To the Highest Bidder

By theladyknight

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Chapter 15: To the Highest Bidder

Why is it that gossip magazines or trashy newspapers are so addictive to read. I sat in the plush red leather seat, feet propped up on the table, holding a glass of pink lemonade with one hand while flipping through one of those magazines with the other. Oh yeah, did I mention I'm thousands of miles up in the atmosphere on a private jet?

Some of the articles in this so-called magazine were really boring, you know, the usual: "Alien Encounter?" "Pig born with five heads…" and of course, "See who's pregnant today, and who we're POSITIVE will be pregnant tomorrow." Get my drift? I'd taken up the art of doodling in the margins. Seeing nothing, I was ready to close it until something caught my eye. Wonder what this one has to say…

-Almost the End of The Wolves?-

It's common knowledge that the hottest thing to hit Japan since the invention of soy sauce just signed a multimillion dollar recording contract. Everyone who was anyone showed up at the greatest signing gala ever. I know I was there as the four Teen-Age Wolves, since then changing their name to just "The Wolves", became members of the Elemental Records family.

But the jovial event was almost a near tragedy minutes after the group signed their record deals. The incredibly talented band has long since had irreconcilable problems with their manager, Makoto Orimoto. "He had control issues." A source close to the group reveals. "Makoto wanted them to give up many of the things and people close to them."

This is what caused the heated conflict. Sexy, sultry lead singer Yamato Ishida publicly announced his relationship with longtime friend Sora Takenouchi about three months ago. According to Taichi Yagami, best friend to both the rock star and his girlfriend, Makoto didn't take well to Sora.

"I don't know what his problem was. It's impossible not to like Sora. She's one of the nicest people I've ever met. But the real event happened at the signing party. No one really knows the whole story, though." Yagami states in an interview exclusively with this magazine. "I was off talking to some other guests and saw Makoto get into an argument with the band. Then, Sora ran out the door. Yamato stormed off after her, looking really concerned. All the guys in the band were glaring at Makoto. The band, Makoto, and Takuya Tokurhira—record executive at Elemental Records went out after them. They were gone for about a half and hour, forty-five minutes tops. Takuya came back alone and announced The Wolves had decided to let Makoto go, and the Takuya himself would temporarily fill the role of manager until a new one is named. That's all I know!"

Speculations and rumors are flooding across the globe as to who the next manager is. Word is it that it's someone very close to the band, but no formal announcement has been made.

And as to Yamato Ishida's relationship status?

He's still happily with the red haired goddess. "Sora and Yama love each other; they have for a long time. I think there relationship will be one that lasts…" Yagami sums up.

Well, we may not know for sure what happened the night of the signing party or what lucky person will be managing The Wolves, but ladies, it seems the blond haired blue eyed idol is taken…

I sensed the door open while I was in the middle of the article and smiled as a pair of arms snaked around my figure. "Taichi'll do anything for his fifteen minutes of fame, huh?"

"That's a bit of an understatement, Yama. You and I both know better than that."

He leaned down and kissed my neck. "Whatcha' doing?"

"I was reading the article about our love life—as told by Taichi—in this trashy magazine, but quite frankly, it was boring me. So instead, I started doodling in the margins."

The blond smirked. "Designing outfits for us to wear on stage?" He had glanced at the picture that was starting to vaguely resemble him. His eyes lit up, and I turned around to completely face him. Yamato's hands reached for the bottom of his shirt. "Ooh, do we get to play dress up again?"

I blushed, lightly slapping his arm. "How about not. Why did you decide to so rudely disrupt me? Any reason other than you love annoying me?"

Yamato grinned. "Nah, none that I can think of. I just really love annoying you. Without Tai here, someone has to!" He brightly responded. I raised my eyebrows, and the rock star held up his arms in defense. "Actually, the guys and I want to know if you'd grace us with your lovely presence and join in a little game of Scrabble." (Not mine!)

Nodding my head, I followed him outside into the meeting area of the plane where the others were patiently waiting.

It's been approximately one month since Yamato signed his band contract, and he and I got together for real. Two days after we were freed from the chains of high school, The Teen-Age Wolves and I boarded Elemental Records' private jet, taking off for the studio in Kyoto. They do have a studio in Tokyo, obviously as we went there for the party, but Takuya informed the guys the producers he wanted them to work with were based out of Kyoto.

So it was there we went. Takuya accompanied us, as he was temporarily the manager until I was trained and ready. While the guys worked with the producers, vocal coaches, and instrumental specialists to perfect their already great habits, Takuya trained me with his knowledge of the management field.

