To the Highest Bidder

By theladyknight

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Summary: A/U. When Yamato gets put up for auction during the school carnival, Sora buys him in order to save him from Jun and some of his fans. The result: a romantic date for two and night out with the blond singer. But one date won't change things between them, or will it?

A/N: Another new story idea. Yama, Sora, and Tai are all seniors in high school. Other characters will be introduced later. Please R&R!

Chapter 1: Friendship

When I first saw the sign advertising our school's carnival, I should have known trouble was lurking on the horizon. I was walking down the hall with one of my two best friends, Yamato Ishida, on our way to Calc class. The bright purple sign seemed to catch my eye. I mean seriously, it was the only sign hanging up on the gray dingy walls, and it such a powerful shade of purple I couldn't resist looking at it.

"Sor, what are you doing?" Yamato asked, walking over to me. I studied the sign realizing what it was for.

"The school carnival is Friday night." I responded, reading the details given on the sign. "Typical stuff's going to be there: the basketball games, miniature golf, pie throwing, auction, jail, wait…that's new, an auction."

Yamato groaned. "Don't remind me." He grabbed my arm, nearly dropping the books he was holding in order to pull me away from there.

"Do tell." I asked as we began walking toward our class again.

"It's called the 'Buy a Guy' Auction. They're putting about twenty senior guys up on the auction block and asking the girls to buy them. The girls then get "a night to remember," with the guys they buy, and all the proceeds are going to the town's homeless shelter."

"And how exactly is that bad?" I wondered

He gave me his patented Ishida glare eliciting a giggle from me. Most people would run screaming the other direction if he gave them that look. I think its funny. "I unfortunately am one of the guys."

I immediately stopped laughing. That has to suck. Let me tell you something about Yamato. He's hot. Very hot. Lead singer of the band The Teen-Age Wolves, one of the most popular guys in school, and the desire of nearly every girl's heart. He and three other seniors, Akira, Yutaka, and Takashi, started this band to keep them busy at the start of freshman year. Now three years later, with our graduation from high school less than three months away, their band is ready to hit it big time. Rumor is it, from my other best friend and resident bigmouth, Taichi, that a record deal is in the process.

Yamato is a ladies man. Hell, he probably will always be. He's a gigantic flirt but not a player. He dates but nothing has ever gotten too serious, and he doesn't go through girls like some other people in our grade. But if anything, girls are probably his downfall. They follow him everywhere. Stalk him, worship him, you name it, someone's most likely attempted to do it to him. At first it really wasn't too bad. I mean, just about any guy would die to have that many girls waiting hand and foot on them asking for a date. But the problem escalated with the start of the "We Love Yama-kun Club", a club started by fellow senior Jun Motamyia to which three fourths our school's female population belongs. (A/N: Jun is in their grade in this fic!)

Yamato used to spend at least ten minutes cleaning the love notes out of his locker only to find it full again by third period. Soon afterward, I offered to let him share my locker in order for him to make it to class on time and avoid detentions. None of the band members can go anywhere without girls constantly stopping them and asking for autographs, though I'm not going to say where they always want them to sign, if you get my point.

"How'd you get roped into that?" I questioned as we approached our classroom.

"It was all Yutaka's idea. He said it would boost our publicity, though I don't think we need any more boosting the way it is now."

"Neither does your ego." I teased.

"Would you just listen?" he responded. "He and the others have no problem but I…"

"Don't want to be stuck with a deranged fan girl?" I supplied.

He grinned. "Exactly."

"Have Taichi do it."

"Only problem with your suggestion is that I'm blond and good-looking while Taichi's a brunette and has major hair issues."

I got an evil idea. "We could always dress him up as you." That would be worth seeing. I would so pay to see that. Yamato snapped me out of my daydream.

"I don't want a bad name, Sor. And you and I both know Taichi would do something, and I would end up looking like a fool."

"Well," I said, "today is Wednesday. You've got two days to figure out some sort of plan."

"Thanks for the help." He responded sarcastically.

"Anytime, Yama." I responded.

A cry shot out. "Yama-kun." Oh God, here they come. I looked at my watch; right on schedule, stampeding down the halls like a herd of wild animals. "Yama! There he is!" "Yama-kun marry me!" "Go out with me!" "Oh, Yama I love you!"

I was about to laugh when Yamato grabbed my arm once again and drug me into Calc. He sighed with relief as the bell rang, and our teacher shut the door in the faces of the girls. We both took our seats, and I could see my friend physically relax. Poor Yama. He's forgotten what it's like to be a normal teen.

