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Hidden Secrets

Chapter One



Emerald eyes blinked several times as the owner of them tried her best to stay awake. Sakura Kinomoto was just what she appeared to be -an average, innocent little third year at Tomoeda High. She had long, silky auburn hair and was cheerleading captain. One of the more popular people in school, she had a load of friends and people made it their business to know everything about her.

That is, except for her hidden secrets.

In truth, the wide-eyed and naïve Sakura was just a mask. Naive and innocent could not be farther from the truth. She was the top agent in the underground spying network called JPSN. (Japanese Spy Network.)

Moaning quietly to herself, Sakura let her head drop onto the desk.

Really. She was trying her very best to appear a good student, but how was anyone supposed to pay attention when the teacher was so boring? Plus, she had learned all of the mathematical equations years ago… the students in the classroom had no idea how behind they really were when it came to studies.

Her eyes shut as she half- drifted off into the dark abyss called sleep. This was her most relaxed state… she was really never more off-guard than she was now, but even though she appeared without a care in the world, every muscle in her body was tense and alert.

She could feel the leather straps of her daggers and knives hidden in her sleeves and socks. The one on her waistband was disguised and hidden in a cute 'purse' that was tied to her skirt hem. Her hair was done up in a bun held up by three long needles. More deadly than they appeared to be.

So you could kind of say… she was dressed to kill.

Sakura scanned her surroundings as she opened her eyes. Her instincts told her that something new was coming… something new and mysterious.

"Class," the annoying math teacher had stopped droning about facts. "We have a new student today. Please come in Mr. Li Syaoran."

Emerald eyes moved to the door and focused on the brown haired boy with amber eyes. There was something about him… that reminded her of someone.

That posture… like he was alert while relaxed… those eyes, darting everywhere pretending to be nervous but in truth just observing their surroundings…

That's it! He was a… a…

She was no longer lying down on her desk. She surveyed him systematically. It was too much of a coincidence that someone like him could be in the same class… the same school as her.

"Well then, Li-kun… Why don't you sit behind Kinomoto-san? Kinomoto-san, raise your hand!"

Slowly, she raised a hand, her eyes never leaving him.

What was his name? Li Syaoran. Li… not the Li Clan of Hong Kong! That might explain a few things…no one who moved with such muscular grace could be anything less than normal. If he wasn't a spy then he was definitely a fighter. Either way, she had to pay attention to him, the Li Clan rarely had business in Japan. Or at least she would have heard about it. After all, their underground network was just as elite as Japan's.

The hairs on her neck pricked as she felt his fixed gaze boring into the back of her head. He had definitely noticed something odd about her, which was her fault of course. It was too easy to become careless during school. A coy smile touched her lips as she shyly raised her hand.

"A-ano… Sensei?" Sakura raised a shy hand. "Um… can I go to the bathroom?" She put a fake blush on her cheeks to make herself look embarrassed that she needed to ask in front of everyone in class and quietly excused herself from the room.

In any case, she was going to make sure that she outwitted him. She'd show him how Japanese elite played the game.

She looked into the mirror of the girl's restroom and sighed. No matter how skilled and experienced she was she still found it odd. Was he really someone from the Li Clan. JPSN's information was literally unmatched among all nations… wouldn't they have given her some kind of warning?

Anyhow, first things first. Taking out her eye shadow container, Sakura pressed a button at the corner of the little compact and the eyes shadow flipped over, revealing a keyboard, and the mirror became a computer screen. Her very own compact notebook on all information of students in Tomoeda High School.

Her fingers moved quickly and efficiently over the keypad.

Add in Li Syaoran…

Height: Roughly 6' 2"

Eye Color: Amber… actually, a very captivating amber.

Hair Color: Brown

Status: Third year transfer student from China.

There was no more she could put in at the moment. She'd have to mix around his schedule to accommodate hers in order to observe him some more… maybe even volunteer to show him around school. In any case, she'd have to make some adjustments.

Quickly retrieving a small container from her purse, she began pressing buttons.

Syaoran's POV

His amber eyes settled on the girl with sparkling emerald eyes immediately. Not because she was pretty… which she was, but because there was something that set off alarms in every instinct in his mind.

There was no doubt about it… though he doubted she was a very strong one, she was definitely a spy of some sort. Perhaps an expert on information? But in any case, he couldn't see how someone as small as her could possibly have any muscle, and she was obviously inexperienced. But really, he had heard good things about Japanese spies – it was surprising that the first one he met would be one who was so very careless.

He regarded her thoughtfully as he stared into the back of her head. All of a sudden, she didn't seem so much like a spy anymore? The position of her body before, which had seemed to be ready for anything was slumped down just like everyone else in the room. His gut feelings screamed at him that she was something special, but…

As he watched her ask shyly for the bathroom, he just couldn't imagine that she was a spy. Perhaps he had been wrong after all. It was unlikely that he'd be enrolled in the same class as a JPSN spy anyway. At least he would have been informed about it.

He nearly groaned out loud when he saw the level of math that they were doing. He had learned this when he was… five!

A knock was heard and Syaoran lifted his head up. The girl was back so soon?

But the person who entered was not Sakura, it was the vice principal, "Miyoku-sensei? Excuse me, I have a change in schedule for one Li Syaoran. All his other teachers have already been informed." He watched quietly as the vice principal handed the teacher the slip of paper before standing and going over to get his schedule himself. A sudden change in schedule was certainly strange, but he had been told to expect things like this… the Li Clan would be working to change things around to best suit his needs for the mission after all.

His body tensed automatically and his head turned towards the door as he felt rather than saw a well-trained movement. Amber eyes widening, Syaoran realized that it was that girl again. She was entering the room just as the vice principal was exiting, and a normal person would have crashed, but instead… he was sure of it now… her right foot had deliberately locked behind her left and her knees had bent just enough to allow her to drop gently to the ground.

He recognized that position of falling. It was something rather advanced that allowed spies to be ready for anything while still giving the façade of having fallen… to not around suspicion. Usually that would have worked, but it made him keenly aware that something was definitely different about this Kinomoto girl.

"Excuse me, sensei." a small voice penetrated the silence. Sakura bowed goodbye to the vice principal and dusted herself off. She nodded to both him and their teacher before returning to her seat… with him following close behind her.

"Well then… I was going to ask Yamazaki to show Li-un around school, but since his schedule is changed…" the teacher frowned and crossed her arms in front of her chest. "How troublesome…"

Sakura turned in her seat and smiled at him. "Can I see your schedule?" She whispered. Hesitantly, he handed it to her, watching her carefully to make sure she didn't switch it with another schedule.

"Sensei!" She raised her hand. "I have the same schedule as Li-kun… I can show him around if you'd like. You wouldn't mind, would you, Li-kun?" She smiled again as she gave him his schedule back.

Looking over his new schedule he dimly noted that there was no flaw in the formatting and signature of the principal.

But… it was odd. He could swear that he just saw an EXTREMELY mischievous and knowing look twinkle in Sakura's eye.




To be continued…

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