I, Ice Lynx, proudly present an AU sequal to "Milana, Daughter of Mystery" and "Two Kids and a Grouch", two of the best rated stories I've posted.

Yay for me n' giveGodtheGlory to that!

I wrote this 'un by myself, and basically it combines the two words of the afore mentioned stories, taking place a bit after both, and though other stories of mine are based after them, this is not ment to be a prequal to any of them.

I really hope you enjoy the story, I'll need reviews to post, n' be on the lookout for familiar and partialy mentioned characters in both stories!

-Ice Lynx


Remy looked up angrily, his black and red eyes flashing as he jumped over the desk and sent his opponent into the back wall with a swift kick, his black trench coat swirling around him as he landed on all fours and the man groaned and slowly got up.

"Who taught you that?" he said queasily. "Let me guess, your father?" Remy stood, his Bo staff held ready in one hand while the other held a playing card, ready to be charged with kinetic energy.

"Yes," he replied shortly.

"Well good for him then," the man heaved, slowly standing up and leaned backwards against a wall, a cut on his cheek bleeding softly, a thin red line of blood extending down his face and dripping onto his neck. "Was he a mutant as well?"

"Better decent mutie den murderin' human," Remy replied, "An' specially better den murderin' humans who t'ink dey own de world."

"Oh, I don't own the world," the man said, smiling. "Just the money flowing through it." Remy jumped forward, his card disappearing as he used both hands to press the Bo staff into the man's neck, making him look up at the ceiling and choke.

"What did ya say?" he growled.

"I say nothing," the man said coldly. "Because you mutants would kill me anyway, whether or not I gave you any information."

"Den you right," Remy growled. "You killed many mutants wit dat money, an' ya die in debt."

"You all deserve death," the man hissed.

Remy walked out of the room a moment later, holding his Bo staff in one hand and running the other through his short, curly purple hair and sighing. It wasn't a messy job getting into the building, but what happened inside was a different matter completely.

"That was interesting." Remy whirled around when he heard the voice behind him, finding a girl a bit younger than him, definitely no older than 16 at was leaning on the doorframe, looking inside the room with electric yellow eyes and short, bright yellow hair that stuck up in two inch spikes. She was dressed in tight black leather pants and a zipped up vest to match, feet bare and a long metal claw that was held to her right index finger by a metal frame that encased her whole lower hand. Two large silver hoop earrings hung from her ears and her eyebrow and lip were pierced with smaller hoops. Metal rings covered all of her fingers besides the one with the man-made claw.

Remy stared at her, surprised to see the teen and taking a step backwards, bo staff raising slightly.

"Who are you?" he said suspiciously. The girl looked at him.

"Name's Hype, and you would be Remy something or other?" she said, arching a yellow eyebrow. Remy blinked as he heard her English accent and then nodded. "Oh, glad we've got that settled, you did do an interesting job in there," she remarked, looking back into the room.

"I don't like killin', chere," Remy said in a flat voice. "What d'ya want?"

"Me? Want something?" Hype said, looking innocent. "The assumptions you older chaps make these days! Really, I beat generation Z by years."

"Funny, I always t'ought it's Gern'ration X," Remy said, arching his own eyebrow.

"Ach, nah, I'm in the thick of that, then, you are too, we all are," Hype said gesturing her arm vaguely. "All of us mutants, everyone that men like that hate."

"Ah, I see," Remy said, nodding. "Well den, I s'pose I'll see you later petite." He turned and was halfway towards the stair case when he heard a crackling sound behind him. Turning he saw Hype completely engulfed in sparks of electricity, her metal claw stuck in an outlet that was in the hall. Remy watched in surprise and fascination as the girl calmly looked up at him, and took out her claw, her eyes glowing bright yellow as sparks still ran through her earring and metal jewelry, when suddenly she moved nearly as fast as Quicksilver, hitting Remy in the chest and sending him crashing backwards.

"Ah!" Remy yelled, trying to strike back, but before he could make sense of what was going on he felt something hard hit the side of his head and he lapsed into darkness, seeing, hearing, and knowing nothing more.