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Hidden Secrets




Sakura fumed. Was it possible? Not even two months and the two of them were fighting again! Sometimes she really wondered if their relationship was worth all her headaches.

He was inconsiderate, late, and even though he possessed near-photographic memory, he couldn't remember to show up for their dates! How that was possible (unless he was doing it on purpose) she had absolutely no clue!

"What are you doing daydreaming? We're on a mission!" Syaoran hissed in her ear and he dropped softly down from a tree into the shadows next to her. They were infiltrating Kuroshin's mansion for the second time that week. The plan was to find who the Izumi brothers' clients were, and intercept them before they could get the job. After all, JPSN didn't tolerate rivals.

Sakura sent him a cold glare, "As if you should be talking. It's one thing to be late to our dates, but it's another to be late on a mission. If I told Clow-sama he'd have your head. This is work!"

"Shh! Be quiet!" He pushed her head down a little lower just as Eiji walked through the door and out the gate. "Okay, that makes both the brothers plus the maid, right Eriol?"

"You know, as much as I'd love to listen to your love quarrels could you at least save them for after the job is done?"

"Damn… I forgot to kill transmissions before I got here," Syaoran murmured. His girlfriend simply rolled her emerald eyes. "Eriol, is it all clear?" she whispered. "… let's go."

The two shadowed figures moved forward simultaneously, one moved quickly towards the right to disengage the security system, and the other to the left, to open up the timed trap door.

Syaoran placed his two gloved hands on either side of a gray, concrete slap in the side of the wall and pushed. Two white latches sprang out and he quickly clicked them into place. "Countdown… begin."



Swiftly, Sakura hooked a small, black electrical device to the back of four security cameras. With her dampener, she quickly shut off the electrical alarm system.




"Get a move on Sakura!" Syaoran hissed between clenched teeth. "Once this door closes, you can't get in!"

"I know! I know! Give me two more seconds…" she bit her lip and carefully rewired the small padlock to the side of the main alarm system.




"Just chill out I'm coming- DAMN!" Her foot was caught on part of the wired fencing. "HECK NO!"


Syaoran sprang out from the trap door and unsheathed a knife, cutting quickly through her pants fabric.


Sakura had already began to move forward – grabbing Syaoran by the hand she pushed off the wall and pulled him back towards their goal.


The two tumbled forward into the small black hole together.


Everything went dark as the small concrete door slammed shut behind them and sounds of heavy breathing could be heard.

"I… told… I told you to hurry up…" Syaoran panted as he leaned against the cold, concrete wall.

"Just… shut… shut up," she leaned against his chest and shut her eyes, trying to calm her fast-beating heart. They stayed in that position for a while, neither of them exhausted, but it was just so comfortable in that snuggled position.

It was Syaoran who broke the happy silence. He stood, no longer out of breath, and brushed the dust from his clothes. "We should probably get going. Kuroshin may be out of the country for the moment, but Eiji could be back at any time," he offered her a hand, and she wondered if he was smiling – it was hard to make out facial features in the dark… even with her fast-adjusting eyes.

She ignored his hand and stood up on her own. She had to remind herself that she was still upset at him… she'd never been stood up by anyone before, and there was no way she could bring herself to forgive him so easily. Maybe that's why they were always getting into fights…

Sakura peered at him through the corner of her eye. They were both proud people who refused to back down.

A deep frown set into Syaoran's mouth. Things were not going as planned. True, for the past few dates he had either been very late or a no-show, but… it wasn't as if he could tell her the real reason he'd stood her up. It couldn't be helped.

The tunnel was dark, but Sakura's well-trained eyes skillfully scanned the stone walls as the two walked on. "Syaoran," she said. Her partner halted and looked up as well. "Okay," he said. "Let's go. The faster we do this the faster I can ask-" he covered his mouth abruptly.

"Ask?" she looked at him in confusion.

That had been too close for comfort. "Ask…" his mind raced. "Ask Clow-sama about our schedule for this week," he pushed the stone slab in the ceiling to the right, revealing a hole in the Izumi mansion. "After that, maybe we can go and have dinner," he looked back at her as they climbed into the brothers' kitchen. "I'm sorry for missing our last date. I'll make it up to you."

