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I've found a reason for me
To change who I used to be
A reason to start over new
And the reason is you

I've found a reason to show
A side of me you didn't know
A reason for all that I do
And the reason is you

I've found a reason for meTo change who I used to beA reason to start over newAnd the reason is you
Draco stood by helplessly as Cody and Dumbledore walked out the front door of Moony House and closed it firmly behind them. He wrenched his arm from Snape's tight grasp and glared at his ex-professor with barely contained rage.

"I can't believe you would let Dumbledore do this to me!" he accused furiously, his grey eyes dark with emotion.

Snape calmly re-activated the security wards and slipped his wand back into the folds of his black robe before replying. "I happen to agree with him."

"Why the fuck would you agree with that old fool?" Draco demanded, nostrils flaring with anger.

"Because he has a point, Draco." Snape's voice had a definite edge to it. "It would be foolish for either of us to be seen in that area right now, it could be a trap."

"Yes, with Harry as bait!" Draco cried.

"More the reason for you not to suddenly show up out of the blue. The Dark Lord is clearly trying to flush out any traitors and would kill you on the spot."


"This way," Snape cut in sternly. "The other Order members can go and search for him while we wait here." He paused, watching as Draco clenched and unclenched his fists in agitation. "Knowing Potter, he'll probably come waltzing in in about an hour with some ludicrous excuse of deciding to take a stroll around the woods at night."

"For six hours?" Draco spat, not to be placated.

Snape gazed at the young man, his dark eyes softening slightly as he watched the helplessness and utter frustration with which Draco spoke. "Draco..."

"What?" he snapped.

"Do you-" here Snape paused to clear his throat "-still have feelings for Mr Potter?"

Draco sighed, his whole body seeming to deflate with reticence. "More than ever."

Snape pursed his lips in contemplation.

Draco glanced up and a tiny crease appeared between his eyes as he caught sight of Severus' expression. "What is it?"

Snape turned away and busied himself with pulling the drapes tighter across the window.

Draco stepped in front of him, his grey eyes searching Severus' face intently. "Do you know something?"

Snape returned his gaze back to Draco, the indecisiveness gone from his coal-black eyes. "I think you should wait up in you room. Get some sleep if you can."

Draco stared. "You actually think that I could sleep right now?"

"Try." Snape turned on his heel and walked off down the hall towards the kitchen.

Draco gaped for a second then spun around and grabbed for the brass knob on the door. "James Marsters," he whispered.

The door refused to open.

He jiggled the knob some more and pulled with all his might. It still wouldn't budge.

"Fuck." Draco kicked the door, his temper getting the better of him as he realized that Severus had obviously changed the password to keep him from getting out.

He stormed over to the bottom of the staircase and paused with one foot on the step. "Is this what you're going to do when the final battle starts, lock me up to keep me safe and in effect render me completely useless?" he yelled towards the kitchen.

There was no reply and Draco stomped up the stairs, slamming his bedroom door so hard that it rattled on its hinges. He didn't care if he was acting like a child - they were treating him like one.

He paced across the wooden floorboards feeling as if he were about to explode with pent-up emotion; anger, frustration, betrayal - but beneath it all he was going out of his mind with worry.

He sat on the edge of his bed and looked over at the clock on the mantle above the fireplace. Two o'clock in the morning. Six hours since Harry left to meet Laszlo.

Draco lay back across his bed, his hands covering his eyes.

Why did I let him go? What the fuck was I thinking? Oh gods...please come back, Harry. If anything happens to you...

Hot tears slipped through Draco's fingers and ran down the sides of his face, disappearing into the white-blond strands of his hair.

A loud bang from downstairs had the Slytherin sitting bolt upright, eyes wide open. He could hear voices talking animatedly down below but could not discern who it was.

His head snapped around to the door as someone thundered up the stairs. Draco had his wand out and pointed at the door in the blink of an eye.

His bedroom door crashed open.

Draco's wand slipped from his fingers, falling to the floor in slow motion as time suddenly seemed to slow down.

