Return to Childhood
By Misha

Disclaimer- Everything belongs to J.K. Rowling and is not mine, however much I might wish differently. However, I am not making any money off of this, so please do not sue me!

Author's Notes- This is my attempt at the "Harry (or someone else) is turned into a child" storyline. I've seen a million of this type of story, but still couldn't resist trying my hand at my own version, with a few twists. I like to put my own spin on things. I'm not sure how original this is, but I hope it's still entertaining. I was just fascinated of the idea of Harry and a couple others getting to re-live their childhoods and thus becoming different people. I take liberties with how the re-aging would work, but I figure that's my right as the author. This will eventually be Harry/Hermione, with some Draco/Ginny thrown in, but not for quite a while. Oh, and there might be some Snape/Lily angst, haven't decided yet. Well, that's all for now. Enjoy!

Pairing- Eventual Harry/Hermione, Draco/Ginny.

Rating- PG-13

Summery- Harry, Hermione and Draco are reverted back to childhood after a Potions accident and the consequences are far reaching...

Spoilers- All five books.

Prologue- Children Once More

Albus Dumbledore gazed kindly at the three small children, two boys and a girl, in his office and then looked up at the disgruntled Potion's Master.

"I think you'd better explain what happened, Severus." He said, picking one of the children up and settling him on his knee.

The small boy had a head of messy black hair and soulful green eyes and seemed quite content to sit the Headmaster's lap.

Following his lead, Minerva McGonagall picked up the little girl and set her on her lap, leaving Severus Snape to pick up the remaining child, a sulky looking boy with pale blonde hair.

"Mr. Malfoy and Mr. Potter got into another altercation." Severus said in disgust. "It resulted in them knocking over both of their potions, plus Miss Granger's. As the three of them were each working on a separate potion, the results were quite disastrous. There was loud bang and then, voila! the two of them and Miss Granger, who had jumped in to try and break up the fight, were in their present state."

Albus nodded. "Interesting. I have seen situations like this before and I'm afraid that there's only one solution--we'll have to re-age them."

"Will it be very hard?" Minerva asked.

Albus shook his head. "No. But it will take time." He explained. "As best as I can see, they have reverted back to their childhood, age 4 approximately. The process takes a week for each year and they will get a mixture of memories. Their first experience growing up will still exist in their minds, they'll gain the appropriate amount back as time passes. Still, those memories will mix with the new ones they create, thus creating an interesting mix of the old and the new. I believe that the important events, as well as the skills that they have learnt, will stick with them, but that the more unpleasant events will no longer have taken place."

The three were quiet for a moment.

"But it will take about 12 weeks to re-age them, won't it?" Minerva asked finally.

"Yes." Albus answered. "I must admit, I'm apprehensive about how defenceless Harry will be, but he'll be well protected."

"May I ask who's going to look after them?" Severus asked dryly.

Albus looked at the two of them. "I was hoping that the two of you would be up to the task." He said quietly. "It would give them both a male and female influence in their lives. Besides, I think it might be good for the two of you as well."

"All right." Minerva agreed immediately.

Severus glared at his friend and mentor. "You want me to raise James Potter's son?" He asked in a low voice.

"No." Albus said. "I want you to raise Harry. He's not his father, Severus, maybe now, you'll be able to see that."

Severus sighed. "Fine, whatever."

Albus smiled slightly, believing that the experience would be good for Severus.

He looked thoughtfully at the three small children. He couldn't help but feel that whatever the dangers, this opportunity might be a blessing for two of them.

It might save one of the children from path a darkness and give one of the others the type of childhood that all children should have and of which he was sorely depraved...