I had learned a lot in such a short period of time. There were many things involved in my job I would never have even fathomed. Takuya had me scheduling events, working on promotional ventures, and doing the whole background thing. Truthfully, it was quite a bit of work, but it also was a lot of fun. I'd made a couple screw up on the way—luckily none too serious—but I had anticipated that. It's part of any job, really. Things were becoming a hundred times easier than before, and I'm starting to get the hang of it.

The guys had recorded a few songs and done a lot of interviews and photo ops over the past four weeks. There were still probably a good six months, at the minimum, left before their record could even be considered being released. We were right now, though, taking a well earned break for two weeks, returning back to Odaiba for what's sure to be a joyous reunion with family and friends. Mom and Dad had let me go "enjoy a break and vacation from the stress now that I've graduated and after everything that happened with Yamato." They, however, don't know the real reason I was planning on going...I'm training to be the manager.

Though there was a lot of work for all of us, there was a lot of fun as well. Takuya proved to be everything he seemed he would be. When not helping us with some aspect of the trade, he was always making important decision, always on his cell phone. But he still made time for us all, and it seemed we really had joined a family.

As a "family", we spent a lot of free time doing idle little things. There was a karaoke machine on the plane. We'd had a great time that night, all attempting to better the others. Yama won, go figure, but Takashi gave him one hell of a challenge in a rousing version of an impromptu song about Makoto…

We also played a lot of games. Card games were enjoyable, Yama not fairing well at all in them. I guess games like that weren't his forte. Board games, particularly Scrabble, were our personal favorites.

Yamato and I entered the main section of the plane, finding the others gathered around the coffee table. "Took you long enough," Akira stated with an amused look. "What were you up to?"

"Nothing your little mind can register," I teased. These guys had grown to be very close friends, and I loved them all to death. We frequently make fun of each other, help each other out, the works. It's really good for the band and their relationships that they've been friends, not just randomly thrown together by some executive and told to sing. I held up the magazine I'd been reading. "Taichi was interviewed about us."

Yutaka snickered. "That should be real intelligent."

"He means well, we think." Yamato explained. "So are we going to get this game underway?"

"Duh!" Takashi exclaimed. "Same teams as usual."

Takuya nodded. "Why break with a tradition this good…"

"Damn it! How does she do this?"

I grinned triumphantly at the guys. "Juxtapose—it means to compare two things side by side."

Takuya joined in the celebration. "Would you look at that: Sora's out of tiles! Let's see what the final score is. She picks up a double word score right there. And could it be…yes! Triple letter score on the "X." The four guys groaned. "By a huge margin, Sora and I remain the undefeated champions!" He held out his hand, and I gave him a high five.

We played on the same teams every time. It was always Takuya and me against the band. It seemed the guys were very talented in the field of music, but couldn't, for the life of them, spell out words in either Japanese or English.

"We will be landing at the airport in approximately ten minutes." The pilot called out.

"Thanks, Honda." Takuya called back, pushing the intercom button on the side of the table.

The guys all began grabbing their things, which in typical guy fashion, had been littered around the room. "You ready for our brief break?"

I faced my boyfriend—it's so much better saying it, knowing it's actually true. "Yeah, I really want to see everyone. I have a strong feeling Tracey'll be there."

"Aren't she and Tai together all the time now?"

"Last I heard from her, yeah. How much do you want to bet she'll ask hundreds of questions about who your manager is?"

Yama grinned his handsome smile. "It wouldn't surprise me. But we'll make it known to her and everyone else later. Right now, I'm going to keep you all to myself."

He pulled me in for a kiss, and I generously responded. "No kissey-face in the plane!" Takashi cried out, imitating a three year old.

Yama pulled away and flipped him off. He pecked my lips once more. "Love ya,"

"Love you too. I'm going to go get my stuff."

The blond and I were hardly like this. We never really had the opportunity, and we really didn't want to be like that. Our acting experience had taught us plenty about the pros and cons of being in a relationship and how the emotional aspects played in.

And this time, we knew which path we were going to go down.

Everyone sat down in a seat as the pilot announced our descent. Yama interlocked his hand with mine. "This is it,"

"I know,"

"Sora, I'm scared! Hold my hand too!" A whimpering Akira asked, lips pouting out.

"No!" Yutaka cried. "I need you to hold my hand."

Takashi's arm shot up in the air. "Ooh! Pick me! Pick me!"

"Very funny. You all are a riot." The guys—more than any part of their daily Yamato teasing—loved to razz him anytime he did some sort of romantic action, large or small.

I laughed "Did Taichi ask you all to keep up his ritual teasing?"

