II shipyards and undergoing a eight-week refit, the Enterprise-A was instrumental in the return to this physical plane of Captain James T. Kirk from the "Nexus" energy ribbon and the destruction of the renegade Suliban cabal that destroyed shipyards in orbit of Earth and Vulcan, as well as the defeat of Voldemort, Hogwarts' most wanted man.

In recognition of her crew's heroic deeds in this difficult time, Vice Admiral Kathryn Janeway has granted special dispensation for the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A to retain its current name and registry number, marking the first time in the proud history of all ships named Enterprise that two ships carrying the Enterprise name will be in active service at the same time.

The newly-announced Ambassador Potter and his party will depart from Hogwarts in two weeks, following his wedding to fiancé Ginerva Ann "Ginny" Weasley. Representatives from both Starships Enterprise and the Titan will attend the wedding, with Titan commanding officer Captain William T. Riker officiating the ceremony.


Harry put down the PADD and smiled at Ron, Draco and Colin Creevey. "Well, Ambassador, you and Ginny are getting married tomorrow," Ron said. "Nervous?" "Just a little," Harry said. Colin turned to Draco. "So, how are things between you and Cho?"

"While we were waiting on DS9, Captain Sisko performed a traditional Bajoran wedding," Draco said. The comm sounded. "Malfoy to Ambassador Potter," Cho's voice said. "Go ahead, Cho," Harry said. "You have an incoming transmission from DS9. It's Colonel Kira." Harry turned to the fireplace of the room at the Leaky Cauldron that was serving as his temporary Ambassadorial residence. "Put it through, Cho," Harry said.

The fireplace dissolved into a Starfleet monitor screen. The Federation insignia was replaced by Colonel Kira. "Harry, I have just received a message from Denobula for you," Kira said, holding up a Bajoran PADD. "'It is with great pride and respect that Denobula's Ambassador to the United Federation of Planets, Drufta Phlox, will attend the wedding of Hogwarts Ambassador Harold James Potter and his glorfka (Denobulan word for "fiancée"), Ginerva Molly Weasley. The Federation starship Miyazaki will arrive in Hogwarts orbit at 1500 hours Federation Standard on Stardate 58013.'"

"Thank you, Kira," Harry said. "Any word from Starfleet Command?" "Yes, Harry," Kira said. "But, I feel it would be inappropriate for me to say this without Hermione here." "My thoughts exactly," Harry said. "Ambassador Potter to Malfoy." "Malfoy here," Cho said. "Cho, please inform Hermione that I want to see her," Harry said.

Hermione apparated into the room. "Yeah, Harry?" Hermione said. "Kira, go ahead," Harry said. "Hermione, as you undoubtedly know, when a planet joins the Federation, its self-defense organization is absorbed into Starfleet. And the Aurors of Hogwarts are no exception. Admiral Janeway, in light of your service during the recent Suliban emergency, has awarded a full Starfleet commission with the rank of Lieutenant Commander to Hermione Jane Granger and assigned her to the position of Head of Ambassadorial Security for Hogwarts Ambassador to the Federation Harold James Potter. Congratulations, Commander Granger," Kira said.

"Tell Admiral Janeway thank you. But soon, it will be Lieutenant Commander Hermione Weasley. Granger, out." The monitor switched back to the Federation insignia, then was replaced by the holographic fireplace.

The next day, Harry awoke to hear a knocking on the door. "Who is it?" Harry asked. "It's Hermione," the voice on the other side of the door said. Harry tied on a robe and smiled. "Come in," Harry said. The door opened, revealing Hermione in her new Starfleet dress uniform. "Uniform looks good on you, 'Mione," Harry said.

"Thanks, Harry. The Starship Miyazaki will enter orbit in one hour, with the wedding ceremony beginning ninety Terran minutes following," Hermione said, reading from the PADD in her hand, then handing it to Harry for his approval. "Captain Riker will officiate the ceremony, with Professor Flitwick assisting."