Harry stood in the doorway – his torn and dirty clothes absolutely soaked in blood.

Draco could only stare in shock, his face draining of all colour as the coppery smell of blood invaded his nostrils. His stomach churned.

Harry was panting breathlessly, his green eyes wide with fear and his face covered with a fine sheen of sweat.

Draco blinked and time caught up with him once more. He ran forward and grabbed Harry by the shoulders, flinching as the clammy dampness of blood touched his skin.

"Harry, are you okay?" he demanded. "Are you hurt?"

Harry let out a sob and collapsed in Draco's arms. Draco grabbed him and slowly lowered them until they were both on their knees on the floor. Harry continued to sob into Draco's shoulder, hands clenched tightly around fistfuls of Draco's jumper as he clung to him for dear life.

Draco wrapped his arms around the trembling boy and laid his cheek against Harry's damp hair. "Tell me what happened," he whispered brokenly, on the verge of tears himself as Harry fell apart in his embrace.

"He's dead..."

A spike of fear shot through Draco's heart. "Who's dead?"

"Laszlo." Harry sobbed again and his trembling hands tightened in the fabric of Draco's shirt. "It could've been you...it could've..."

Draco held him close and ran a soothing hand back and forth over Harry's back to calm him. "Shh...it's alright, Harry."

Harry sniffled and shook his head. "No...no it's not. All I could think about was that it could've been you laying there in that...that pool of blood. Your body ripped open..." Harry sobbed and clenched his eyes shut against the memory.

"Shh...Harry, don't."

But Harry wasn't listening, already lost in the vision of that lifeless body lying in the alley. "He knew. Voldemort knew he was a spy. He...he tortured him and then killed him. Oh god...it could've been you." Harry's body shook as he choked on the words and fresh tears squeezed from beneath his lashes.

Draco could feel tears prickling at his own eyes. "It's okay, Harry. I'm right here. I'm not going anywhere."

Draco could feel him shivering through the heavy cloak clinging wetly to Harry's body. He pulled back and raised Harry's chin until he was forced to look into Draco's eyes.

"Let's get you out of this damp thing." Draco smiled gently and placed his hands on either side of Harry's face, using his thumbs to wipe the tears from his skin.

Harry hiccoughed and blinked to try to clear his watery vision. He stared into Draco's eyes, losing himself in the comforting familiarity of their grey depths. He slowly raised a hand and slid his fingertips across Draco's cheek until it was softly cupped in his palm.

Draco sighed and closed his eyes, leaning into Harry's touch.

As if in a trance, Harry leaned forward and kissed him.

Draco started with a gasp of surprise.

Harry instantly withdrew his hand and lowered his eyes. "Sorry..."

"Harry-" Draco reached out a hand to him.

Harry scrambled to his feet. "I'm sorry," he repeated, backing away. "I didn't mean...I know you don't want..."

Draco leapt up and slammed the door shut as Harry tried to make a hasty escape. "What the hell are you muttering about?"

Harry faced the door as he answered. "I didn't mean to kiss you. I'm sorry, it won't happen again."

Draco took him by the shoulders and turned him around. "Don't be sorry, Harry." He paused, hardly daring to hope. "Did you...want to kiss me?"

Harry looked up, his emerald eyes burning with unapologetic honesty. "Yes."

Draco forced himself to hold in the cry of joy that was threatening to burst forth. "Then don't be sorry. I wanted you to kiss me, too."

"Really?" Harry looked up.

Draco nodded with a smile.

Harry smiled tentatively in return, then a shadow passed over his face and he frowned, shaking his head. He roughly pushed Draco away from himself. "Why are you doing this to me?"

Draco stumbled backwards in bewilderment. "Doing what?"

"Playing with my feelings like this."

"Playing with..." Draco trailed off in disbelief. "You're the one who broke up with me and then flaunted a pretend boyfriend in my face, for Merlin knows why, and then you disappear for six hours and return covered in blood and kiss me! And you accuse me of playing games? Actually, now that I think about it, you should be apologizing!" Draco continued to rant furiously, unable to stop now that he'd started. Unable to hold in all the anger that had been steadily building ever since Harry had first slapped him with the fact that he didn't want a relationship again. "I know you never promised that we'd get back together again but you've been downright cruel, Harry. You wouldn't even fucking talk to me - you still won't!"