Inwardly, Syaoran gave himself a high-five. It was a well-worded, believable lie, and judging from the blush that had spread pleasantly across her pale face, she had bought it.

Sakura, too, commended herself for her excellent acting skills. The spy calmly hid the malicious smirk that threatened to spread onto her innocent features.

Li Syaoran, if there's one thing you need to learn, it's that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. I'll find out what you're up to, and the real reason you've been skipping out on our dates!

She took a step forward, but immediately Syaoran was by her side, halting her movements. Irritated, she opened her mouth in protest, but immediately swallowed her snide remark when she saw the look on his face. Her body tensed and she scanned the area.

It was quiet. Too quiet. This was Izumi mansion they were talking about. Even if there wasn't a soul in the building, where was the steady, electrical hum of a heavy-duty security system? Something felt… off.

"What should we do?" Sakura murmured. Her partner looked at her from the corner of his eye.

He grimaced, "There's nothing much else we can do about it. It's likely that this is a trap… but if so, we're already in it. Might as well go for what we came for. With any luck nothing will happen."

She sighed in annoyance. "Let's go then."

Their footsteps were soft as the two of them sprinted to Kuroshin's bedroom, where all their important files were kept. There was no other room in the entire mansion more heavily guarded. They stopped at the elder Izumi's door.

Sakura flipped a long, silver stick with a series of precise bends at its end. She quickly unscrewed the scanner on the wall as Syaoran slid in a key into the knob and clicked it open. Luckily for them, the brothers had yet to catch up with some of Eriol's technology. They had managed to make a mold of the key to his room on their last visit using only the doorknob.

She worked swiftly, rewiring the various chips implanted into the wall. A small, red tongue peeked out of her lips as Sakura concentrated on bypassing the scanner's security. Syaoran found himself staring as she licked her plump lips, and images of their last kiss flashed in his mind. He forced the thought from his head, noting that her work was done. "Ready?" he asked.

"Just one second…" her hands deftly resituated the mechanism and set it back into the wall. "Okay… one… two…"

Their hands moved at the same time. He turned the doorknob while she pressed a series of buttons on the scanner.

The door swung open, and the pair looked at each other, grinning like a couple of children. "It worked!" Sakura giggled. "I'll have to admit though, I was worried whether or not it would. I guess I've overestimated the two of them."

He gave her a lopsided smile, and the two of them entered the room.

Sakura went straight to his desk, checking for any booby traps before sifting through the papers. Syaoran searched his dresser.

Finding nothing of importance in the files on his desk, Sakura moved onto the computer. She plugged a smile wire into the back of the hard drive, and pulled a small, hand-held laptop from the pouch tied to her waist. Quickly accessing their database, she quickly broke through a series of codes before downloading the files they had come for.

A deep growl from Syaoran, snapped her out of her concentration. Sakura looked up, surprised. "Syaoran, what is…? Her emerald eyes fell on the figure standing at the door. Eyes never leaving him, her hands quickly finished loading the data and she tucked the wire and small computer back into her pouch.

She stood quickly and walked up behind her partner. "Izumi-kun," she nodded to him stiffly. He looked up at her sadly. "Sakura-san, I thought I told you to call me 'Eiji'."

"I think she makes it a point not to be too familiar with a rival spy faction," Syaoran growled. Sakura placed a gentle hand on his arm to calm him down. She sized the younger Izumi brother up. "I… I never got to thank you for helping me out last time," she said quietly. "Thank you. Did you get in trouble with your brother for it?"

He shook his head, and his azure eyes gazed at her longingly, "He doesn't know anything… I um… I turned off the house's security system after you two stepped in… Aniki's room has its own alarm wiring though. I… I'm impressed you got in, Sakura."

If looks could kill, Eiji would have been nothing but a pile of ashes. Syaoran's glare was boring a hole through him. "So? You've turned off the security, are you going to let us through without a fight? If not, you better prepare yourself, because I'm going to beat your head into the ground for laying a hand on Sakura last time."

Sakura suppressed a happy giggle, it would have been extremely inappropriate and inconsiderate of the man standing across from them. But… but… Syaoran was jealous! For someone who was so in control of himself, it seemed almost cute that he would be jealous over a man she so obviously had no attraction to. Plus, it felt nice to have him suddenly be so protective of her.

