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Why does it always have to be so damn cold?

I guess it's just the Dementors way of showing their affection. Well look at that I can still joke…it wasn't very funny though.


Fred and George would have done a better job. They probably would have made some big act pretending to be a Dementor floating around and shouting "Boo!" at people. I miss them. I miss being able to laugh.

Not that being here isn't fun. Yeah, the constant cold feeling that freezes my blood, the screams of the dying and the insane, not to mention the great food. Hey, that was a little funnier…is funnier even a word?


Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't see you there. I should introduce myself. My name is Harry Potter and I think that I may be going crazy.

Hmmm…I just introduced myself to a rat. You know what? I think I already am crazy. You'd think that would worry me. It doesn't really. I think that a couple of years ago it would have bothered me. Of course that was before I was sent to hell.


Hell on Earth.

It kinda sucks.

The first few months were the worst. That was before I got used to the Dementors.

Every time they came the memories would resurface…memories of my parents before Voldemort killed them…the memory of Cedric being killed…of Sirius falling through the veil…the memory of Ron and Hermione hurling insults at me as the dragged me away…the memory of Ginny crying her heart out and refusing to look at me.

I never thought that she would believe I was guilty. Not that I thought Ron or Hermione would turn on me either but I really believed that Ginny would always be on my side.

She told me she loved me.

I loved her. Would have done anything for her.

Guess that wasn't enough.

Don't know why any of them would believe that I had gone crazy and killed a town full of muggles. I didn't do it and I certainly wasn't crazy.

I am now though. Being crazy is an interesting experience and I'd highly recommend to anyone looking for a different outlook on life.

I've gone of topic though. Must be a side effect of being outta my gourd.

Sorry, muggle expression.

The memories don't bother me as much anymore. Now I'm just bored most of the time. After spending three years in a small cramped dirty cell I think I've run out of things to occupy my mind with.

Maybe its time for me to go.

Yeah, I have the power to leave. In fact I have enough power to do anything I want. Not that there is much left that I do want.

I used to want to kill Voldemort. Rid the world of the monster who has killed so many. Dumbledore was training me to do it too. Needless to say he stopped when he to turned his back on me. He didn't believe I was innocent either.

Course, now it doesn't matter because he unlocked my true potential. It's been growing for the past three years and now I can honestly say that I am more powerful that every witch and wizard in the world combined.

So why am I still sitting in here? Dunno really. I don't want to help Dumbledore. I don't want to join Voldemort. I'm thought about killing myself though. Since there's nothing left for me in this life why not go to the next great adventure? That's what Dumbledore always called death. The next great adventure. Sounds exciting.

I'd get to see Sirius again. Meet mum and dad too.

I think I'd like to go out with a bang though. Settle things once and for all. Wouldn't mind getting my name cleared first…just so the history books get it right.

I think I need to have a little fun and I've just thought of the perfect way to leave the wizarding world behind.

Okay, time to get out of here. It'll be nice to be warm again.

Hmm…the bars seem awfully weak. Awwww, the Aurors look a little scared. Still…I don't want to hurt them.


There. They'll notice I'm missing in a couple of hours. The world will know I've escaped and then I can go about seeing to the fate of the wizarding world.

Let the fun begin.

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You know what? I'm gonna keep writing it anyway.