Yutaka's face was dead serious. "Yeah, he told us we had to antagonize Yama at least twelve hours each day."

He glared in their direction. "I'd say you do a fantastic job of it."

"Well, Yama, look on the bright side. Now that you'll be seeing Tai everyday for the next two weeks, they won't have to make fun of you. Tai can handle it all by himself."

Rolling his eyes at the laughs of his band members, Yamato extended his glare to me. "That hurt, Sor. Glad to know you're included in this too."

I leaned over and kissed him, hearing the guys snickering in the background. "You wouldn't have it any other way."

Takuya unbuckled himself. "As much as I hate to break up this touching scene, we're here…"

Swallow me then spit me out. For hating you, I blame myself. Seeing you it kills me now. No, I don't cry on the outside, anymore... (Behind These Hazel Eyes—Kelly Clarkson; not mine! But the CD is awesome!)

"Taichi, man, did you steal all of Sora's cd's?"

He shook his head. Yamato and I had stupidly chosen to ride with him after reaching the airport. He, Takashi's parents, and Yutakas's mom were waiting for us. The rest of the band and Takuya—after all of us managed to get through the huge crowds of people—gladly opted to ride with the others. As there was no more room, Yama and I got stuck with Taichi.

We weren't too surprised to find a zoo of people there; however, it was not because of us. Takuya had kept it on the down low that we'd be coming back to Odaiba, announcing The Wolves would arrive sometime in the next two weeks. Yes, The Teen-Age Wolves had shortened their name to just The Wolves as a sign of their growing maturity. They weren't planning on staying teenagers forever, and all of them were around nineteen years old.

No one had been expecting us, but they had immediately swarmed us upon recognizing Yamato. We'd all been asked to sign autographs, even me. It's not always good to be known as the girlfriend of "the hottest guy on the planet!"

An hour after arriving, we were finally free. And that's when Yamato and I found ourselves riding and praying we wouldn't die while riding with Tai.

"Actually, Tracey left her cd in my car, thank you very much!"

I laughed. "So, how's it going with Tracey?"

"Great!" He exclaimed. "I see her a lot now. We're both going to be starting at Tokyo University in the next few months. But I have a strong feeling we're not going to be seeing you and Hot Shot."

"You guessed right, for once, Yagami."

Taichi quirked an eyebrow. "So you two are still pretending to be a couple?"

I smirked at Yamato, remembering we hadn't exactly told Tai we were actually together. This could get interesting. Time to pretend we're still pretending to be a couple. I hope I don't get confused…

"Yes, we are. It's not exactly the easiest thing to drop the act." Yamato made a motion to protest, giving me an odd look. "Go with it," I mouthed, and he finally understood.

Tai gave an exasperated sigh. "If you'd just admit you really do love each other."

"Why don't you just stay out of our lives? Please and thank you," Yamato replied.

"Come on! If you don't admit it then…"

"…you'll tell the press and others anyway that we are in love." I interrupted him, holding up the magazine I'd been reading on the plane.

The brunette let out a hearty chuckle. "Hey, they wanted juice, and I had it…"

"Go figure you'd spill on your two best friends just for the spotlight."

The rock star picked up on what I'd started. "We're supposed to be your friends. Thanks a lot." His voice held some fake venom that was making our best friend sweat.

"But...guys, I wouldn't…it's not like that!" Yamato and I burst into laughter, and Tai figured out we were just making fun of him. "And I actually believed you."

It's so much fun confusing Taichi, and I have a feeling it won't be the last time we confuse him today…

"Oh my God!"

"Tracey, you're choking me!" I exclaimed. We had just arrived at the park where I'd had my birthday party. Now, we were having a Welcome Home Party.

"Me too," Yamato cried, turning a bit blue in the face.

She let go of us, saving our bodies from the Vulcan death grip she had immediately trapped us in. "My fault; I've just missed the two of you."

Yamato and I walked away from her, promising to speak with her later after visiting with our parents.

There were so many people there, all of them with some sort of connection to us. Yamato and I mingled with a handful of people we'd never met before and many we knew quite well.

Around noon, there was a huge barbeque potluck. There was enough food to feed a small army, at the least, though Taichi would probably be able to consume a good deal of it.

"Hey, Sora." I sat down at a picnic table with my filled plate.

I smiled at the younger blond. "Hey, Takeru."

"What about me?"

I looked at the person across from him and nearly did a double take. "Hikari? Wow, I haven't seen you in ages!"

The girl beamed at me. "How have you been?"

"I've been well. What about the two of you?"

"Nothing special. We've just been hanging out, getting to know Tracey—Takeru and I decided she's a mix between Taichi and Mimi and has both their best and worst qualities,—stuff like that. Nothing too special at all like the fun you've been having, Sor."

