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Harry's crazy inner voice #1

Harry's crazy inner voice #2

Chapter 6 – When Old Friends Fight

From his slightly raised position over looking the field Harry watched as Remus and Peter approached each other. Remus had lost his feral grin from earlier and was eyeing the ex-Marauder with hatred mixed with a fierce determination. He was cracking his knuckles and loosening up his neck muscles by rotating his head in a circle.

Well, he looks a little intimidating doesn't he?

Yeah, just a little bit. Can't say the same for his opponent though.

While Peter had managed to hold himself together long enough to make it to the center of the field, it looked like he was about to collapse at the drop of a hat. He was watching the angry werewolf approach and was wringing his gloved hands together.

Gloved hands? Oh my god. Look at that. Can you believe it?

I believe we've just found someone stupider than Ron.

Why on earth is he wearing gloves? Why would anyone throw away their only real advantage?

What if he doesn't see it as an advantage?

What's that supposed to mean?

Well, think about it. Remember when he first got the hand?

Yeah. So what? He got it as a reward after chopping off his hand for Voldie.

Well, what if the reason he's wearing a glove is to protect his hand?

That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

No, hear me out. Wormtail doesn't see his new hand as a weapon, he sees it as a reward. Like a medal or trophy received for providing special services. A reward for his loyalty, something that symbolizes how "great" a Death Eater he is.


Don't you see? He's afraid that his precious reward will get damaged so he's covered it up to protect it. This guy is so dumb he'll end up losing the match to protect what would secure his victory.

That's good right?

Hell Yeah!

Great. Glad we got that all sorted out.

Remus had also noticed the hand wear of his opponent and as he realized the implications his feral grin returned once more.

Memo to self: Never piss off a werewolf.

So noted.

"Well then," Harry's voice caused Peter to jump in fright. "if you're both ready then let's get this party started. FIGHT!"

Remus quickly seized the initiative and lunged forward with his fist. Peter gave a squeak of fear and just managed to avoid the punch as he stumbled backwards, arms covering his head to protect himself. Following up quickly on his missed punch, Remus lashed out with his foot and managed to connect for a glancing blow to the Death Eaters hip sending him sprawling to the ground. Peter quickly scrambled away and got back to his feet as Remus charged towards him. Letting loose a girlish shriek Peter turned and began to run in the opposite direction.

Harry watched the "battle" with amusement and slowly drifted his way over to beside Voldemort. Dear Old Tom wasn't enjoying himself as much as Harry though and was shrieking out profanities at his loyal but oh so incompetent follower.

Now here's where we push his buttons and piss him off.

Please don't let me stop you.

"I must say Tommy. You must right a tight ship over at Death Eater Headquarters. Tell me, how do you managed to train your followers to exhibit such brilliant acts of...bravery." Harry smirked as he spoke to the snake-faced Dark Lord.

"Shut Up Potter." Voldemort spat out.

"I'm sorry. It just amuses me though how inept your followers seem to be. I mean look at that." Harry pointed as Peter tripped over a rock causing him to fall and narrowly miss being punched yet again. "I mean the only reason he isn't down for the count is that he's to clumsy to stand up properly and get hit. Why would you even waste your time on someone like him?"

Voldemort turned to face Harry with an evil smile. "He's served me well a time or two. He helped bring about your parents death if I remember correctly."

Harry gave a false sigh. "Too true, too true. Of course, since he's such a weakling he's going to lose this fight and put you down by two duels. His losing could end up being the difference between world-domination and well...blowing up in a poof of pink sparkly dust."

Voldemort's facial expression changed to one of dawning comprehension.

A poof of pink sparkly dust? I like that. We must remember to use that on whichever side loses.

Yeah, then we can collect the dust and use it to make potpourri.

What are you a girl?

Yeah, didn't you know I was a girl voice?


Gotcha. Boy you're gullible.

That would have been soooooooo weird.

Just a little bit.

(shudder) Okay, back to the Voldie baiting.

"You know what the worst thing is?" Harry continued. "Wormy over there really should be kicking butt. That silver hand you gave him would be perfect for this fight." Voldemort flinched as the cracking sound of Remus's fist connecting with Peter's nose reached him. "Too bad he doesn't realize it would be a lot more effective without the glove on."

Realizing the truth of the statement Voldemort began to shout out to Peter to take off his glove. The surrounding Death Eaters quickly joined in as they called on their "champion" to use his best weapon.

Harry smirked. "Oh, did I mention I put a silencing charm around all of us? I would hate for them to become distracted, what with all the yelling going on." Having gotten in that last shot Harry began to float away from the Death Eaters, leaving them groaning in resignation and despair.

Nothing like gloating over a sure victory.

You know, we really shouldn't be counting our eggs before they hatch.


Muggle Expression. Seriously though, what if somehow Remus loses?

Yeah, and what if all the sudden the sun blows up or Ron gets a clue. Common, do you really think he's going to lose to that rat?

I hope not.

Harry re-directed his attention to the rather one-sided fighting match still underway. By this time Peter was sporting a black eye, a bloody nose, and numerous other bruises, cuts, and scrapes. He was also beginning to limp on his left leg.

He's a mess.

Remus approached the cowering wizard yet again and reached forward with his hands to try and wrap them around Peter's throat. In an act of desperation, Peter's hands shot up to grasp Remus's. They began to grapple with one another but it was very obvious that Remus wasn't having much trouble at all as he used his strength to slowly push Peter towards the ground.




I wish I was out there fighting Wormy. I'd show him a thing or two.

Oh please. We both know I'm the one with all the fighting talent.

How would we know that? We've been in this body together for what, two, maybe three hours?

And in those two or three hours I've established myself as the one who's good at fighting.

Oh, you mean like how I've established that I'm the one with brains and common sense?

