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"Kim Possible!"


The two foes faced off in the middle of Drakken's evil lair, both waiting for the other to make the first move.

"What're you doing here??" Drakken yelled out angrily.

"Gee. I don't know. What would I be doing in YOUR lair? Hmm…" Kim said smugly.

"Grrrr…don't get smart with me! You're not taking back this invention! No matter what!" Drakken turned his head back and called his sidekick. "Shego! Get her!"

"With pleasure!"

As fast as Drakken had called her, Shego was on top of Kim, trying to bury her face in the ground.

"Bwuahaha!" Drakken laughed manically.

While the only two real fighters in the room duked it out and Drakken was preoccupied with his gloating, Ron took the opportunity and used it as a distraction. He snuck up behind Drakken and was about to reach for the ray gun in his hand but…

"What're you doing, Buffoon?" Drakken asked calmly.

That took Ron by surprise.

"Uh…nothing…" Ron said nervously.

"Please…did you really think you could sneak up on me and just TAKE this?" he said, pointing to the ray gun. "I may be slightly absent-minded at times but I'm not about to be outsmarted by a-" Drakken stopped when he realized the invention was gone. "What the…where is it!?"

Rufus tossed the gun he had stolen to Ron.

"Ha!" Ron gloated. He pointed the gun at Drakken and forced him to put his hands up. "What now, Drakken?? Who's the buffoon now???"

Drakken growled. "Shego!"

The fight on the other side of the room suddenly stopped when Kim and Shego caught glimpse of Ron and Drakken.

"What??" Shego asked irritably.

"We might as well go peacefully, Shego…Or else the Buffoon's gonna turn us into crusty old geezers with that thing," Drakken instructed.

Shego glared at Drakken for being outsmarted by Ron, but unwillingly put her hands in the air.

"Great job Ron!" Kim happily congratulated him. Her smile seemed to light up the damp, evil environment around them.

Ron grinned back.

Drakken made a sour face. "Great job Ron," he mocked Kim in a high pitched voice. "Get a room…"

Kim kicked Drakken in the stomach, which made him fall to his knees but no one seemed to notice.

"I'll tie these two up while you call the authorities."

"Yeah sure KP."

Ron pulled out his cell phone and flipped it open but hesitated for a moment.

Kim gave him a confused look. "What's wrong?"

"Heh. I forgot the number."

Kim slapped her forehead.

About a half-hour later, the police were on the scene with a helicopter to take Shego and Drakken away.

"Thanks again Ms. Possible," the sheriff said, extending his hand.

"No big." Kim shook his hand. "But it was actually Ron who caught them this time."

The sheriff chuckled. "Well, tell him the police force sends our many thanks."

Kim nodded.

"Let's go boys!" the sheriff yelled as they prepared to leave the island.

Kim walked over to Ron, who was fiddling with the invention Drakken had stolen.

"Ron, don't play with that! You're gonna hurt somebody!"

"Relax, KP. I'm just making sure it ain't broke or nothing…look at this little knobby thingy here!" he pointed. "You can adjust how old you want the person to be! Who ever made this must be some kind of genius! You know how much people would pay for this kind of thing??"

"Yeah Ron. That's why I can't have you playing around with it," Kim warned. "Did you talk to Wade?"

"Yeah," Ron answered. "He said that Professor O'Neal was in Iraq right now so we can't return this thing for a while."

Kim looked at him and groaned. "Aw man…let me guess. Wade wants ME to keep it until then?"

"Yup," Ron grinned.

Kim sighed. "Fine…let's get this thing home so we can put it in my safe."

"You have a safe?"

"Yeah. When you're a crime fighting teenager you have to keep some things stashed away or else someone like Drakken or Shego will take it."

"Like what?" Ron asked.

"Like…" Kim thought for a moment. "Like my diary."

"You have a diary??" Ron asked, rubbing his hands together.

"Don't even think about reading it…or else the police will have to take ME to jail to tear my hands off of you."

Ron laughed. "I'm just playing KP."

She smiled as they both got in the helicopter to the mainland.

Kim opened the door to her room and let Ron in. Besides Ron saving the day from evil super villains, today was actually a peaceful, normal day. It was nice and calm, just how Kim liked it (once in a while). She smiled to herself and looked to Ron…he was still playing with the ray gun.

"Ron! You've been messing with that thing for an hour!"

"Yeah but it's just so cool! I wanna try it out on somebody!"

Kim's eyes widened. "No! Ron, you don't even know how to use that thing. For all we know, it might not even work yet."

"Yeah but…"

"Ron. Put the Age Ray DOWN," Kim said flatly, slightly annoyed at how hard headed Ron was being.

"Hey, do you think this thing…what the…"

"What's wrong?" Kim asked.

"This…this trigger. It's broken! It won't move!"

"Maybe you or Drakken accidentally broke it."


"Whatever Ron. Who cares. Just leave it alone and Professor O'Neal will fix it when we give it to him," said Kim as she opened her closet and turned the knob on her safe.

"No wait Kim…I think…I…got it…"



"Oh sh-"

Rufus covered his mouth.

"Ron!!!" Kim yelled again. A bright white light surrounded her body. "Tell me you didn't…"

"Shoot you with the Age Ray thingy?…" Ron said meekly.

Kim would've yelled some more but the light was getting even brighter.

"Ron! I can't move!"

"Don't worry KP! I'll save you!!"

"No Ron!! Stay back! You might get hurt!!"

"But Kim-"

"If one of us has to go, I want you to be safe…so you can tell people how you did this to me."


Kim smiled smugly. "I'm just kidding Ron…but seriously. Back off, this thing might be dangerous."

"But you-"

The white light exploded in one final flash. When the light died down, Ron was on his knees, sobbing for his best friend.

"No…" a tear came to his eye. "It can't be…Kim's…Kim's…"

Ron looked up.

"Kim!!! You're still here!!! You're still here!!! You're….you're…..you're….."

Kim was just as amazed as Ron. "Ron! I'm still alive! Aw man, I thought I was a goner!!" she laughed hysterically, just happy to still be standing. "Ron, you don't know how worried I-" Kim stopped suddenly when she saw that Ron had stopped moving. He looked like he was in shock.

"Ron…you okay?"

She took a few steps toward Ron and noticed he was drooling all over himself.

"What the…" Kim looked at him confusedly. Even Rufus had stopped to stare at her.

"Why're you two looking at me like that?"

Ron's mouth quivered as he tried to stop gawking. "Kim…"

Kim could feel Ron's eyes scanning up and down her body. Ron was trying not to stare, but Kim could tell he wasn't doing a good job. She touched her cheek to make sure she wasn't blushing…she was…but she also noticed something else.

"What in the world…AHHHHHH!!!!!" Kim yelled when she gazed into the mirror. She was…not her…the person staring back from the mirror kind of looked like her but she was…she was…

"I'm older!!!" Kim screamed.

"Your hips…" Ron continued to drool.

"I'm taller!!!"

"Your legs…"



Just then, Kim realized why Ron was acting that way.

"Oh my God…" Kim slapped her forehead.