I took a bite out of the fried chicken I'd grabbed. "You two probably had some fun together." Deciding to do a bit of prodding, I casually asked, "So have you gotten two together like your brother and me, Takeru?"

"What!" The blood flooded his cheeks, tinting them a rosy shade. "Kari and I are best friends, nothing more."

I winked at them. "That's what Yamato and I said for awhile too. Believe me, denying it does no good."

"Do you think I can go up for seconds yet?" Guess who decided to interrupt us?

There was a kiss on my cheek, and I turned to face Yamato. He shoved his brother down a seat so he could sit next to me. Tracey, Taichi, and Koushiro all sat on the side Hikari was, and Mimi sat down on my left.

We talked idly amongst ourselves, all catching up on the things we had missed. "So what were you debating about when we sat down?" Tracey asked as she finished up her dessert.

"Takeru and Hikari's love life." I answered impishly. "Oh yuck! Taichi, swallow your food!"

At my statement, the cake he'd been eating sprayed all over the table. Here comes overprotective big brother mode…"She was only joking, Taichi." Takeru defended.

"Oh really," he replied through clenched teeth.

"Big brother, I swear there is nothing going on between Takeru and me. It was just a harmless joke."

Yamato smirked at the brunette. "Tai, what would be so bad about our siblings getting together?"

Ten seconds…twenty seconds…forty seconds…one minute…Tai had yet to think of a plausible reason. "It could…it could ruin their friendship. Yeah."

"Lighten up," Yama persisted, "Seriously, what's wrong with two friends getting together?" He wrapped an arm around me.

Taichi's anger had refueled, not wanting to lose a—stupid—argument with Yamato. Dumb competitive spirit. He placed his hands on his hips and stood up, using the sausage in his hand as a pointer. "I don't think your case really qualifies, Yamato."

"Taichi," Yama warned, but it was no good. He's going to spill it. He's too caught up in the moment. Oh shit…

"Do I need to remind you, Yamato, that YOU AND SORA AREN'T REALLY GOING OUT?"

It's official…he's lost it.

The entire shelter house stopped what they were doing at his outburst. Everyone was looking curiously in our direction. "What's he talking about?" "Of course Sora and Yama are going out." "Why does he say that?" Whispers escalated around us.

"Tai, what are you getting at?" Dad asked. "They've been together for three months."

Here it comes. He's already deep into this. And knowing he won't want to lose the argument, though it's an incredibly dumb argument…"No they haven't. Sora and Yamato are PRETENDING to be a couple! They have been for the past few months."

Everyone gasped. "That's ridiculous!" Tracey exclaimed. "Sora, why's he saying that?"

Yamato and I looked at each other. Well, it would be better if they found out now. They'll be less mad now then later in the future.

"Actually—let us explain—he's partway right."

Yama sighed, raking a hand through his hair, not taking a chance to look at the puzzled guests. "Do you guys remember that "Buy A Guy" auction our school put on a while back?" Around the room people nodded, or someone filled them in on the main gist of the situation. "Well, here's the story…"

Fifteen minutes later, most of the females and Taichi had tears flowing from their eyes. "Why didn't you tell me?" Mimi asked standing next to Koushiro, head almost buried in his neck to stop her tears.

"Taichi was the only person who knew. It was because of him we were pretending."

Tracey decked him on the shoulder. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"They threatened me!" He shouted back.

"You were afraid of Yamato?" Yutaka asked, clearly finding this funny.

"Ha!" Tai burst into laughter. "Afraid of Yama? No way! I was afraid of Sora!"

"So basically," Mom was the voice of reason, "the two of you were pretending to go out, but now actually are?"

The blond nodded. "Yep, Mrs. T. I love your daughter."

Here it comes. One…two…three…


Dad raised a hand. "I can definitely say I have no problem with that. But Sora, I got a letter from Tokyo University the other day that said you've chosen to enroll in online classes. Why did you do that, young lady?"

Takuya cleared his throat. "I'll take over, Mr. Takenouchi. I'll actually take this time to explain something many of you are wondering. I'm sure by now that you've heard the rumor regarding whom the next manager of The Wolves. I've been working with the individual I believe is the best choice for the job over the past few weeks, and I'm positive I made the right decision."

Tracey gasped. "Oh my God, you mean…"

Takuya nodded. "My daughter is going to be managing a band?" Mom asked, quite a bit dazed by the news.

"Mom," I began, "please let me do this. Takuya's been training me for everything and anything I'll run into along the way. I can do this. I always said I wanted to go into something with business or art, and this seems like the perfect opportunity."