Harry stared. "I never broke up with you."

Those six words were all it took to instantly quell Draco's anger. "What?"

"I never broke up with you."

"But...you did."

"No, you broke up with me."

Draco frowned, trying to get his head around what Harry was saying. "What? When?"

"When you didn't answer my letter."

"What letter? You never sent any letter."

"But..." Harry blinked and swayed on his feet.

Draco dashed forward and grabbed him under the arms. He helped him over to the bed and gently sat the shaking brunette down. Draco sat close beside him, holding tightly to Harry's hands.

Harry stared unseeing at the floor. "I sent you a letter...three months after I arrived in Ireland."

Draco's heart beat rapidly. "What did it say?" he asked, his mouth dry.

Harry looked up sorrowfully. "It said...it said that I missed you and that I'd made a mistake leaving you the way I had. It also said that I loved you and if you still felt the same way then to write me back." He finished barely above a whisper.

"But..." Draco replied shakily. "I never received any letter. Dumbledore said that I wasn't allowed to write to you for security reasons."

"But Dumbledore was the one I gave my letter to. He promised to deliver it to you."

And suddenly it all clicked into place.

"He lied."

"What?" Harry frowned.

Draco looked at him intently. "He lied to you – to us – Harry. Did Dumbledore tell you that he gave me the letter?"

"Yes, he said that you read it and declined sending a reply and that you would talk to me about it when I got back."

"Is that why you avoided me at first?"

Harry nodded.

"And Cody?" Draco continued, voice rising in excitement.

"I wanted to pretend that I'd gotten over you so that you wouldn't talk to me and explain why you didn't want to be with me again. I guess I was a little upset at the time, too." Harry paused, eyes widening in realization. "That's why Dumbledore brought Cody in to join me halfway through my training, to distract me from any thoughts of you!"

Draco's eyes flared angrily.

Harry bit his lip and looked away. "If I hadn't pretended that Cody was my boyfriend we would've discovered this right away..."

Draco gave his hand a squeeze. "Don't blame yourself, Harry," he said, fiercely. "This is all Dumbledore's fault, he never wanted us together."

"I just can't believe we didn't realize it sooner..."

"I know," Draco murmured regretfully. "Don't think about it, Harry. The important thing is we know now."

Harry looked up at him through smudged and dirty glasses. "So...you never wanted to break up with me?" he asked quietly.

Draco smiled. "Well, technically we weren't really still together - but no, I never wanted to break up with you."

Harry smiled in relief. "What do we do now?"

Draco stood and pulled Harry to his feet. "First things first, we get you out of these wet clothes."

Harry bit his lip and blushed, trying not to laugh.

Draco chuckled. "I didn't mean it like that," he said, his tone teasing but his eyes earnest.

"I know." Harry smiled reassuringly.

Draco shook his head with an amused grin. "You have a dirty mind Harry Potter." He unclasped Harry's heavy cloak and Harry pulled his arms from the sleeves. Draco grimaced at the blood-soaked fabric as he walked over to the fireplace and threw it in.

Harry shivered at the sudden exposure and wrapped his arms around himself.

Draco turned. "Do you want me to light a fire?"

Harry nodded.

"Shit." Draco fumbled around in his pockets for his wand. "I dropped my wand somewhere..."

Harry flicked his hand and his discarded cloak burst into flame.

Draco jumped back in surprise and glared at him.

Harry shrugged with a smug smile and walked over to sit on the rug beside Draco.

They both stared at the hypnotic dance of flickering flames.

"Are you going to tell me what happened tonight?" Draco asked.

Harry sighed and pulled his knees into his chest, his body shivering though it had nothing to do with the temperature.

Draco shuffled over and put an arm around him. "Never mind."

