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Looking down upon her now, I would say she was an angel, but in life she was not. Oh no, she was much more. A goddess, a lover, a love...my love to be exact. People thought of her just as an infatuation, for who could ever love a girl such as her? A girl who could not, or would not speak?

None of it matters anymore though because she rests now in an eternal sleep, where she can forever keep her youth and unearthly beauty. And when others gather around her casket to say goodbye...forever, I simply come to say goodbye until we meet again.

The day we met was a fateful one, one I will never forget..

Months Earlier

It was a new year, so naturally that meant a whole new batch of students. And sadly year after year they all disappointed him by basically having the same personalities, jocks, preps, artists, musicians, Goths, and punks, nerds, all of them the same. So this gave him no reason to be excited, only amused as he watched the new college students file into his classroom. He smirked a little as a few looked him over twice, and leaned against his desk as they all sat down in their seats placing their supplies in front of them.

"Alright! This is a new year for me, and this is a new experience for you! So lets all try to have fun in this class, maybe even learn a little? And before I go into my huge long speech about the rules, and respect for me I would like to take attendance." He looked around a little, and reached over to his desk to his clipboard, beginning to call out names. He was silenced though when somebody burst through the door.

She was like nothing he had ever seen before, her hair flew wildly about her as she burst though the door and came to an abrupt stop looking around the classroom. Her azure gaze stopped on upon him and he looked her over. She was wearing a black trench coat, over what looked to be a pair of black, and red stripped Capri's, along, with a red tank top topped off with a fishnet shirt. Her hair seemed a midnight black going to about her waist, eyes a piercing azure blue, and her rosy lips seemed to pout, as if awaiting a kiss.

"Excuse me, who would you be?" his question came out kind of harsh as his penetrating golden gaze studied her face some more.

But she didn't speak, only looked at him and pointed to herself, he sighed and nodded waiting for her to reply and give him her name. She ran her fingers through her hair, and took out a piece of paper, and pen, from her messenger bag she carried. Jotting something down and handing it to him, she looked kind of worried.

"So you're Kagome Higurashi huh?" she only nodded in response "What can't you speak?" when she shook her head no he gained a look of surprise on his face, and reached out his hand for her to shake. "Well Kagome I'm you're your professor Mr.Royama, and I'll be teaching you history." She smiled and shook his hand before taking her seat in the back.

Class continued on as normal as first days usually do. He gave them all the rules, they asked questions, he answered, but every now and then he would look to the back at the girl with the azure gaze.

Later that Day

A couple of professors, and the college secretary sat around a table at lunch going over how their day at work went.

"So InuYasha how did your day go huh?" the school secretary questioned while slapping away a perverted hand that attempted to reach for her goods'.

"Well all my classes went along as they normally do when we get new students. In my first class though I had a girl who couldn't talk."

"Oh you mean Ms.Higurashi! Boy isn't she a sight for sore eyes! Oh how I would love to take her and... OW! Sango my dear what was that for!?"

"Can it Miroku, you know very well that student teacher relationships are prohibited, and you were being perverted again."

"Feh! When isn't he?" questioned the professor with the golden gaze.

"Why I never! I am always professional during my class! Just because I like to indulge in a little grope here or there doesn't mean I'm ALWAYS like that, at least it proves I'm not gay InuYasha."

"Ha! I have a wife! You don't! So don't try to make me out to something I'm not you lecher."

"Hey how is Kikyo InuYasha?" Sango asked .

"Huh? Oh she's fine, got a nursing job at the hospital down the road a few miles."

"That's great! Good for her."

"So InuYasha she hasn't you know uhh..." Miroku inquired and InuYasha bonked him on the head.

"No she said she wasn't ready for that yet. Well I hate that our idle chat has to end but you know uh... class calls!" InuYasha jogged out of the teachers lounge and didn't even notice that someone was coming until he bumped into them.

"Hey watch... oh Ms.Higurashi its you. Sorry you ok?" she nodded as she got up and bent over to pick up the sheets of music that had flown all over the floor. InuYasha bent over with her and helped pick them up, he looked at a few and found they were for the piano and smiled a little at her.

"You play?" she smiled a big hearty smile, nodding, and took the sheets from him and placed them into her messenger bag. "Well I guess I'll see you tomorrow then Kagome." He stepped away from her, and she bowed humorously, waving goodbye. Laughing a little he walked away to his next class.

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