"Mrs. Takenouchi, the band and I all place our complete faith in Sora, and she was their first choice for manager."

Mom shook her head. "I don't know…"

"Mom, Dad, I'll be fine. I want to try this, and if it doesn't work out, Takuya and the others have told me I have the choice to quit, and they'll support it."

Dad smiled. "Toshiko, our baby's all grown up. If she wants to do this, we should let her. I believe this is something good, and Sora will give it her all. If you're cool with this, sweetheart, then so are we. I know you'll do a fantasic job."

Mom relented with a smile, giving me a hug as well. "Alright, but if it doesn't work out well, I want you to get your butt back here and into an actual college classroom."

I sighed. "Thanks, Mom."

She reached over and hugged Yamato. "Keep her out of trouble."

"Of course, Mrs. T."

All around us, people came over to congratulate me. I was getting swarmed more than my boyfriend for once—probably the last time too.

"Well, I'm very glad to hear people approve of you as our manager, particularly your parents."

I smiled. "The press is going to have a field day when they learn I'm manager."

"Eh, we'll get through it. Together."

I leaned over and kissed Yamato. "I look very forward to it."

Things may get crazy. Things may get hectic. Things may be bad. Things may be good. But we'll get through all these things together. I never dreamed all this would happen when I spent some money to save my best friend from his crazy fangirls. Then one date, one bogus relationship, and one night of confessions…well, here we are. The future only looks bright, and as I told Yamato, I can't wait for it. It's time for this adventure to begin…

-The End-

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Call this a teaser. Call it a preview. Call it a sampler. Call it whatever you want to. I have a very strong feeling, though; you guys are going to like it…

"So, how long are you and Yamato in town?" Taichi asked, plopping down on the king-sized bed.

I grabbed my datebook from my purse. This thing was my life. I couldn't live without it any more. "Let's see; the guys have some interviews all day tomorrow. Thursday is a free day. Friday night is the concert, and we leave Saturday afternoon."

Tracey laughed, sitting down next to her boyfriend. "Well, you'd better pencil us in for Thursday."

"I'll consider it," I grinned. The door opened, and Yama reappeared, bearing with him a large container of ice and some pops and snacks from the vending machine down the hall.

"Did you get the munchies I requested, Yamato?" Taichi called, eyes meandering around the room for the remote.

"Do I look like a butler?"

"Do you want me to answer that question?"

Yamato rolled his eyes. "Yes, I got the food." He hastily dropped the items onto the dresser, kicking the door shut. "And don't call me Yamato in public. Call me George."

My eyes shot up from scanning the datebook, and I stifled a laugh. "I can't believe you remember that!" He pulled off the hat he'd used as a disguise and winked at me. Seeing as Tracey looked a bit confused, I explained the origins of the pseudonym.

"Alright, Doritos!"(Not mine!) Tai grabbed a bag, and after successfully finding the remote, flipped on the TV. A blurry image began to appear, gradually growing more visible. "The big game's about to start. I don't want to miss a minute. Japan vs. the United States—soccer final!"

Same old Tai. We may be twenty-one, but deep down, he's still sixteen—some days, sadly, he acts even younger. "That doesn't look like the game, Tai. Looks like you've got it on some music station right now," Tracey stated.

The man snickered. "Ah, trashy music gossip shows. You gotta love them. Someday, we'll be seeing the two of you on there."

The image finally sharpened, television now completely on. Taichi's mouth dropped.

Oh shit…

"Th—th—Yamato, why are you and Sora on…why are you…what are you?"

"Oh my god!" Tracey's hand shot over her mouth, and she stood up.

The male brunette's eyes blinked rapidly, and he switched to another gossip station. The same image was being shown. "Did…how…did you actually?"

"Oh my God!" Tracey shrieked again.

"I told you we should have told them first." I murmured to the blond. He rolled his eyes and gave me his heart melting grin. It appeared neither of them could talk in legible thoughts or phrases.

"My best friend and my other best friend…" Thank you, Taichi! "You two…Yamato, you proposed and didn't tell us?"


"Oh my God!" Guess who…"You're getting married!"

I looked up at Yamato, unable to keep a large grin from forming. He beamed down at me, and we both slowly nodded.

"Ahhh!" Tracey shrieked. "There's going to be a wedding!" Her eyes lit up. "We get to plan a wedding…"

Planning a wedding can be hectic. Unfortunately for Sora and Yamato, their lives are crazy enough the way it is. As their friends step in to help, one thing's for certain—it'll be a wedding no one will ever forget… Sequel to "To the Highest Bidder-

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