Harry stared fixedly into the fire. "No...it's okay." He took a deep breath and slowly let it out. "I arrived in the alley about eight minutes late and Voldemort was already there with a group of Dementors and couple of Death Eaters - and Laszlo. As soon as I appeared, Voldemort smiled at Laszlo and said something about how he now knew that Laszlo was the traitor and that he was going to be punished."

"What did you do?"

"I could feel the Dementors beginning to affect me and I knew I'd never be able to fight them all off on my own, so I tried to dodge around them to get to Laszlo. One of them grabbed me and I used my magic to propel him back, only, he took me with him and we fell into some garbage bins. I got up first and stunned him, then the other Death Eater shoved me to the ground and sat on my back, pinning my arms behind me. I looked over and saw that Laszlo was writhing on the ground in the midst of a Cruciatus attack from Voldemort and the Dementors were converging on me again...I honestly thought that I was going to die right then and there."

Draco hugged Harry tightly and the Gryffindor laid his head on Draco's shoulder as he continued his story.

"I still had the portkey in my pocket but I didn't want to leave Laszlo."

"Bloody hero," Draco muttered under his breath.

"I pretty much knew it was hopeless, but I just couldn't leave him there to be slaughtered. Laszlo even shouted at me to get out..."

"What made you change your mind?"

Harry absently traced the cable-knit pattern of Draco's sleeve as he stared at his cloak slowly burning away in the stone hearth. "You did, or rather, your father did."

"My father?" Draco questioned with a frown.

"Yeah." Harry nodded. "Guess who was kneeling on my back?"

"My father." Draco's eyes narrowed darkly.

"I didn't know it was him until he told me to stop moving and cut my cheek with that huge ring he always wears."

Draco stiffened, his blood boiling in outrage. "I'm so sorry, Harry."

Harry sniffed and Draco saw that he was crying again.

"It's not your fault," Harry said immediately, covering Draco's hand with his own.

Draco swallowed and tried to speak past the sudden tightness in his throat. "So how did you escape?"

"When I realized it was your father I began to think of how it could've been you Voldemort had caught and was torturing. Then I thanked Merlin that you hadn't gone with me tonight." Harry paused to take a steadying breath and wipe his cheek. "Then I began to worry that maybe you might come looking for me. I panicked. I glanced back to Laszlo and saw that Voldemort was going at him with some kind of curse that attacked him with invisible knives or something. There was blood everywhere..."

"Novacula transigo." Draco knew that curse well. It was one of Voldemort's favourites because the victim remains conscious throughout the whole ordeal.

Harry felt sick to his stomach at the gruesome memory.

"So then you used the portkey?" Draco asked, quickly trying to change to subject.

"No, I disapparated."

"But you can't disapparate in and out of that alley, it's protected."

"I think Voldemort disabled it when he forced his way in with Laszlo."

Draco turned his hand palm up and entwined his fingers with Harry's. "Why did it take you so long to return home?"

"I didn't want to apparate right here or even close by in case they could trace me, so I apparated to the Leaky Cauldron and waited there for a few hours."

"Didn't people stare at the blood all over you?"

"I wasn't covered in blood then," Harry answered, quietly. "I went back to the alley, just in case I could still help him or at least bring his body back for a proper burial."

"Oh, Harry." Draco sighed.

"But it was too late. Voldemort and the rest of them had left and Laszlo...his body was unrecognizable. I couldn't even bring him back with me...it was just...pieces..." Harry broke off, closing his eyes.

"Shh...don't talk about it, Harry."

Harry sniffed and snuggled closer to Draco's solid and reassuring presence. "I used an invisibility spell and walked back through London and disapparated to the old church. Dumbledore and Cody were there preparing to leave and I told them everything. They told me that you had all split up to search for me and I thought that you might've gone to the alley, so I just ran away from them before they could finish explaining and came here. Snape told me that you were up in your room and...here I am."

Draco smiled incredulously. "Here you are," he repeated softly, shaking his head. "You're amazing, Harry Potter. You really do deserve the title of the Boy-Who-Lived."

"Not by choice, believe me," Harry said, resentfully. He sighed and lifted his head to look up at Draco. "We have a lot to talk about, don't we?"

