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Chapter 15

Still Standing

Morning had come and the Titans were back to their Tower, or what was left of it. They had been so close to defeat, but their friendship had saved them. Starfire had saved them. They knew that this situation had been a great test to their friendship and they had passed with flying colors. It was time to leave all that behind and concentrate on what they had –or not- in front of them.

-"Well, that's over"-BB said

-"What ya mean's over? Our house was destroyed!"-Cyborg said pointing at the ruined Tower

-"We can build it back. And maybe I can get a room far away from you where I can actually meditate"-Raven said

-"Maybe my room will be clean for a few hours after we finish repairing"-BB said

-"Maybe we can find the remote... and the other twenty spares we have or even build a special place for it!"-Cyborg said thinking of all the other inventions and improvements he would do to the Tower

-"Nah! It'll get lost anyway"-BB said

-"Yeah, it will"-Cyborg said

While the other Titans were arguing about whether or not to make changes to the Tower Starfire opened her eyes and saw Robin. He smiled at her, feeling relieved she was fine and awake. She had passed out after defeating Red X. The Titans saw when the starbolt hit Red X and nothing was left of him. They were expecting for him to come out of nowhere with nothing more than scratches and attack them worse than before but it did not happen. Eventually they all got up and Raven took times to heal them the most she could. Starfire was healed but obviously was also very tired and did not wake up. Robin picked her up and they all came back to their island and he had been staring at her while she slept.

-"Are we victorious?"-Starfire asked while grabbing Robin's hand

-"Yes, Star. And all thanks to you"-Robin answered

Starfire turned to see the Tower and saw nothing. The rumors were true, there was nothing left of the Tower but a bunch of rubble and broken glass.

-"Our home! It has been destroyed!"-Starfire said while Robin was helping her stand up

-"Don't worry, Star. We can fix it...right guys?"-Robin asked

-"Yeah...if you two lovebirds HELP US OUT!"-Cyborg yelled desperately

-"I found the remote! You think it still works?"-BB asked while the remote disintegrated on his hands

-"Stop it!"-Raven answered as she used her powers to destroy the remote

Starfire and Robin laughed at Cyborg's face and at Raven's way of shutting BB up. The other three Titans had already started to move the debris of the Tower and looking for anything that could still be used. They knew that the city would come any minute and rebuild their Tower like when the HIVE nearly destroyed it but they could not help to look for their belongings.

-"Robin, do you think all of us will be the same after what has happened?"-Starfire asked

Robin looked at Starfire and smiled at her face of concern.

-'She looks so beautiful when she is worried...more beautiful"-Robin said

Robin kissed Starfire on the cheek and held her hand. They started walking; hand on hand, to help the other Titans. Starfire was waiting for Robin to answer and he finally did.

-"No, Star. We will be better"-Robin answered



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