Eiji's eyes flickered from Sakura to Syaoran, and back to Sakura again. "Sakura…" he spoke hesitantly. "Won't you consider coming back with my brother and me? I promise I can protect you this time! I'll show you how great of a team we can be… I mean… I mean, I like you."

Oh dear, now Sakura felt guilty. He was no longer the enemy, but a high school boy in a puddle of emotions, confessing his love to her. Sakura racked her mind for a solution, she had to act quickly or else Syaoran would tear him limb from limb.

"She was never with you to begin with." Syaoran's hands balled into fists and he shifted his feet into a fighting stance. "If you're not going to move-"

"I'm sorry Izumi, but Syaoran is my boyfriend, and while he may be completely worthless, thick-headed, and a jerk at times, I still love him. I'm afraid I can't go with you. Please don't come near me again," Sakura cut in. She felt a smile form on her lips as Syaoran relaxed next to her as she spoke.

Eiji's eyes widened in surprise when the both rushed at him, Sakura latching onto his limbs, immobilizing him and Syaoran flipping behind him and giving him a sharp jab at the back of his neck. His body fell onto the ground with a loud thud.

"You didn't need to hit him that hard," Sakura sighed. Her boyfriend grabbed her by the hand and dragged her towards the entrance. "I didn't like the way he was looking at you," he growled.

Sakura forced herself to not giggle - she had a feeling Syaoran wouldn't appreciate it.

"Well, I know you think I'm a worthless, thick-headed jerk, but do I have any good qualities?" The two of them sprinted out of the mansion and jumped over the gate. There was a frown on his face, and she resisted the urge to kiss him right in front of the Izumi's gate.

"Hm…" she turned around and winked at him before skipping ahead. "Maybe… only a couple."

"Nice work you two. This is exactly what we needed." Clow's deep voice rang through the small office. "It's about time you got a break. Go ahead and take the rest of this week off. With this information, the Izumi brothers won't be able to stay in the business for very long. Even if they do manage to scrape by, it will be under JPSN's surveillance."

They bowed and left the room.

"Well?" Sakura said.

"Well what?" Syaoran asked.

"Don't tell me you already forgot!" she glared at him. "I want that dinner you promised me. 'To make up for last time', remember?"

Syaoran felt the sweat build up on his forehead. "Right, I… didn't forget… but…" He was an idiot, he couldn't promise her a dinner that night! He had that to take care of.

She frowned. "But what? You're not canceling on me are you?"

He sighed. "Sakura," he pleaded. "I need to take care of something today. I'm sorry, but I won't be able to take you out today."

"WHAT?" she blew up. "Li Syaoran, I really advise you rethink what you just said. I will not be treated like… like I don't matter! Do you have any idea how many men would be begging to go out with me? And you, the one who claims to 'love me', won't even take me out to dinner, let alone be on time for any of our dates!"

"Sakura," he was getting nervous. The last time she had been this mad he'd had a limp for over two weeks. His fiery lover possessed a fearsome strength when she was angry. Syaoran backed away from her slowly.

"Li… Syaoran…"

He caught the murderous glint in her eye and wasted no time turning around and running for his life, his pretty Sakura just one step behind him, her hand raised in a lethal fist.


Syaoran groaned and poked the ugly, blue-black bruise on his cheek. This was not exactly what he had hoped for. He looked like an idiot walking into the airport with the left side of his face conspicuously swollen.

What could he do though? He wasn't about to miss his flight to China. He had been planning things so carefully for so long… it was the reason he had been late to so many of their dates after all. He wanted everything to work out well.

The plane ride seemed to drag on for hours when in reality it took only an hour and a half to reach his destination. The flight attendants bowed their first-class customer out of the plane, and Syaoran was pleasantly surprised to find a limo waiting for him as soon as he exited the plane. It was just like his family to send him a driver.

"Hurry," he told the driver. "I have urgent business to take care of back at home. I trust you can get me there within the hour."

"Of course, Syaoran-sama."

He looked up, astonished. He knew that voice! His eyes locked onto his old butler's in the car's rear view mirror. "Wei!" he laughed. "How've you been, old friend? It's been ages since I last saw you!"