Harry looked at the PADD for a moment, then handed it back to Hermione. "Anything else?" Harry asked. "Yes," Hermione said. "I spoke to Captain Mendez on the Miyazaki and he told me that he'd be glad to escort you to Earth." "Tell him," Harry said after a moment's thought, "that I appreciate his offer, but I wish to go to Earth aboard the Enterprise-A."

Hermione tapped a few keys on the PADD. "Now, if there's nothing else, I'd like to go check on Ginny, see how she's doing," Hermione said. "'Mione, please wear your dress robes to the wedding," Harry said. "As I told you, the uniform is flattering on you, but I do want a little bit of Hogwarts tradition in this ceremony."

"Yes, Mr. Ambassador," Hermione said before leaving Harry to resume his preparations for the wedding. "Mr. Ambassador," Harry thought. "I think I like the sound of that."

An hour later, Harry, Hermione (now in her dress robes with Starfleet commbadge) and Minister Fudge were waiting just outside the main gates of Hogwarts as three towers of transporter energy resolved into Miyazaki Captain Alejandro Mendez, Denobulan Amabssador Drufta Phlox and Bajoran First Minister Shaakar Edon.

"Captain Mendez, Ambassador Phlox and First Minister Shaakar, welcome to Hogwarts. I am Cornelius Fudge, Minister of Magic and leader of the government here. You know Ambassador Harold Potter, and this is Lieutenant Commander Hermione Granger, Head of Ambassadorial Security," Fudge said, gesturing to Harry and Hermione in turn.

Captain Mendez nodded at Harry and Hermione. Phlox stepped up to Harry. "Ambassador Phlox, would you happen to be related to Neethas Phlox, Chief Medical Officer of the Earth Ship Enterprise during Earth's 2150s?" Harry asked.

"Yes, he was my fourth great-grandfather," Phlox said. "That is the reason I came." Phlox reached in his pocket and pulled out a gold necklace. On it was a charm engraved "H&G Forever." "My ancestor wanted this to be given to you on your joining day," Phlox said. "Thanks a lot, Ambassador," Harry said.

Shaakar stepped forward as Harry put the necklace in the pocket of his robes. Shaakar grabbed Harry's ear by the lobe and closed his eyes. After re-opening his eyes, Shaakar smiled at Harry. "Your pagh (Bajoran term for a person's life force) is strong, Harry," he said. "All of Bajor's children join me in offering the Prophets' blessings on your union with Miss Weasley."

"Thank you very much, Minister," Harry said. "Let's go inside and see how the final preparations are going."

Inside Hogwarts School's Great Hall, Harry smiled when he saw the Federation and Hogwarts flags set up to either side of the lecturn from which Captain Riker and Professor Flitwick would oversee the wedding. Harry saw Ron and Draco helping two Starfleet officers with some of the decorations, while Cho and Deanna were sharing stories about married life.

An hour later, in what used to be Dumbledore's office, Harry sighed. "A little nervous, Harry?" a familiar voice said. Harry wheeled around and saw Dumbeldore's portrait. "A little, to be honest, Professor," Harry said. "Which is perfectly natural, Harry. Believe you me, since I was married several times when I was alive. I was nervous every single time," Dumbledore said.

"I have been told by Professor McGonagal that we are now part of the United Federation of Planets and that you've been selected to serve as our Federation Ambassador," Dumbledore said. "Yes, that's right," Harry said. "Ginny, Lieutenant Commander Granger--Hermione--and Ron will be joining me for the trip to Earth on the Enterprise-A in one fortnight's time (two weeks for the uneducated)."

"And what is this I hear from Minerva about Draco Malfoy and Cho Chang getting married?" Dumbledore's portrait asked. "Well, when we were on Deep Space 9 during our layover after we defeated the Suliban and Voldemort, Captain Sisko-the commander of DS9 and a religious figure to the Bajorans-performed a Bajoran ceremony," Harry said. "I wish I could have seen it," Dumbledore's portrait said. "But, I had to do what I had to do in order to help you beat Voldemort."

