Return to Childhood
By Misha

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A.N- It's been a while I know, blame it on real life. This one's fairly short, but it just flowed that way. Day Three will be broken into three parts instead of two, just because that's the way my muse wants it. I'll try to update more often, but I'm a fulltime student, so... Well, that's all for now, enjoy!

Part Four- New Titles

Week One, Day Three, Part 2

Minerva looked at her three little charges. She and Severus had just switched places and it was now her time to watch them. "What would you three like to do this afternoon?"

"Wead." Hermione said clearly.

Draco made a face. "Bowing. I wanna play with bwocks."

"What about you, Harry?" Minerva asked, since Harry hadn't spoken a word.

Harry looked suprirsed, then he pursed his lips, as if deep in thought. "Will you wead to us?" He asked fianlly.

Minerva smiled. "Of course."

She ignored Draco's whines of protest and gathered the three children to her on the couch. Harry and Draco sat on either side of her and Hermione sat on her lap, helping hold on to the book.

In her best story-telling voice Minerva read out loud the story of Casey, a young wizard, and Flight, his pet dragon. Even Draco seemed fascinated by the story, or at least by the colourful, fanficul illustraitions that danced across the page.

"'Nother!" Hermione demanded when Minerva was done.

"No, I think it's naptime." Minerva said with a smile, she and Severus had agreed it was best if they at least attempted to get the children down for a nap every afternoon.

"No naps!" Draco cried out, shaking his head wildly.

Hermione was pouting as well. "Not sweepy." The little girl declared.

Minerva looked to Harry, expecting protests as well, but he just yawned and nodded.

Minerva smiled, glad that at least one of her charges didn't put up a fight. She set Hermione on her feet and then stood up. "Come on you three, naptime."

Then, she scooped up the protesting Draco and proceeded to carry him to his room, while Harry and the pouting Hermione followed behind. Hermione might protest, but only Draco ever actively disobeyed--Minerva put it down to his parents and chalked it up as another thing to hold against Lucius Malfoy.

Severus was surprised by how quiet the apartmetn was when he checked in between classes.

"They're all napping." Minerva told him, lookking up from where she was grading some papers.

"So they all went down?" Severus asked in surprise, the previous day naptime had been a no-go.

Minerva smiled. "They did, though there was a lot of protesting on Draco's part. I swear, that boy is more difficult than the other two put together."

Severus just chuckled and was about to reply, when he caught sight of Harry standing unobstrusively in the doorway. Again, Severus was amazed by how quiet the child was. "Hello." He said, smiling at the child.

"No more sleep." Harry said solemnly.

"That's okay." Minerva said, standing up. "You had a good nap."

Harry just nodded. Minerva went to pick the child up, but he shook his head and looked at Severus. "Want you." He said, looking with big eyes.

Severus was stunned by the child's words, but he reached down and picked the boy up all the same.

Harry snuggled against him contenntedly. Severus couldn't believe that his worst enemy's son was snuggling warmly against him. "Not Unca." Harry declared suddenly. "Unca's bad. You not bad."

"No, he's not." Minerva siad softly, looking at Harry. "Neither Severus or I will ever hurt you, Harry."

"K." Harry said with a nod. "Still don't like Uncas."

"You may call me whatever you like then, Harry." Severus told him solemnly.

"Daddy." Harry said promptly. "Daddy's are good. Duddy has a Daddy and Duddy treated good. You nice, so you Daddy."

Severus just stared at the little boy, taken away, both with the child's logic, and the emotion that rose in him at hearing that word.

Daddy. He never thought he'd ever hear that title directed at him, espeically not by Harry Potter. James Potter's son. Lily's son.

"Harry--" Minerva began.

"It's okay, MInerva." Severus said quietly. "Harry, if you wish to call me Daddy, then you may."

Harry beamed. "Lunch Daddy?" He asked solemnly.

Severus smiled and picked up the little boy. "Sure, we can get you some lunch."