"Well it has been ages since you've last been home, Syaoran-sama," the elderly man chuckled. "I trust that you have done me credit in Japan. I would be most ashamed if you didn't do the training I gave you justice."

"Of course… I'm having a good time there," a smile crept onto his lips as he thought of a certain cherry blossom back in Japan.

As the car sped through the streets, his butler chuckled. "From what I hear from Yelan-sama, you've been having more than just a good time."

"Yeah… she's beautiful, Wei."

"I'm sure she is, Syaoran-sama."

The limousine came to a halt in front of the Li Mansion. Syaoran stepped out of the car and thanked Wei as his butler opened the door for him. He clapped the elderly man on the back, and said. "It really is good to see you again."

Wei simply bowed and motioned towards the mansion in response.

Syaoran's walk was brisk as he went quickly to his mother's room. He knocked on the door respectfully.

"Come in."

He shut the door behind him and bowed low to the regal woman sitting in front of him. "Okaa-sama. I'm home."

"I've heard from Clow-sama that you have done well in Japan. It is good that you have not dishonored us before him. He is a powerful person," his mother's silky voice was as elegant as he remembered. "I'm glad to see that you are well, Syaoran."

She motioned for him to come nearer, and he did. Yelan looked him over carefully, and she frowned as she pressed the bruise on his cheek. Syaoran's cheeks flamed red, he had forgotten about Sakura's punch… Wei hadn't said anything! "You've grown since I last saw you, my son," she smiled, something she rarely did. "Here is the thing that you asked for." She handed him a small package wrapped in white silk and tied with a green thread.

"You are an adult now. You have my blessings… but you must bring her with you to visit sometime. I wish to see her," she pressed a gentle kiss on his forehead before releasing him. Yelan nodded to the door. "You are free to remain here tonight if you wish, but I understand if you would rather return to Japan.

"Mother…" Syaoran hesitated before bowing low. "Thank you," he whispered, before leaving her room quietly.

"I am proud of you, Syaoran," the regal Chinese woman smiled to herself. " And I'm glad that this girl has made you so happy."

"Wei! Can you get the limo? I need to go back to the airport right now. Schedule an immediate flight to Japan." Syaoran ran out of the mansion, his heart thumping a little faster than it had before. He reached into his pocket and took out his cell phone.


Sakura sat in her room, pouting. She had tried to call Syaoran, but apparently he wasn't home. When she asked Eriol where he was, the sapphire-eyed computer genius just laughed and said that he was in China! Maybe she had overreacted a little. He had looked sorry, after all… it was just…

She sighed and flopped down onto her bed, her eyes landing on a picture of the two of at the mall dancing. A frown settled onto her lips. It seemed such a long time since the two of them had finally admitted their feelings for each other. It had been a long, difficult process that had involved many tears, but they had gotten together. They had had fun. Their relationship had been great until recently. Syaoran always seemed distracted by something, and no matter how many times she asked him what was wrong, he would simply shrug her questions off.

It hurt to know that there was something he couldn't trust her with. She knew that the both of them were closed off by nature, but she had hoped that they had gotten past that stage already. After all, they spent so much time together…

Thoughts of their dance on that snowy night at the mall sent her to her closet. She took out the silk, white kimono he had given her. It was beautiful.

Shyly, she took off her clothes and slid the kimono on. It felt so smooth against her skin. She could almost feel Syaoran's arms around her again, dancing the night away.

Sakura jumped as the ring of her phone shook her from her reverie. She chided herself for daydreaming about such silly things and answered the phone.

"Moshi moshi. Kinomoto no otaku desu."

"Sakura? It's Syaoran."

She stiffened. What did he want now? "What is it Syaoran? I heard that you went back to China. Are you still there now? You know, Onii-chan will get mad if I take too many long-distance calls."

"No silly, I'm in Japan. I stopped by China to take care of some… business. Hey, I'm sorry for bailing out on you yesterday. Will you have dinner with me tonight?"

Sakura bit her lip. Did she want to forgive him so easily? Thinking about the nasty bruise she left on his cheek, she decided to give him one more chance. "Fine."

"Great! Can you meet me at my house?"

"Your house? …right now?" She sighed, looking at her reflection in the mirror. She had just finished changing into the kimono!