"What's there to talk about?" Draco pushed a few strands of raven hair off of Harry's forehead.

"I dunno..."

Draco smiled blithely. "Look, do you love me?"


"Well that settles it," said Draco decisively. "We love each other and that's all there is to it."


"No, no buts. There is no past, okay? We're only going to look ahead. We're meeting each other for the first time right now."

Harry smiled and sat up. "My name is Harry Potter, and you are?"

"The Harry Potter?" Draco squealed in mock excitement.

"Stop it!" Harry laughed, giving him a push.

Draco grinned. "Draco Malfoy." He gave a little bow. "Pleased to meet you, Harry."

"So this is our first date?"


"Hmm...too bad." Harry sighed in disappointment.


Harry looked up with a twinkle in his eye. "I don't usually sleep with people on the first date."

Draco raised a brow in surprise, too stunned to reply.

Harry took advantage of his partner's momentary silence and moved closer to sling his arms around Draco's neck. "Maybe I could make an exception," he whispered seductively against Draco's lips. "Just this once..."

Draco moaned quietly and crushed his lips to Harry's, his arms snaking around to pull Harry tight up against him.

Harry moaned into his mouth and closed his eyes, his hands stroking and caressing everywhere he could reach.

A tear escaped from beneath Draco's lashes as Harry's taste and touch invaded his senses. The familiarity of it all came rushing back to him as they kneeled on the floor together.

He broke away from Harry's mouth and lovingly kissed his way across Harry's cheek and jaw-line, whispering his name over and over again with each tender press of his lips.

Harry tilted his head back, breathing heavily as he buried his hands in Draco's silky soft hair and made appreciative noises of pleasure deep within his throat.

Draco kissed Harry's parted lips once more before finally pulling away.

Harry opened his emerald eyes, bright with arousal.

Draco swallowed and gently removed Harry's glasses, almost gasping at the obvious want shining back at him. "Are you sure about this, Harry?" He needed to know.

Harry nodded, his bottom lip trembling slightly.

"Because we don't have to," Draco said with concern. "If you're not ready..."

Harry shook his head determinedly. He stood and reached down for Draco.

Draco stood two inches taller than Harry and gazed down into his pleading face, Harry's expression begging for understanding.

"I need to do this," Harry said with conviction. "I want to."

Draco stroked his cheek tenderly. "Okay, Harry, but we'll take it slow, alright? We can stop at any time."

Harry smiled gratefully and turned his head to kiss the palm of Draco's hand.

Draco trailed his hand down Harry's neck and chest until he reached the bottom of his t-shirt. Harry lifted his arms in silent permission and Draco pulled the shirt up and off. He gazed at Harry's naked chest, the light from the fire flickering over his pale skin and lending a warm golden hue to his pale torso.

Draco ran his hands over the firm planes of Harry's chest, reacquainting himself with the other boy's body. Harry sighed and reached for the hem of Draco's jumper.

Soon they were both bare-chested in the firelight. Draco pulled Harry to him, the heat from Draco's naked skin warming Harry's chilled body as they kissed; softer and slower this time. Deliberately taking the time to fully enjoy the moment, the sensual slide of tongues and lips, the caress of heated skin beneath their hands.

Harry took the next step and started to unbuckle Draco's jeans as the Slytherin began to nibble at his earlobe. He pushed the jeans down off of Draco's hips and let them fall to the floor. Draco gracefully stepped out of them and stood clad only in his black briefs.

Harry ran his eyes over Draco's body; slim and beautiful – and all for him.

Draco rested his fingertips on the top button of Harry's trousers and glanced up at him questioningly.

Harry nodded.

Draco quickly divested him of the torn and stained things and tossed them to the floor.

Harry shivered under Draco's hungry gaze.

Draco took him by the hand and led him over to the bed. "Lie down," he whispered with a kiss to Harry's forehead. "I'll just go lock the door."

Harry smiled nervously and scooted back on the large four poster bed. He lay down with his head on the pillow, his body stretched out over the dark green bedspread.

