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The next day all she anticipated was there second date she didn't know why but he was causing butterflies in her stomach. Getting ready she wore smoky gray trousers that were tight in the waist and flared in the bottoms slipping on a pair of black strappy heals. With her top she wore a white tank top that showed her midriff and a cardigan yellow sweater that was only buttoned at the top. Her hair was down around her face in big wavy curls. When he knocked on the door she opened it to find him standing in black pants and a red oxford shirt that was tucked in the sleeves were rolled up she was in awe of how comfortable casual he looked but still so sexy.

"Hello, you look gorgeous." He kissed her cheek handing her a small bag.

"What's this?" she smiled.

"Well since I bought you flowers yesterday I decided to get you something different." Stepping in he closed the door watching as she opened it finding that it was a small bottle of cologne.

"I remembered that you said you love it when a man smells good." he smiled.

"It's so embarrassing when I hear someone say one of my weird quirks out loud." She laughed.

He stepped back a little confused and hurt cause she thought he was laughing at his gift.

"Oh no I love it, it smells so good." Finding it endearing that he was actually hurt setting the cologne down she grabbed her purse and his hand to make him feel better. He had picked a cozy Italian restaurant making sure they had a quiet table in the corner when the hostess escorted then to the table she noted that he had a bottle of wine chilling.

"Well someone planned ahead." She smirked.

"Yup." He leaned down giving her a quick peck on the lips. As they both slid into the booth the each took a few minutes looking the menu over deciding what they want.

"What are you getting?" he asked.

"The trio plate I love Italian food and I'm craving a little bit of everything. Chicken Parmesan, meat ravioli, and stuffed shells. "

"Hmmm…sounds good. But I'm getting shrimp Alfredo and steamed oysters."

"I'm not that big of a fan of seafood." She crinkled her nose.

"Well you learn something new everyday, like how cute you are when you do that with your nose." He leaned over kissing the tip of it.

Clearing his throat the waiter stood at the end of the table." Are you ready to order?"

"Umm, yeah. " She was a little embarrassed giving their order quickly the waiter grabbed the menus. Sighing she leaned back against the seat enjoying the funny little banter going on between them hovering over he leaned in close touching his lips lightly to hers coaxing her mouth open so he could deepen the kiss, his hand slid in her sweater brushing his thumb caroused her stomach.

Covering his hand she stopped him," What are you doing?" Her eyes were heavy lidded and she was breathless.

"Getting to second base." He smirked.

"My my you move fast. I though I told you last not that I'm not that kind of girl."

"Shit that sucks." Frowning he leaned against the booth staring at her.

"Come on let's just talk we had fun yesterday. It doesn't always have to e sex."

"I know, I know. So let's talk why don't you tell me what it's going to take to have you quivering under me." Leaning in closely he gave her his devilish grin.

"He come on. If you don't stop I'm going to tell them to put you on the patio."

"This place doesn't have a patio." He stopped.

"Duh genius." She laughed. Grabbing her thigh he tickled her and she tried not to squeal," don't!"

"Okay look here comes the waiter with the food." Setting the food down the waiter made sure they were okay and than left them alone. Sitting there a few minutes in silence digging into their food.

"Wanna try some?" he smiled.

"No." Her answer was short.

"You're missing out."

"Whatever. So tell me about you?"

"Not much to say I'm a quiet guy who enjoys relaxing in the company of a beautiful woman."

"There has got to be more to you than that, Like what would you be doing if you weren't a wrestler?" she asked.

"Well I can't picture doing anything else. I live, breathe, sleep, and eat wrestling. When I was growing up it was the last thing I expected to make a career out of. But now that I'm in it I can't picture my life without it." Shrugging his shoulders he took another bite of food. Looking at him she studied him loving the fact that he was able to give her such a meaningful answer. Turing the conversation back to her they sat for what seemed like hours not even noticing when waiter cleared the plates.

"So what do you want to do now?" He asked as he finished paying the bill.

"It's getting late we should get back." Looking at her watch she saw it was close to midnight.

"I'm up for that, you're room or my room?" His hand slid up the inside of her thigh.

"No I don't think so you go to your room and I got to mine." She smirked running her finger a crossed her lips. Pulling it into his mouth he sucked on it slowly. Biting her lip she whimpered.

"Come on how long do we have to wait?" He groaned seeing that she wanted him too.

"I'm not sure but were supposed to be getting to know each other remember? So that we can see if we have something that isn't based purely on sex." She swallowed the lump in her throat wondering why she kept trying to fight the feelings he was bringing out of her.

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