"Is that okay?"

"Yeah, yeah… I'll meet you there in ten, then." Not bothering for his response, she hung up, glaring at the girl in the mirror. "Great Sakura, you just spent the last ten minutes changing, are you really going to change back?"

She stared at herself in the mirror, admiring the way the kimono fit her every curve. No, she decided… why should she? He wouldn't care if she was in a kimono, what difference did it make? It was way too much trouble to change back into normal clothes now. Just because it was his apartment didn't mean that she couldn't go all dressed up.

Sighing, Sakura grabbed her purse. She had hoped their dinner would be at a fancy restaurant… she had an insatiable craving for some high-class sushi.


Syaoran stared at his cell phone, grimacing. Sakura was still mad; she'd hung up on him without even saying 'goodbye'. This made things just a little… awkward.

Shaking his head, he raced to his room and made sure he looked okay. He fingered the silk bag in his pocket absentmindedly. He'd gone to great lengths to make this night as romantic as any girl would want it. He really wasn't the type to do something so… cliché, but he wanted the night to be memorable.

He fidgeted nervously and paced around the room. Him! One of JPSN's top spies! If Eriol ever saw him this restless, he would laugh.

Syaoran was so distracted that he didn't notice anyone enter his apartment until he felt a light tap on his shoulder. The young man jumped five feet in the air before turning around. "Sakura!" he gasped. "How did you get-"

She dangled the keys he had given her last month in front of his face. "I hope you don't mind that I came in a kimono."

"We're not, but…" he looked her over and smiled. "You look beautiful anyway. I love your kimono, who got it for you?"

She slapped his arm lightly. "Stop teasing. I just felt like wearing it. It… I do think the kimono is pretty though," Sakura admitted.

"I think you make it beautiful," he whispered huskily in her ear.

Sakura flushed a bright pink, but pushed him away. "Where's dinner? I'm starving. Do you have sushi?"

Syaoran smothered a laugh. "Nope, no sushi, but I do have some fancy Italian spaghetti." She noticed that there was no food on his dining table. "Well, where is it?" she asked.


"… outside?"

"In my backyard."

He took her by the hand suddenly and led her outside. There was no candlelight dinner… but the moonlight seemed so bright, and the stars glowed radiantly. In the middle of the grass was a low, Japanese table with two mats at either end.

Sakura gasped. The pathway to the table was decorated with white flowers, and the table was surrounded by cherry blossoms. "It… must have taken a while to get so many flowers," she whispered.

"Shall we?" he offered her his hand and this time she took it. They sat down at the table, and Sakura looked around, still amazed by the multitude of blossoms around them.

He gave her a boyish grin. "You told me once that you would walk out on me if I ever did something cliché like a picnic or candlelight dinner… is a dinner in my backyard with no candles okay?"

"Ha ha ha, Syaoran. I suppose it'll have to do." She hoped that the moonlight didn't reveal the blush on her cheeks. The last thing she needed was for him to tease her some more.

"Well… should we start eating then?" she asked.

"Actually Sakura, I… I was wondering…" he didn't get to finish his statement. Suddenly, loud thunder could be heard from above them. Both spies looked up at the sky, surprised. Clouds were beginning to gather, and the moon and stars disappeared.

Syaoran groaned. Sakura laughed. "It's okay, I'll forgive you if you go get the candles now. I promise not to walk out on you."

He gave her a grateful smile, but both of them were groaning again the next second as rain began to fall. They ran into his apartment and stared out at the yard as it began pouring. "Well… there goes the romantic dinner," he murmured.

Sakura felt a little disappointed too. It wasn't often Syaoran did something like this. Sure, he was sweet and romantic at times, but he'd never actually gone and… arranged a moonlight dinner for her before. The thought… and the flowers, were really sweet.

The two of them stood side by side, staring out at the ruined date. Syaoran sighed. "Well, you said you wanted sushi right? Do you mind leftovers? I have some in my refrigerator."

Sakura's stomach growled and them both laughed. It wasn't exactly the high-class sushi she had hoped for but… "My tummy doesn't seem to mind," she grinned, happy that he wasn't too bummed about the dinner he had put so much effort into. It really must have taken a long time to get all those flowers.