Draco spied his wand on the floor and picked it up. He used a powerful locking spell and a silencing charm on the door for good measure before tossing his wand onto a nearby desk. He turned and smiled at Harry who was watching his every move.

Harry sat up quickly as Draco approached the bed.

"Everything alright?" Draco asked, perching on the edge of the mattress.

Harry nodded but Draco could see him shaking and his emerald eyes were wary.

Draco sighed. "C'mere." He opened his arms and Harry crawled over and sat sideways across Draco's lap as the blond encircled him with his arms.

Harry relaxed and laid his head on Draco's bare shoulder.

"Don't force yourself, Harry," Draco murmured into his hair. "There's no rush."

"But I want to," Harry said, stubbornly.

"I can wait."

"Well I can't."

Draco chuckled. "Alright, what would make it easier on you?"

Harry pulled back and Draco was relieved to see that he wasn't crying again. Harry looked into his grey eyes, thinking it over.

"I would feel better if you didn't...if you weren't standing over me, or laying on top of me." Harry flushed, feeling ashamed.

Draco lifted his chin and placed a gentle kiss to Harry's lips. "No problem."

Harry smiled in relief.

Draco touched his forehead to Harry's. "I'd do anything for you."

Harry closed his eyes with a barely audible sigh. "I love you."

"I love you, too," Draco whispered against his lips before kissing him.

Harry lifted his right leg up and around so that both his legs were wrapped tightly around Draco's waist.

Draco moaned and slid his hands down to Harry's lower back and pulled their groins up against each other. Harry moaned wantonly and thrust up against him. Draco gasped and gently pulled on Harry's lower lip with his teeth as Harry continued his slow thrusting. Draco then moved his lips down to suck on the pulse point of Harry's pale throat.

"Oh god," Harry groaned, his eyes shut tight in ecstasy.

Draco stilled Harry's hips with his hands and looked up, breathing heavily. "You'd better stop or it'll all be over before we've even begun."

Harry opened his eyes and smirked. "Already?"

"Well, it has been awhile," Draco said self-deprecatingly as he gave Harry's bottom a pinch.

Harry yelped in surprise and unexpectedly jumped forward against Draco's clothed erection.

Draco groaned involuntarily then glared reproachfully at Harry.

Harry giggled and purposely gave a little wiggle.

"That's it," Draco growled. He moved backwards suddenly, pitching Harry down on top of him.

Harry shrieked and the two of them laughed.

Harry settled himself more comfortably over Draco's body, his weight resting on his arms on either side of Draco's shoulders. Draco lifted his knees, his feet planted on the mattress, allowing Harry's body to settle between his legs.

Harry smiled down at him and leaned in for another kiss, his right hand sliding under Draco's head, fingers gripping the soft blond hair.

Draco closed his eyes and ran his hands over Harry's smooth back, his fingers trailing up and down the indented track of his spine. Harry's muscles shifted sensually beneath his skin as Draco caressed every inch. Draco dipped his hands lower and slid them up the delicious curve of Harry's backside and under the white boxers, cupping and kneading the baby-soft flesh underneath.

Harry moaned around Draco's probing tongue and left off his mouth to trail his lips down the long pale column of Draco's throat. Draco swallowed, his Adam's apple shifting convulsively under Harry's lips as they passed over. He dug his fingers deep into Harry's thick hair – needing to anchor himself as he threw back his head with another loud moan, Harry's lips now blazing a trail across his chest. Harry snaked his head to the right and began to alternately lick and suck at Draco's hardened nipple.

"Oh god..." Draco gasped in pleasure, arching his back and undulating his hips against Harry's own aching erection. "Harry..."

Harry licked his way across Draco's firm chest to lave at the other nipple.

Draco moved his hands back to Harry's backside, his fingers now skimming down into the crevice to stroke lightly at Harry's entrance.

Harry lifted his head and moaned appreciatively. He rubbed his groin against Draco's as he searched for more contact, more friction, more everything.

Draco thrust up to meet him as Harry urgently rocked their arousals together.

