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The Morning After

There was a strong wind blowing that cold, gray morning towards them. Clouds rolled over the horizon and mountain tops, stretching far beyond their sight. He felt a hand touch his shoulder lightly, then drop beside him. Looking over his shoulder, he saw him, his beautiful, beautiful friend. No, just 'friend' no longer. His 'something more'.

The taller boy smiled at him, and nodded towards the mountain range. "It looks like rain." A sudden gust of wind whipped the boy's scarf around himself, and tossed his hair. The shorter boy was forcibly reminded of the night before; hand in hair, breath on neck, hushed and caring whispering in ears. The feel of skin against skin, unsure and clumsy touching, desperate begging, a burning heat, the taste of the other in his mouth. . .

The shorter one blushed, ignoring the other's obvious statement on the weather. He moved closer to the golden-haired boy, arms brushing against each other.

A long time passed as the quiet grew. The taller boy first appeared lost in thought, and then to consider his words carefully. "Do you wonder. . ." A pause. "Do you wonder if we didn't do the right thing? I mean. . ." A sigh. The shorter one slowly, shyly wrapped his arms around the other's arm.

"Yes?" He squeezed the other's arm gently.

"Are we sure that we're doing the right thing? We're both boys. It's not. . ." A lowering of the gaze. "Natural."

The fair-haired boy laid his head on the other's shoulder. He remembered the months of watching the other from a distance. Treasuring every moment, every smile, every kind word and every touch, collecting them like drops of water in a desert. The gathering of nerves, a quiet request to speak with him alone that night. Telling him all that he felt. How much he cared for him. What he wanted to do with him.

Then, being told all those same things from the other. How he'd felt. How he'd cared. And then doing those things that he wanted to do, with him.

"Isaac," said Ivan, and smiled.

And Isaac knew what he needed to know.