By the way, when I mentioned the copy in chapter four...everyone who gets a gender change has to have one so no one knows they're missing from their real body, but Harry hasn't got a copy, has he?

Gee whizz, Chapter Six...


Harry woke up in the dormitory early on Sunday morning. Today Hermione had promised to take him to the library to search for clues, and maybe to Diagon Alley as well, and he hoped she hadn't forgotten.

Snape had given him – well, her – detention. "And I want you to find a cure, as I don't want to be looking at that face all the time," he'd spat at Harry when the bell had rang.

"Yes, sir," Harry had answered.

Hermione came down to the common room half an hour later. "All set? Well, I am and I thought that we could miss breakfast..."

"I can't miss breakfast because of books," Harry told her, quickly, before he was dragged to the library without nourishment. "I'll look at as many books as you want me to, if I can have something to eat first."

"Ok," Hermione agreed.

"Sure you don't mind?" Harry asked.

"I'll wait here," Hermione assured him. "Just in case Ron comes down, so I can tell him that we didn't mean to keep your secret from him."

"Right," Harry said, nodding.

He left, and Hermione sighed. "I really hope he finds a cure soon," said a voice. Hermione spun round.

There, in the comfiest chair in the common room, sat Lavender Brown. "I'm not having any breakfast either. Is that really Harry that you were talking to? And I thought her name was Alice."

"Oh, it is," Hermione said shakily.

Lavender Brown smiled, and Hermione nodded.

"I was talking about Harry with her," she added a second later. "She's new – do you know that? I am supposed to be showing her around, she's really nice once you get to know her."

Lavender Brown shot her an odd look, and walked off. "Your's short. I thought you'd never get rid of your long hair," Lavender said before she said the portrait-password to get out of the room.

Hermione put a hand to her head in horror. Her hair wasn't short. It had just been a wind-up.

And she was glad.