"I want you in me," Harry panted next to Draco's ear.

Draco bit back the threatening moan at Harry's words and opened his eyes. "But I thought-

"I know," Harry rasped, voice thick with lust. "But what if we both kneeled?"

"Okay," Draco agreed breathlessly.

Harry pushed himself up and sat back on his haunches between Draco's legs. He smiled as he slid his hands up Draco's thighs to the tight black briefs, Draco's evident erection straining to be released. Harry pressed his right hand over the bulge and slowly massaged. Draco's cock gave a jump as he arched up with a moan.

Harry grasped the waistband of Draco's underwear and pulled them all the way down and off. He tossed them to the floor.

Draco sat up and took himself in hand, stroking his prick as Harry slowly stripped himself of his white boxers until he was crouched completely naked in front of him.

Draco let his eyes wander over Harry's exposed and vulnerable body, finally raising his gaze to Harry's flushed face; arousal sparking those expressive emerald eyes. He shuffled over to the side of the bed and stood up. He reached a hand back for Harry and pulled him over so that Harry was sitting with his legs hanging off of the edge.

Draco gave a quick kiss to his full lips then gently nudged Harry's legs apart before kneeling down between them.

Harry watched him intently, their eyes locked, Harry's chest moving rapidly as his breathing sped up in anticipation.

Draco placed little kisses up Harry's inner thigh, his eyes all the while on Harry's face. Harry finally had to close his eyes as Draco neared his erect penis; trembling with need. Draco pressed his tongue firmly to Harry's stiff shaft and licked it from root to tip, swirling around the head to clean away the gathered drops of pre-come.

Harry wrapped his fingers in Draco's hair as he gasped and moaned in the throes of unbridled pleasure.

Draco engulfed Harry's cock and sucked the length of it into his mouth, swallowing around it as he brought Harry to the edge over and over again, but never allowing him to fall.

Harry's body trembled as he moaned piteously at the overwhelming sensations, desperate to come to completion, and yet, reluctant to have it all end.

Draco moaned and sent vibrations right through Harry's groin.

Harry's eyes flew open and he quickly pushed Draco's mouth off of him. "Oh god...I almost came," he gasped.

Draco smirked and licked his lips. "Ready?"

Harry nodded and crawled back to the centre of the bed.

Draco stood up and bit his lip with a frown. "I don't have any lube."

"That's okay." Harry smiled. "C'mere."

Draco crawled over beside him.

"Kneel up on your knees," Harry instructed.

Draco did as he was told. Harry rubbed his hands together, then reached out and wrapped them around Draco's cock.

Draco moaned quietly as Harry slowly pulled his hands towards himself and down Draco's hard shaft, leaving behind a thick coating of clear gel.

Harry clapped his hands together and smiled.

"Wow, now that is magic." Draco grinned.

Harry kneeled up to match Draco and they wrapped their arms around each other, bodies now flush against the other, erections crushed together.

They kissed passionately, letting their bodies and emotions take over. Tongues desperately stroking and plunging into the other's mouth.

Harry pulled away and turned around on his hands and knees, looking back over his shoulder at Draco expectantly – offering himself.

Draco swallowed and gripped Harry's hips in his hands as he moved into position.

"It's okay," Harry assured him as Draco hesitated. "I'm ready."

Draco nervously licked his lips, his pulse racing – matching the throbbing in his cock – as he directed his penis to Harry's entrance and pushed ever-so-gently inside.

Harry closed his eyes and concentrated on relaxing.

Draco entered him achingly slow, half a centimetre at a time, pausing after every push as he got deeper and deeper. Beads of sweat trailed down Draco's chest as the heat of the fire and the heat of Harry's body surrounded him.

Eventually he was embedded all the way in.

Draco slowly pulled Harry up so that his chest was pressed against Harry's back.

Harry turned his head to the side, searching for Draco's lips. Draco obligingly kissed him as he began to thrust shallowly.

Draco's right hand found Harry's weeping erection and began to slowly administer long firm strokes along its length.