Yes exactly...wait a minute.

Oh, good job proving me wrong.

Alright! That's it. Let's go. You and me, right here, right now. I'll show you who the tough one is.

And just how pray tell do you plan on doing that?

Ummmm...I dunno. You got any ideas? You're the smart one.

Sigh...Let's just get back to watching the fight.

Hah! You knew I could take you.

While Harry's voices were bickering with each other Remus had used his strength to bring Peter to his knees. Remus gave him an evil smile which pushed Peter over the edge. He quickly turned himself into his rat form, leaving his gloves behind in Remus's now clenched fists.

Hey, that's cheating. We said no magic.

Harry quickly waved his hand returning Peter to his human form. Harry then made his voice loud enough to be heard by all. "As the rules were explained this match is supposed to have no magic. Animagus forms are included in the category of magic. So," he looked sternly at a quivering Pettigrew, "no more of that."

It seemed like Peter's last breath of hope had been ripped away from him and as Remus advanced on him once more he satisfied with flailing his arms about in the air to defend himself. Harry would have found it quite humorous if not for the fact that his silver hand managed to brush against Remus's face. Remus went stumbling backward in pain as the brief contact of silver had burned him. Peter watched his opponent stumble back in stunned disbelief. He looked at his hands as if wondering how he could possibly have managed to hurt the strength enhanced werewolf with his puny hands.

This was of course when the whole "I have a silver hand" idea kicked in for him. A smile began to form on his face as he slowly crept towards Remus who was still rubbing his face in pain. Reaching out with his silver hand he grabbed onto one of Remus's wrists. Howling in pain, Remus lashed out with his other hand and striking Peter, sending him sprawling away and leaving an inflamed red hand print around his wrist. Peter rose to his feet again with a confident smile now on his face. The tide had turned.

Well this isn't good.

I told you not to get too excited.

Whereas before Remus had been on the offensive he was now forced into almost constant retreat as he tried to avoid the deadly hand of his former friend. Peter kept up the pressure as he pressed forward relentlessly with his deadly silver hand. He struck again and again and while Remus managed to dodge most, even a slight brush of the skin would leave him howling in pain.

"Looks like I'm finally the strong one Moony." Peter's voice was high-pitched and very excited. "How does it feel to be the weak one for once? You, James and Sirius always used to laugh at me. Poor pathetic Wormtail. I have the power now though. I've become the greatest of the Marauders." His eyes had taken on a hysterical gleam.

Really! What is it with everyone going crazy? Why can't we manage to go just a little while without someone else being all crazy?

I don't know. Karma?


You never know. It doesn't look like Moony's doing so well anymore.

Yeah I know. The whole going crazy thing has helped Wormy ignore all his injuries from earlier. He doesn't even realize how beat up he is. Hey, do you think anybody would notice if we cheated to help Remus win?

And how would we manage that?

I don't know. Turn his hand from silver to stainless steel?

I think everyone would figure out it was us.


So, we can't cheat. If we're just going to start cheating whenever we don't like the results than what's the point in doing all this? Why not just line up everyone we don't like and blow them all up?

Good point. Well, let's line them up then.



I said, No.

Just a little? Just so Remus can win? Please?

No, No, and...No.

Fine! I want you to know I hate you now.

Stop being a baby.

(muttering to himself) You're the baby.

All the burns that Remus had been receiving began to catch up with him. He began to move just a little bit slower as the pain clouded his mind. It was that little decrease in speed that gave Peter his opportunity. With a swipe of his hand Remus was sent tumbling to the ground after a punch to the head. Before he could rise Peter was on top of him clasping both of his hands around the fallen werewolf's throat.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" Remus cried out in pain as the constant contact from the silver hand burned his neck.

"And now Moony dies." Peter cackled as he applied more and more pressure. Before long Remus lost consciousness but Peter either didn't notice or didn't care. He seemed intent on squeezing all the life out of his former friend.

"ENOUGH!" Harry's voice boomed over the field and Peter lost his grip and found himself flying backwards. He quickly regained his senses but paled as he watched the Boy-with-way-too-much-power approach him. He looked pissed.

"By your very own words this fight was only supposed to go till one of you was unconscious. You ignored this and continued to fight after your opponent was down. I've had enough of your side twisting and ignoring my rules." Harry turned to Team D.E.A.T.H. in a fury. "VOLDEMORT!" he called out. Many were surprised that Harry had chosen not to make a mockery of the Dark Lord's name. It was a testament to just how angry he was. "This is the fourth time I've had to reprimand your side. While you will retain the point for this match your side will forfeit the choice for the next type of duel." Turning to the cowering form of Peter once more, everyone looked on in awe as Harry's eyes seemed to blaze with green fire. "Your punishment for ignoring the rules will be slightly more painful." Harry clenched one hand into a fist and Peter watched in horror as his precious silver hand began to melt. Everyone else also could do nothing but look on in horror as globules of melted silver began to drip their way down his arm, burning him as they went.

After what seemed like an eternity of torment all the silver had melted from his body and he was left with nothing but a blackened stump. Harry watched him writhe on the ground in pain. "My mistake." He said coldly. "That wasn't only slightly more painful. It was extremely more painful."

Harry banished the bodies of both champions back to their respective sides as the scoreboard changed to show Team D.E.A.T.H.'s victory. He watched as Medi-Witches quickly swarmed over Remus who appeared to be in critical condition.

Trying to ignore his friend's distress Harry quickly rose into the air once more to speak.

"The next match will be between Ron Weasley and Percy Weasley. You'll have a few moments to decide how you wish to proceed as the previous champions are treated for their injuries." And then, while the shock of his announcement worked its way through those assembled, Harry dropped to the ground and sprinted over to the Order's side of the field. He just hoped he wouldn't be too late to save his last friend.

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