(2 Weeks later)

Remy sighed as he heard a loud crash and a yelp of pain followed quickly by "I didn't do it!" and Steph quickly ran out of the rec room, wincing as she heard her father.

"Steph! What did yeh do this time?!"

"Nothing!" Steph yelled back, spotting Remy leaning against the wall and shook her head, moving as fast as she could with the extremely tight bandages that still bound her chest to help her ribs heal correctly. Making a slashing motion across her throat she grabbed Remy's jacket and pulled him down the hall and into the kitchen.

"Whatcha do chere?" Remy asked. Steph looked indignant.

"Is it so hard to believe I can stay out of trouble for three minutes?" she demanded.

"Yes," Remy said, nodding and smiling. Steph grunted.

"Some friend you are," she growled. "It wasn't me, it was the wind."

"De wind broke de new lamp?" Remy asked, and eyebrow raised.

"Yes!" Steph said, sighing and wincing as she tripped and jerked her bandages. "I opened the window and the wind blew the lamp over, you saw the size of the shade on that thing! Crazy."

"It wasn't the wind, Steph," Jean said, walking into the kitchen and smiling at the teens, who looked up, started. "You knocked it over with your arm when you were raising the window." Steph winced.

"Well... do ya have to tell dad?" she asked innocently. Jean chuckled.

"No, I won't," she said. Steph gave Remy a high five. "I'll let you tell him." Steph froze and then groaned.

"I uh, have to go get my bandages off now, I'll tell him later," she said quickly, leaving the room. Jean arched an eyebrow.

"Whenever I call her down for a checkup she takes as long as possible to get down there, yet when I'm not the doctor on duty she's always right on time for her check-ups," she said, shaking her head and looking at Remy. "Did I offend her at all?" Remy hid a smile.

"No," he said, shaking his head. "Nah, she jus' likes talkin' t' de Doc, dey are really close." Jean just shook her head.

Remy sighed and thought of his friend, who two weeks ago had woken out of coma and was now so active that Kurt was heard making the remark that it had to be a miracle the mansion was standing every morning when he woke up. But for the most part no one really cared, and the younger children were anxiously waiting until they could rough-house with the teenager again.

Remy was still recovering from the shock he had had after the fight with Ken, getting nervous if Steph slept in late or was quiet for too long. It was pointed out by both doctors and Steph herself that she would of course be tired while healing, but as unfounded Remy's fear was did not change the fact that it was there, like the impulse he had whenever he got scared or angry to put a hand up to his face, or look into every mirror he passed, wondering if he would transform again.

Remy and Danial hadn't talked since the incident, Remy thought the teen was still unsettled, and knew the red head boy was spending the bulk of his time with Ellen down outside the holding cell, sometimes helping his father and the other adults interrogate the three mutants that remained under their custody.

Feeling very alone suddenly Remy made his way down the hall and to the staircase, where Logan, Scott, and Remy Sr. were overseeing the repairs of the stairs and the walls around, the students bustling around. Remy Sr. smiled as his son came up and handed him a brush.

"Hey," he said. "Why don' ya go help Logan fix de banister?" Remy smiled and took the brush.

"Sounds good t' me," he said.

"Hank!" Steph said, flying through the door and hitting him in the chest, making the doctor grunt and catch her, laughing.

"Stephanie?" he said, looking down as his glasses nearly slid down his nose. "Was thou not told by the professor that you were to stop flying through halls?"

"I wasn't flying through the halls," she said sweetly, looking up at him. "I flew through the doors and the medlab, I ran down the halls." Hank laughed and walked over to a med table, putting Steph down on it and smiling.

"Ready to get those bandages off?" he asked. Steph rolled her eyes.

"Am I ever, I feel like I've been wearing a corset for the last few weeks, but when I told dad he said it was 'cause I've been eating too much. I love my father, but he could learn some compassion!" Hank arched an eyebrow.

"Eating too much? Have you even troubled yourself to open the diet sheet I gave you to help your body heal?" he asked. Steph grinned and shrugged off her Levi jacket, revealing the tight bandages that covered a tank-top.

"I did, actually," she said. "Just like you told me to." Hank smiled.

"And did you follow it, sweet Stephanie?" he asked. Steph nodded.

"Yes," She sighed with exaggerated hopelessness.

"Then why would your father make such a remark?" he asked. Steph murmured something and Hank sighed as he took some scissors and carefully began to cut the bandages. "I'm afraid my ears did not catch the soft coo you emitted a moment ago," he said, still grinning. Steph looked sheepishly at him.

"Well, I ate everything you told me to," she said. "And some cookies... well... um, a lot of cookies."

"Stephanie? How many cookies did you eat?" Hank asked as he finished cutting through the bandages and took the off, getting out his stethoscope and starting to do a quick checkup. Steph shook her head.

"Not telling, and nothing ya do can make me tell," she said, sticking her tongue out at him. Hank shrugged and then grinned evilly.

"I suppose an old man like I is at a loss when I meet a stubborn young teenager like yourself," he stopped and Steph coughed.

"Uh, Hank? I don't like it when your voice gets all creepy like that... please start talking normally again, or as normal as you ever sound," she said.

"Like this?" Hank asked innocently, jumping forward and starting to tickle her mercilessly. Steph burst out laughing and started to squeal, trying to get away.

"No! Stoppit! No no no, stoppit you big oaf!" But the rest was lost to her laughter.

"Am I interruptin' somethin'?" Logan said, walking through the door and arching an eyebrow. Hank stopped tickling Steph and shook his head as she caught her breath, still squirming.

"You, brave junior, are as fit as a flea, though I strongly recommend you remain less active for another week," Hank said, looking at Steph. Logan chuckled.

"Remain less active?" he repeated. "Haven't yeh heard Blue? This daughter o' mine broke a lamp jus' this mornin' after runnin' through the mansion n' wakin' everyone up when she chased LeBeau Jr. all over the dormitory floors." Steph winced at the reference to the lamp and then grinned sheepishly at Hank, who just shook his head.

"Please make this morning one of your last escapades for few days, at least," he said. Steph nodded.

"Aye, anything else?" she said saluting him.

"No more cookies," Hank said, smiling, "And no sports yet either, your ribs are nearly healed but they remain more fragile than normal, and I have seen your fearless antics in most games."

"Football isn't football if you don't tackle people!" Steph protested.

"True, but you usually tackle the person who is in possession of the ball," Hank replied evenly. "Not those who are behind you, or on your own team."

"They were in my way!" Steph said defensively. Logan grunted.

"The spectators too, huh?" he said, snapping his fingers with mock anger. "Yeah, they jus' can't keep t' the indoors, they're right in the way on the sidelines." Steph made a "humph" noise.

"I apologized to Kurt," she said sullenly. Her father and Hank laughed.

"So, Sir Logan, on what quest do you delve into these facilities?" the furry man asked. Logan seemed to snap back to reality as he remembered why he had come.

"Chuck's called a meetin'," he said. "T' clear up the rest o' the story, Cyke n' Dan have finally got the truth outta the mutant group, well, the green haired kid anyway, the other two flatly refuse t' talk." Steph smiled.

"If only you were like that, dad," she said. Logan growled and picked up her jacket and gently pushed her out of the medlab in front of him, while Hank followed from behind.

"Same could be said fer you," he replied.