"You Slut"

Her words hurt, cut even deeper then I thought they would. Tears begin to form, but I won't cry. I won't let myself. Not because of her, and not because of us.

"Well?" His tone is as accusing hers was. God, what right does he have? Especially after Cordelia!

"Well what?!?" I want to rip his head off right now. Fucking hypocrites. All of them.

"What the hell do you think?" Buffy's eyes are hard, her tone cold. "Did you think we'd be happy you're fucking my boyfriend?"

"He's not your boyfriend!" I can believe I'm defending myself to her! Forcing myself to calm down, I continue. "He isn't Angel"

"And so that makes it alright?" Xander obviously isn't bothering to hold up his end of the 'best friend, I'll never judge you, no matter what' contract that he, Jessie and I made in grade three. I glare at him, before looking to Giles, the one who's opinion I've learned to rely on most.

"What do you think?"

"What the hell do you think he thinks?"

"I wasn't talking to you, Buffy. This isn't all about you for once. It's about me. I just though you should know."

"Know what, that you're Angelus's whore?" Xander's voice is like a sharp slap. If Buffy's words were painful, his are murder, effecting me more then anything. He's been my best friend for longer then I can remember. Turning, I start to leave, reaching the doors as I feel a hand on my arm.

"Don't touch me." I say as coldly as I can, trying to make it so my voice doesn't shake, tugging out of her surprisingly light hold.

"Willow... we just want to understand." Xander tries, his eyes pleading. I glare at him, and call his bluff.

"No. You want me to cry and ask for your forgiveness. Beg you to help me because there must be something wrong for me to love him. What you want, is for me to apologize. And I'm not going to do that."

And this time when I try to leave, no one stops me.