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He puts the card into the slot, trying not to make very much noise when he enters her room. This wasn't like him; he never obsessed over women, women obsessed over him. But since the day he had seen her soft eyes look into his, it was something he had never felt before bordering on love and lust. He needed her, to posses her feeling her soft body writhe beneath him. Moving slowly into the room he could see the silhouette of her body on the bed, her soft hair thrown across the pillow. Laying slowly on the bed trying not too disturb her he moved next to her, pulling the sheet back a little bit he saw that she was wearing nothing but a matching panty set. Groaning he looked up to see her lick her soft lips and move a little into him. She tried to play shy with him but they both knew that she was a tease tempting him to make his move. The way she looked her small tan body he could take her and devour her all night long, making her beg for more. His hand moved softly down to the inside of her thigh he felt her shiver and sigh. Frowning he watched as she turned her head the other way, she always did that she could never meet his eyes for very long. But he would change that in only a matter of time. Turning her face back to his he leaned down slowly and kissed her lips, pressing hard into her. For a moment she kissed him back, putting her hands to his head but as if an alarm went off she abruptly pushed him away and jumped out of the bed, wrapping the sheet around her Body," What are you doing?" She tries to sound calm but he knew she was shaking. Instead of going to her, he moved out the door never taking his eyes off her. Closing the door he goes back to his room planning to make his next move tomorrow.

The next day he walked in after her making sure to check around and see if she said anything about him. When the coast was clear he went to her dressing room finding it empty even better. Walking in he saw her bag and went towards it until he heard her soft laughter outside the door. Moving behind it he waited until she walked in and closed the door locking it behind her. Turning around he saw her bright eyes," What are you doing here?" He gave her a slow cocky smile and move towards her. She was still trying to sound calm with him, but he knew that he could turn her legs to Jell-O. Backing her slowly against the wall he placed each hand on either side of her hips," What are you doing?" she whispers. Looking her over he sees she's wearing blue jeans that ride low on her hips and a T-shirt that clings to her soft tummy. Her brown hair is pulled back into a ponytail with a few strands by her face. And oh God she smells good, like heaven if he knew what it smelled like. Leaning in he brushes his nose taking in her sweet scent," I want you," he whispers not even sure if he said it himself. Moving his face back to hers he forces her to look into his eyes, he wonders how much longer he can hold out he move in closer but is stopped when his cell phone rings. Feeling irritated he answers reluctantly. Turning away from her for a second he doesn't see her slip out the door. When he hangs it up she's gone he could wait but she needs her rest. He was breaking her down slowly getting into her head. Soon she would know what it feels like to never be able to get him out of her head.

It had been a week and she was avoiding him,"Dammit." he thought. When he would walk into a room she would walk out. This game was getting old and he was getting restless night after night was going by and his dreams were filled with nothing but her. But he was sick of waiting it was time to go too her.

Standing in the doorway of her balcony she had yet to see him standing in they're watching her. Her bedroom was simple and lit candles with a four post bed in the middle. Her back was to him and he could see all she was wearing was a long white robe moving over to the bed she began to take the robe off until she looked up her soft eyes meeting his fierce ones. Not saying anything he moved towards her noticing that she wasn't moving and could find the words to say anything. Smiling he played with the strap of her belt," You've been avoiding me." His eyes roamed her body, looking her up and down." I've been busy." her breathing started to become louder."Bullshit." Chuckling he began to undo the robe pulling the belt out of the loops opening the robe slowly he saw she was wearing a soft pastel yellow panty set that set off her tan skin. Groaning he slipped the robe of her shoulders. He pushed her back on to the bed making sure to lay her the long way. Taking the belt he tied her gently to the bed, than going to her closet he found a scarf too blindfold her with. The whole time she didn't say anything but he could tell that her body was trembling. His lips went to her stomach, kissing her gently. He pulled away and slipped his clothes off and lay down next to her, running his hand slowly across her stomach. As he kissed her neck gently, he heard her take in a deep breath as continued to explore her. Moving on top of her slowly he pulled off her panties slowly nipping gently at her stomach. He moved between her thighs sucking gently on the inside to leave a mark. She was beginning to squirm beneath him trying to pull out of the ties. He was teasing her so that she could know what he had been feeling the past week, he wanted her to beg for his touch. His tongue brushed against her sensitive spot sending her hips off the bed. His mouth worked skillfully until he had her gasping his name when she was about lose control he stopped and moved back up her body. He untied her slowly and slipped the blindfold off pulling her to him so that He could take the rest of her clothes off. They sat staring at each other as his hand moved over back. He could feel her shaking as he pulled her tighter against him. They stared down became too intense for her so she turned away, putting his hand under her chin he turned her back to kissing her trying to devour her mouth as they fell back onto the bed, Moving between her legs she rolled him onto his back. She reached for a condom moving down his body. She kissed him tenderly; slipping his briefs down she slid it on him with her mouth. Throwing his head back he let out a growl pulling her back to him. Pinning her beneath him slowly he moved inside her burying his face in her neck they moved together, sweat breaking out on both their bodies. But once wasn't enough for him he kept going until both their bodies went numb. Collapsing on top of her he pulled them both under the sheets wrapping his arms tightly around her not letting go. When she was sleeping he watched her for the longest time whispering in her ear," Now you're mine."