"That's all right, sir," Harry said. "Lieutenant Commander Granger to Ambassador Potter," a voice said. Harry tapped the Hogwarts crest commbadge he wore on his dress robes. "Yeah, Hermione?" Harry said. "Captain Riker and Professor Flitwick are ready to begin when you are," Hermione said. "Tell them that I'll be down there in fifteen minutes-stairwells permitting," Harry said.

Harry could hear a slight chuckle over the open channel. "I will tell them, Harry. Granger, out." "Off you go, Harry. And, good luck," Dumbeldore's portrait said. "I'll never forget you, Albus," Harry said. "And, as I tried to tell Nicolas all those years ago, that is the only true form of immortality one can have," Dumbledore's portrait said.

Down in the Great Hall, Captain Riker stood at the lectern Dumbledore used to use when addressing the students, with Professor Flitwick standing alongside. Harry stood facing the lectern. A clap of thunder rang out across the Hall. Harry looked up to see the Enterprise-A, the Enterprise-E and the Titan on the enchanted ceiling of the Hall.

A chime rang out, then went into a soft processional as the groomsmen and bridesmaids-dressed in a mix of Starfleet uniforms and dress robes, depending on affiliation-walked in. Finally, when the last pair had taken up positions standing to either side of the lecturn, "Here Comes the Bride" began to play as the doors opened once more.

Ginny-arm in arm with her father, Arthur Weasley-walked into the Hall as the gathered viewers stood. Her fiery red hair was tied into a bun that made Harry remember Hermione at the Yule Ball during their fourth year. Her gown shone in the starlight reflected from the enchanted ceiling. Harry smiled as Arthur put Ginny's hand in his. "Good luck, Ambassador," Arthur said, then kissed Ginny and moved to sit with Ginny's mother, Molly.

Riker set a PADD on the lectern, pushed a button on it, then began to speak. "Love is universal," Riker began. "And although the rituals to celebrate it vary from culture to culture in this galaxy we live in, one thing is certain: that when true love is found by a man and a woman, nothing should stand in their way."

"In preparing to host this ceremony, I have done research on the customs of marriage practiced by the inhabitants of Hogwarts and found that they are virtually identical to those practiced on my home planet of Earth. And so, under those customs, we are gathered here today to join Hogwarts Ambassador to the United Federation of Planets Harold James Potter to Miss Ginerva Molly Weasley in the eternal bond of matrimony."

"Who gives away the bride?" Riker said. Arthur stood up. "I do. Mr. Arthur Weasley, Under-Secretary in Charge of Enchanted Objects and father of the bride," Arthur said. After he sat back down, Riker gestured for Flitwick to step forward and perform the solemnization.

After the exchange of vows was completed, Riker smiled, then looked at Harry and Ginny. "Harold James Potter and Ginerva Molly Weasley, under the authority vested in me by the United Federation of Planets and the tradition of the sea and stars, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride."

Harry smiled, then lifted Ginny's veil and kissed her for the first time as husband and wife.



"Ambassador on the Bridge!" Kirk said. Harry and Ginny smiled as the Bridge crew stood in respect to a superior. "Be seated," Harry said. All but Kirk resumed their stations. "Ambassador, would you like to take her out?" Kirk said, gesturing for Harry to sit in the command chair. "I'd be honoured," Harry said. Harry moved over to the command chair, while Ginny sat at the Helm, vacated by Scotty, who moved over to Engineering.

"Mr. Weasley, is the ship ready to depart?" Harry asked. Ron nodded. "All stations are ready to depart," Ron said. "Then," Harry said to Ginny, "Mr. Potter, take us out of orbit at 1/4 impulse. Once we have cleared the system, set course for the wormhole, Warp 5." "Aye, sir," Ginny said.

As Hogwarts receded from view, Harry knew that his biggest adventure had only just begun. But, with a loving wife and good friends at his side, Harry knew he could handle it just fine.

To be continued in

Harry Potter and the Fountain of Possibilities