Harry moaned and threw his head back onto Draco's shoulder. "Oh god, that feels so good."

Draco lowered his mouth and sucked on Harry's arched throat, his left hand running circles over Harry's smooth, hairless chest.

Harry reached behind him and grasped the back of Draco's neck as he let out another loud moan, already beginning to feel the building pressure of impending orgasm in his groin.

Draco's control was starting to slip and he began to thrust faster, Harry's tight heat urging him on.

"I'm so close..." Harry groaned. "Don't stop."

"Harry..." Draco panted, losing all control as he pounded into Harry with quick, sharp thrusts.

"Harder," Harry urged, covering Draco's hand on his erection with his own.

Draco squeezed more firmly as they both worked to get him off.

Their bodies shone with perspiration in the flickering firelight, the room full of the passionate sounds of sex.

"Uh, uh, uh..." Draco began to grunt dutifully with every jerk of his hips.

Harry grabbed Draco's roaming left hand and entwined their fingers together.

"Draco, Draco, Draco..." Harry chanted, reaching the peak. He clenched his hand in Draco's and cried out, orgasm overtaking his entire body as his semen shot out over Draco's right hand and onto the bedspread. Harry held his breath as the absolute pleasure rocketed through him.

Draco continued to fist him as Harry's body clenched in climax. He thrust faster and chanted Harry's name as his own completion approached with alarming speed. He froze and cried out as it suddenly hit him, an almost feral snarl on his face as he shot his seed deep within his lover.

Harry clenched around Draco, trying to prolong his orgasm for as long as possible.

Draco moaned and his body sagged with euphoric satiation.

Harry sighed and turned to look at Draco's face.

Draco dragged his eyes open and gave a lazy smile. He kissed Harry once on the forehead before slowly pulling his now soft cock from Harry's body.

They both pulled away and Harry performed a quick cleaning spell before they crawled beneath the covers.

Draco sighed peacefully as Harry laid his head on the blonde's warm chest and snuggled in close. Draco held him tightly and closed his eyes.

"I love you, Draco."

Draco opened his eyes and smiled up at the ceiling. "When did you realize that you loved me again?"

"Long time ago." Harry yawned.

"Do you remember when?"

"Yeah." Harry smiled drowsily at the memory. "It was just after you saved me from that Quintaped. We were sitting outside on Hagrid's stairs and it started to snow."

Draco blinked in surprise. "But...that was before you left for Ireland."

"Even though I knew that I loved you, I still needed to get away for awhile. We both needed some time alone after...all that."

Draco held him a little tighter. "I don't know how you can even look me in the eye after everything I did to you."

"Because you've changed so much, Draco. You're a different person than the one you were back then." Harry shifted to look up at him. "And because love is worth forgiving for."

Draco smiled and softy kissed him on the forehead. "Thank you."

"I just wish we'd discovered the truth sooner, we wasted so much time."

"I know." Draco's expression hardened. "I'm not going to let Dumbledore get away with this. We're not just some pawns that he can play with in order to win this war. He has to learn that he can't fuck with other people's lives like this."

Harry bit his lip. "You know that I can't just abandon all this, right? I have to fight Voldemort. I have to win this war."

Draco's face immediately softened as he gazed down at him. "I know, love. And I'll be right there beside you in that final battle, but I won't play the double agent anymore. Severus can play that dangerous game alone."

Harry smiled and laid his cheek back down on Draco's chest. "I'm glad."

Draco closed his eyes with a sigh of contentment.

"No more secret relationship," Harry murmured sleepily.

"That's right." Draco promised fervently. "We have nothing to hide."

Harry smiled peacefully as he drifted off to sleep.

"One day this war will be over, Harry," Draco whispered. "And then nothing will stand in our way."

With that hopeful thought, Draco fell fast asleep with his lover tucked safely in his arms. This time vowing never to let him go again.

- The End -

There has to be somewhere that we can be safe from the lives we live each day
There has to be somewhere that we can be far away

We have to escape and I will go anywhere if you just lead the way
Escape to a place where we'll be together, together everyday
We have to escape....