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Forever Yours

Chapter Five

The sun was mercilessly shining down on busy streets as the hustle and bustle of the local market went on as usual. Three toddlers chased each other past as huge table covered with a cloth. Under the cloth was a young pretty brunette with ocean blue eyes and a young boy with platinum blonde hair and lavender eyes.

"Malik-kun...I'm worried!"

"ssShhH Anzu!One-chan won't find us under here..." ((that was just plain wrong...one-chan isn't egyptian is it?))

"Your father!"

"To hell with father!"

"Malik! How can you say such a dishonorable thing!"

"...I don't care if the gods punish me Anzu..."

"Malik...perhaps I won't either...but...Ishizu-san might get beaten..."



"It's Rishid who might get beaten..." the boy replied in a quieter tone.

"It's my fault Malik..."

"Anzu! Dont' say that!"

With that, the blonde placed his had beneath the brunette's chin and gazed into her eyes. They slowly closed the gap between them and melted into their very first kiss.

A battered soul opened her ocean blues to find a soft white glow everywhere. I must've slept through the judgement...baka...but then if I'm here, in this white place...Maat must've considered me honest. That stupid goddess...I'm an unholy wanton!


Anzu blinked


That's wierd...from what I know...the gods don't go beep...


Blurred irregular shapes slowly cleared. Ah...the gods must've punished me with annoying beeping then...Anzu thought with a smile.

"She's awake sir..."

"Oh thank Ra..."

Anzu awoke in the hospital. Sure enough, as soon as she did, pain burned every particle in her body. She cried out.

"Anzu! sshh...don't move." came a warm voice.

"Malik?" The girl recoiled in her bad as a silent stream or tears stung the scars on her face.

"Anzu...I'm sorry...Shizuki already knows...she's very considerate really..."

"Malik..." her sobs redoubled.

"Oh Anzu..." the Egyptian took the girl's bruised hand in his. "Anzu, didn't we promise ourselves that we'd never forget each other? How could you doubt me Anzu? Have you forgotten?"

Anzu was alarmed. "Malik! Don't say that!" She sat up and in doing so, foolishly re-opened her wounds. "AARGH!!"

"Anzu!" Malik pushed her back to the pillow, caressing her scarred cheek as he did so, soothing her pained features.

"Malik...I'm sorry..."

The addressed bent down and met their lips. Anzu, not hesitating, immediately let him in. Their tongues duelled slowly until the young brunnette lost strength and fell limp on her pillow resulting a reluctant release. Her breathing was soon steady. Malik sank back in his chair feeling relieved and thought about busy markets, fine sands, calm waters, chicken and golden sunsets.

Epilogue: ((yup! that fast!!))

They were all at the airport to bid Anzu and Malik goodbye. Now it was Malik's turn to pout since his yami wasn't coming because according to him...Ryou was pretty useful.

The re-united friends took a last look at Japan before returing to their hometown. Their arrival was welcomed with a shower of white lotuses ((is that the plural of it?)) Ishizu had hugged her brother and Anzu before ushering them underground to perform the wedding ritual.

Festivities were over and soon, Anzu and Malik were on their own enjoying another glorious Egyptian sunset. The scenery portraying that of when they were three years old.

"I promise you Malik..." she said as she broke a new wishbone. "I shall never forget you..."

Once more, they brought their lips together. Tongues celebrating their union with clear Nile waters.



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