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Ginny Weasley strolled into the great hall, a new girl called Rachel Remus on her shoulder. Rachel was being extremely annoying, flicking her wand at tables and she even turned Draco Malfoy's hat into a joke-water-squirter.

Harry grabbed hold of it, first opportunity, and soaked Draco. "My dad will be furious at me for soaking my school hat!" Draco yelled at him, slamming his bag down at his usual place on his table.

Harry laughed.

"It's only a hat," Ron taunted.

"Yes, but I heard him say it's a very expensive hat," Hermione said, looking over at him. He had retrieved his hat, and was now wringing all the water out. "And I bet his dad will be furious."

"He always brags about his dad," Ron muttered, grabbing a pot of jam and three knifes. "And Harry's dad is much better to talk about, isn't he? What do you think, Harry?"

"Yeah, he is," Harry said bluntly.

"So can we talk about him?"

"Yeah, sure," Harry said, turning away.

"You don't seem too sure, Harry," Hermione said. "Hey, to take your mind off things, do you know the school's holding feminine trials?"

"Feminine trials?" Harry and Ron asked together.

"Yeah, Ginny's holding them," said another voice, and the trio turned and saw Fred's smiling face. "Supposed to be really good. Get a chance for a make-over. I might go in for it, myself."

"What, get made-over like a girl?" Ron asked, and then snorted into his toast. "I don't believe you. I don't believe you'd enter."

"Enter what?" Ginny said, sitting down at a spare seat next to Hermione. A tray of pink leaflets were put on the table, and she handed one leaflet to each person who was present. "Oh, they're just the leaflets."

"Why'd you call it Feminine Trials?" Ron asked her, stuffing a forkful of mash-potato in his mouth.

"Well, I just thought it would be silly to call them anything else," Ginny said and eyed her leaflets carefully, looking for mistakes.

"Why?" Ron pressed.

"Well, because more girls are likely to enter than boys," Ginny told him, sipping pumpkin juice from her goblet. "I'd change it if you like, so Harry will enter. I thought the name was logical."

"Oh it is, it is," Harry said quickly.

"Will you enter?" Ron asked him as he swallowed his mash-potato.

"What?" Harry said, shocked.

"Well, Ginny just said she'd change the name so you'll enter," Ron said, looking at Ginny and then at him and back to Ginny again. He seemed confused, really confused, like he didn't know what he was talking about.

"I won't enter, don't worry," Harry said.

"It's not like anyone will," Ron assured him happily, eyeing his sister cautiously. "It's not exactly the event of the century."

Ginny turned scarlet and Harry saw a tear leak out of her eye.

"Ok, I'll enter," he told her, ignoring Ron's face. Ginny produced a sheet of the best parchment and a beautiful quill pen and told him to write his name. Then she skipped off, taking the tray of leaflets with her.

"Harry, you idiot!" Ron hissed.

"What?" Harry asked, obviously puzzled.

"Draco Malfoy saw you join, Harry, and now he's talking to Ginny," Hermione whispered frantically, pointing over to the end of the Slytherin table.

Sure enough, Draco was. And when Harry saw Draco grasp the quill and put it to the parchment, he feared something bad was going on.

"He can get out of it, can't he?" Ron asked.

"I'm not sure," Hermione said truthfully, and picked up the leaflet and flicked through it.

Ron saw her face and, like Harry, feared the worst.