As our teacher launched into a long explanation about some new subject, my mind drifted back to my first meeting with my two best friends. We were each four and had become friends in the unlikeliest of ways…


Mom and dad had taken me to the park to play. At that time in my young life, the most exciting thing there was the little thing you could sit on and use the handles to pick up sand. A little yellow digger, as I thought of it. So, like any other carefree energetic little runt, I rushed over to the toy though two other kids got there at the same time I did.

The first boy glared at me. "Back away, girly." He said. I gasped when I looked at him. He was a strange little boy. He appeared to be my age but was a lot taller. I looked at him once more and did a double take realizing where the extra height came from.

I'll tell you now that back then I was a blunt person. I had a bad habit, which I still carry, of blurting things out every once in a while without thinking first. "Have you ever cut your hair? You have more hair than my aunt's cat!"

"My hair is just fine the way it is, Red." He responded sticking his tongue out at me and putting his hands on his hips. I responded in the same fashion. Unbeknownst to us, the other boy, a blond, had sat down on the seat of the toy and begun digging.

"Hey! Get off!" I exclaimed.

"Make me." He responded. "While you two were arguing I decided I wanted to play on this!"

"I was going to play on that!" the kid with the gigantic hair exclaimed.

I reached over there. "No! I was going to play on it!"

The three of us got into a shouting match. "It's mine!"

"It's mine!"

"No it's mine!" the blond boy pushed back the bushy kid. The bushy boy pushed back. Getting off the toy, the two boys and I now got a little meaner pushing and hitting each other though we really didn't do too much damage.

"Ow! He bit me!" Blondie yelped. "Help, I need a shot! He might of contam..." he struggeled for the word. "Contammin... contamminninea..." He looked at the two of us. "Poisoned me!"

I punched the brunette once and watched him fall down. "There is no way I'm going to let a girl beat me!"

"Me either." The other boy said.

I had had enough. I came here to play on that toy, and I was going to play on it. No two little boys were going to tell me otherwise. Thinking quickly, I grabbed each ofthem by thehair and pulled them towards me.

"Owwwwwwwwww!" resounded all over the park. A group of birds flew overhead, scattering at the sound. "Let go!"

"Not till you let me play on the toy!"

"Owwwww! Okay!" they both relented. "You can play on the toy." I let go of their hair and saw something on my hand that had been gripping the brunette's hair.

"Ew!" I exclaimed letting go and looking at his head before bursting into laughter. "A bird pooped on your hair."

"What!" the other two exclaimed. Blondie took a look at him and began laughing as well.

"She's right. A bird did decide to poop on your head! I wonder if he thought it was a bush or a nest or something."

The brunette's eyes clouded up and it looked like he was going to start bawling when suddenly a chuckle arose. "Hahahaha!" he laughed, tears of laughter falling from his eyes. "A bird pooped on my head. Wait till I tell my little sister!" By then we were all laughing hard and nearly rolling on the ground. We forgot our differences and all shared a fit of contagious laughter.

Finally we stood back up. "I'm Taichi." The brunette said.

"Hi, I'm Sora." I responded.

"Yamato." The blond answered.

We heard a sound and looked over in the direction of the cherished toy and found it occupied by a little boy. All of our heads lowered as the coveted toy became someone else's prize. But things didn't stay bleak for long. "I have a soccer ball by my mommy and daddy. Do you guys wanna play?"

"Sure!" Yamato and I answered in unison. From that point on, the three seemingly forgot our differences and became the best of friends. Crazy yes, but then again look at the two I befriended…

-End flashback-

"Ms. Takenouchi!" my teacher yelled. I sat straight up. Shit, what is he going on about? "Yes or no."

Uh oh, I'm in trouble. I looked around as the other kids snickered. My gaze landed on Yamato, and I noticed he was casually nodding his head up and down. "Yes." I responded confidently.

"That was an easy question. You had a fifty-fifty chance of getting it right. Tell me, what was the answer to the problem I asked earlier." I looked around again. Yamato, once again, came to my rescue, holding up a piece of paper with a number written on it.

"The square root of 52." I answered. The teacher glared at me, but because it was the right answer, went back to the front to resume his teaching. "Thanks, I owe you one." I mouthed to Yamato.

"You bet you do." Came Yamato's reply. That described our friendship. When any of the three of us needed help, one of the others came through. But I didn't realize just how much of a good friend I would be in the next couple of days and how much I shouldn't have mentioned the words, I owe you one…

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