They ate the sushi in his kitchen. "So…" she looked over at him casually. "Why did you go to China?"

"Well, I needed to go get something important from my mother, you see," he replied as he chewed on the last piece of unagi sushi. "I really wanted this to be kind of special for you, but I suppose that leftover sushi will have to do."

"Syaoran, you didn't tell me something important was happening with your family. What's going on?"

"Come here," he pulled her onto his lap.

She let out a high-pitched 'eep'. "S-Syaoran! What do you think you're doing? Put me down!"

He picked her up bridal style and walked into his living room. "No, even if all my plans turned out horribly I still want to do this properly." Syaoran whispered into her ear as he set her down on his sofa.

To his surprise, she pulled him down with her, glaring at him. "Oh no you don't, I think you've let me out of the loop long enough. What exactly are you planning?"

He stared down at his beautiful Sakura for a moment before a wicked smirk spread across his features. "Sakura… you're making this… really, really hard for me!" He tickled her sides mercilessly.

"Syao-Syaoran- ha! Stop! Syaoran! HAHA! Stop!! HAHAHA- ouch!" The two of them rolled off the couch, but he still didn't stop tickling her. "Syaoran! Please okay! HAHAHAHAH!!! I can't take –laugh- anymore! Please! Come on! HAHAHA! P-please! Come on –HAHA- Syaoran! Syaoran!!! HAHA! Please! I –laugh- can't take this any – HAHA! Oh… -laugh- I love you! Stop! Stop!"

To her amazement (and her stomach's great relief), he stopped. Her emerald eyes fluttered open and she stared into his amber ones, their noses just centimeters away from each other. "S… Syaoran?" she whispered. The look in his eyes was filled with love.

"Are you sure," his deep voice murmured in her ear.

Sakura felt the hair on her neck rise as his breath tickled her skin. "Sure… about what?" she managed to stutter. She was drowning in his amber orbs. His eyes had always been so amazing…

"Are you sure you love me Sakura?" he said huskily before pressing kissing her gently. "I love you," he whispered onto her lips. "Do you love me?"

"Y-yes…" she whispered back at him. "Always and forever."

Suddenly he was no longer on top of her, and Sakura immediately missed his body warmth. She sat up, looking at him quizzically.

He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small white bag. Wordlessly, he handed it to her. Sakura looked at him, not quite understanding, but tugged on the green thread, opening the small silk bag up. Her breath caught in her throat as she took out of it a diamond ring.

"Kinomoto Sakura… will you marry me?" his large hands covered her small white ones.

"I… I…" she jumped on top of him. "Yes! Yes! Yes! I'll marry you! Yes!" She kissed him swiftly on the lips, and he wrapped his arms around her waist.

"Good," he found that he couldn't stop smiling… she had just agreed to be his wife! He slipped the ring onto her finger and she looked at it in amazement.

It was a beautiful diamond ring with a silver band… but it seemed to have an emerald core. "What…?"

"The Li family color is green," Syaoran said. "So our engagement rings are usually emeralds, but I had that made especially for you. The diamond and emerald have been fused… I think it's pretty."

"It's beautiful," she breathed.

He reached out and tilted her chin up and kissed her deeply. "I think you're beautiful."

"You're such a flirt," Sakura blushed. "This was the reason you went to China?"

He nodded. "Well I'm glad that it rained then," she giggled and snuggled into his arms. "If you proposed to me out there so… dramatically, I think I might have burst out laughing. No offense to your manly pride, of course. That really isn't your style. Leftover sushi and the floor of your living room is much more… you."

"Are you implying that I'm not high class?" he raised an eyebrow.

Sakura shook her head. "A nice restaurant would have been okay… but honestly Syaoran, a moonlight dinner…? I think I would have turned you down," she joked before pressing another kiss onto his lips.

Syaoran growled before tackling her to the ground and kissing her long and hard. "Well then, my future wife, I'm glad it rained too."

She glared at him suddenly. "Don't tell me that the reason you missed our dates was because you were too busy ordering flowers for your backyard."

He grinned sheepishly down at her, "You know, the way you say it really makes it sound kind of pathetic."

Sakura smiled. "I love you."

Syaoran stared back down at her and felt his lips involuntarily being pulled into a smile. "I love you too. Always and forever."




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